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What is the Scenario of Cleantech Energy Market in Jordan?

Posted on 26 September 2017 by KenResearch Energy and Utilities,

The cleantech energy market in Jordan is at a nascent stage. The market has witnessed a robust growth in the last two years. This is due to the fact that the demand for electricity has been growing due to the increase in the population, boom in the construction sector and increase in tourism. This has led to the rise of the cleantech energy segment in the country. Clean technologies include the wide range of energy sources which includes wind energy, solar energy, biomass, hydropower, bio fuels, geothermal etc. Cleantech energy has gained momentum in the recent years in Jordan however; it still contributes to less than ~% in the total electricity generated in the country. The electricity consumption of the country in the year 2015 was ~ GWh. The maximum electricity in the year 2015 was consumed by domestic and government building which consumed around ~% of the total electricity. The industrial sector consumed ~% of electricity whereas agriculture and water pumping sector consumed ~% followed by commercial sector (~%) and street lighting sector (~%).  The total electricity generated in the year 2015 was ~ GWh. The market size of cleantech energy in the year 2015 was ~ MW. The market of cleantech energy grew by more than ~% during the time period of 2015-2016 and stood at ~ MW in the year 2016.

Jordan has a huge potential for developing solar energy sector due to the suitable weather conditions. Temperature of Jordan during summer is around 32˚C which may exceed to 40˚C. The country has potential of developing the wind sector due to the favourable conditions. The wind speed experienced by the country exceeds 5m/s. The country aims at establishing and generating ~ MW of wind energy and ~ MW of solar energy by 2020. To achieve this target, the government passed The Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Law in the year 2012 which was amended in 2014.

Solar Energy Market in Jordan

Solar panels help in converting the energy from sunlight into electricity either directly by using photovoltaic (PV) panels or indirectly by using concentrated solar power mirror reflectors. PV systems use the solar panels either installed on the rooftops or in ground-mounted solar farms which then directly converts the sunlight into electricity. CSP plant uses the solar thermal energy to make steam and then convert the steam into electricity by using turbine.

Jordan lies in the solar belt of the world and gets the average solar radiation of 5-7 KWh/m2. Solar energy in Jordan has huge potential and the country can produce the energy of at least ~ GWh per year. The market size of the solar energy market in 2015 was ~MW and it grew to ~MW during 2016. The major solar power plants operating in Jordan are Shams Ma’an project, Adenium project, Philadelphia Solar project, EJRE Solar Plant and others.

Solar EPC Market Introduction and Size

 Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract is a particular kind of contracting agreement where the EPC contractor is made responsible for all the activities like the designing, procuring, constructing, commissioning and transferring the facility to the end owner of the project. The EPC market size of solar energy market in 2014 was USD ~ million. The market of EPC for solar segment grew by ~ times during 2014 to 2016 and stood at USD ~ million during 2016.


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