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Social Research

Accurate and Automated Assessment of Policy Need, Evaluation and Public Opinion

Ken Research specializes in Nationwide and large scale surveys for non-profit, non-government organization, local government and central government in India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia via telephone survey techniques or statistically rigorous face-to-face or door to door sample survey method or hybrid method (mix of any).
Program Monitoring & Evaluation, Need and Initiative Impact Assessment, Public Opinion, Public Policy effectiveness measurement, IEC research and designing are undertaken by Ken Research under Social Research Campaigns Ken Research maintains an extensive nationwide field agents that are trained, briefed and monitored by local supervisors and partners via software and agent dashboard. This allows for larger or more complex surveys to be cost-effective and fast, regardless of whether they are done using CAPI or paper based methods (PAPI).

Step 1

Procurement of directory of target respondents as per the incidence rate

Step 2

Questionnaire designing/ hosting on the digital platform with pilot testing with few samples

Step 3

Appending the questionnaire as per pilot test to seek reliable estimates made of universe behaviour.

Step 4

Coverage to any geographical area or catchment area/ cluster down to block level.

Step 5

Face-to-face/ Selected mode of interviewing with respondents at their premise or common cluster/ market location

Step 6

Complete quality assurance including minimum 10% auditing of interviewers work.

What and How we Do It

We have a strong team of experts that are well versed with understanding the societal issues and provide support for Statistical and econometric Analysis of Data. Ken Research has been working with renowned social workers, social scientists, researchers, health and development economists who help in producing high-quality evidence on developmental effectiveness to improve the lives of deprived people globally.

Survey Experiments

  • Assessing Study Parameters
  • Drafting Questionnaires
  • Translation and Interpretation
  • Analysis and Final Conclusion

Data Management and Analysis

  • Data Quality and Security Management
  • Compliance Support
  • Metadata and Record Management
  • Data Analysis and Report Interpretation

Data Quality

  • Geo-analysis for each Household at Multiple Levels
  • Audio/Video Recording of each Survey
  • Online Surveys/Face-to-Face Interviews/Focus Group Discussion
  • Real Time Data Quality Check
  • Incentives
  • Random Data and Analysis Assessment by Supervisors

Social Research Verticals

We cater to multiple clients from the following verticals

Microfinance companies

Population, Family Welfare and Planning

Environmental Status

Rural and Urban Development

Healthcare Institutions

Women Empowerment

Health and Nutrition

Sexual and Reproductive Health

Defense and Security Mechanism

Housing Finance Support Services

Resident Survey

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