From Sands to Sweat: Unearthing Egypt’s fitness drive


This whitepaper delves deep into Egypt’s fitness equipment industry's transformative landscape. Drawing upon a meticulous analysis of the market overview, emerging trends, and the scope of development, this research unravels the enigma behind Egypt's fitness renaissance.
Moreover, we explore the vital role played by government initiatives in fueling this cultural shift toward active living. We also uncover intriguing insights into customer preferences and their impact on shaping the market and examine the innovative strategies employed by private players, in fostering heightened participation and engagement among their target audience. Read on to explore the evolution behind this Fitness equipment industry.

1. An increased awareness of health & hygiene post the pandemic has forced people to take fitness seriously and the industry gained traction out of it

High demand for advanced equipment, manufacturers are launching new solutions catering to the changing consumer demands with innovative products as a key strategy


I: Market Overview

  • In 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hampered the fitness equipment market due to the provisional closure of health clubs and gyms following the lockdowns imposed globally.
  • Concerns associated with the spread of the virus through physical contact restricted several people from visiting the gyms.
  • This factor however resulted in the increasing demand for fitness equipment from homes, as people preferred to exercise indoors to ensure safety.

II: Industry Trends

  • The expanding virtual fitness market will spur the demand for high-quality fitness equipment that can be easily installed at homes.
  • Busy working professionals prefer to undertake online fitness sessions to enjoy exercising in the comfort of their homes and as per convenience.
  • Consumers are leveraging the benefits of digitally connected fitness equipment to enjoy a personalized training experience through online workout classes.

III: Innovative Product Launches

  • Companies are focusing on launching differentiated products to solidify their position and capture a large market share.
  • For instance, in October 2019, Nautilus Inc. unveiled a digital platform JRNY that incorporates AI to offer tailored workouts that adjust automatically with the user.
  • In February 2021, Technogym S.p.A launched MyRun, a home treadmill with on-demand training experiences designed to offer customized walking or running programs suitable for users of all ages
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2. Specialized fitness programs among the growing working-age population have been a strong trend and it contributed to a surge in demand for advanced fitness equipment

Home Based Fitness Equipment
  • COVID-19 era has witnessed businesses strengthening their digital presence in order to attract consumers as their preferences have shifted to home based fitness activities as per their convenience upscaling the requirements for home based fitness equipment such as yoga mats, resistance bands and dumbbells along with exercise bike, elliptical and treadmills.
Specialty Fitness Programs
  • Specialty fitness programs that focus on a particular style of exercise, piece of equipment or even philosophical approach are exploding across the country in recent years. Some focus on interval training, others on yoga or Pilates, stationary bicycles (spin) or any number of other trainings.
Growing Working Age Population
  • Over the coming decade, with trend to have ripped and lean body among youngsters will drive the market of fitness equipment in the country along with accompaniment of rapid urbanization and rising disposable income.
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3. The Egyptian government’s strategic initiatives placed health as a national priority and focused on the right to access quality healthcare & fitness services and…

Increase Awareness

  • Government of UAE aims to increase community awareness about the importance of physical activity and boost community’s capability to adopt healthy lifestyles, create a supportive healthcare environment.

Encourage Communities

  • These initiatives also the encourage involvement of local communities and civil society organizations in the promotion of health awareness programs.

Universal Health Law

  • On Januray 2018, Universal Health Insurance Law was promulgated as a part of goverment attempts to reform and restructure the healthcare sector.

Overall Focus on Well-Being

  • In November 2019, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's mandate included launching the Universal Health Insurance (UHI) system. It covered, at its first stage, 3.7 million citizens

Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

  • This is demonstrated by the various initiatives undertaken by the Egypt government and regularly conducted fitness events to raise awareness about how healthy lifestyles should become a way of life.

Primary Healthcare

  • Post Covid Egyptian Government stemming from its strong belief that primary healthcare is an essential human right, a new phase of comprehensive health coverage is being rolled out for all Egyptians.
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3.1 …initiated various campaigns to encourage people in taking up fitness & physical activities on a daily basis to accelerate this booming industry

    National Women’s Sports Day
  • National Women’s Sports Day in Egypt is celebrated on 26th March with the aim of celebrating female athletes and sports women in the country.
  • This facilitates a sports marathon entitled “Sports for Development and Support for Girls” to support the growing female athletes & the participants in the Olympic competitions
    Egypt Vision 2030
  • Under Vision 2030 initiative, the government aims to diversify its economy so as to reduce dependence on the oil and natural gas sector.
  • One of the main aim of the initiative is to increase employment rate of Egypt citizens across sporting, physical, and fitness industries among others.
    “Your Bike, Your Health” Campaign
  • The initiative aims to encourage youths to use bikes as economic means of transport and do sports as daily life activities to improve the lifestyle and fitness of Egyptian citizens and change commuting habits.
  • The initiative has received widespread approval and acceptance across Egypt, especially young people. 
    100 Million Health
  • The Presidential Child’s Health Support Program launched under 100 million Health initiative aims to help children by early detection of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes etc.
  • The Presidential Women’s Health Support Program launched under 100 million Health initiative tested 692,109 women’s for overall fitness in 2020.

5. User preferences on location & type of services offered are the key factors that influence this market’s growth which looks very prospective

Gym Joining Decision Making Parameter for Fitness Centres


Initiatives taken by Fitness Centres to increase Participation

  • Offering programs that are relevant to women and to millennial such as Ladies only Fitness Centres or separate timings for ladies in a unisex gym to encourage women participation
  • Building Bigger Group fitness studios to encourage participants:
    • Large room
    • Energy of a big group
    • Exercise style/structure/method instructor
    • Convenient schedule times
  • Offering pay per class model to provide flexibility and convenience and encourage participation in all age groups.
  • Providing Digital Fitness and Live Online Workouts to encourage fitness participation without the need of stepping out at home
  • Promoting different aspects to users or considerers with focus on ambience, music, quality and providing additional utilities such as In-house Dieticians/Nutritionists
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