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Marketing Survey

Types Marketing Surveys

Customer Expectation Survey

New Logo Testing Survey

New Brand Name Testing Survey

Concept Testing Survey

Advertising Testing Survey

Brand Acceptance Survey

Brand Attribute Survey

Brand Identity Survey

Competitor Perception Survey

Customer Attitude Survey

Feature Evaluation Survey

Website Feedback Survey and Others.

Marketing surveys are conducted to evaluate the performance of advertisement campaign in order to boost customer engagement and brand loyalty.

It is important to perform both pre-campaign assessment and post-campaign assessment while conducting a marketing survey. 3 major types of measures are adopted to evaluate a marketing strategy:

Process Measure: It measures the progress in marketing campaign implementation. It does not reflect on the results of the campaign.

Outcome Measures: Reflects changes resulted because of implementation of a campaign.

Impact Measures: It measures the long term progress achieved from a campaign. It is most important measure as it is a part of post-campaign assessment.

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