Market Research Reports
1. Indian Industrial Explosives Market Introduction
2. Indian Industrial Explosives Market Size
2.1. By Value, FY’2006-FY’2012
2.2. By Volume, FY’2007-FY’2012
3. Indian Industrial Explosives Market Segmentation
3.1. India Nitrate Mixture Market Size, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.2. India Nitrate Mixture Market Segmentation, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.2.1. By Bulk Explosives, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.2.2. By Cartridge Explosives, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.2.3. ANFO Based Explosives, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.3. India Nitro compound Market Size, FY’2007-FY’2012
3.4. India Gun Powder Market Size, fy’2007-fy’2012
4. Indian Industrial Explosives Accessories Market
4.1. Indian Industrial Explosives Accessories Market Segmentation, FY’2007-FY’2012
4.1.1. Detonators
4.1.2. Detonating Fuse
4.1.3. Safety Fuse
5. Consumption Pattern Of Industrial Explosives in India, FY’2012
6. Government Regulations in Indian Explosives Industry
7. Indian Industrial Explosives Industry Trends and Developments
8. Market Share of Major Players in Indian Industrial Explosives Market
8.1. By Value, FY’2011
8.2. By Volume, FY’2011
9. Indian Industrial Explosives Market Future Outlook
9.1. Cause and Effect Relationship Between Industry Factors and Indian Industrial Explosives Market Prospects
9.2. Indian Industrial Explosives Market Future Projections, FY’2013-FY’2017
9.2.1. By Value, FY’2013-FY’2017
9.2.2. By Volume, FY’2013-FY’2017 By India Nitrate Mixture, FY’2013-FY’2017
10. Company Profiles of Major Players in Industrial Explosives Market in India
10.1. Solar Industries India Limited
10.1.1. Company Overview
10.1.2. Business Strategy
10.1.3. Financial Performance, FY’2006-FY’2012
10.2. Orica (Indian Explosives Limited) 
10.2.1. Company Overview
10.2.2. Business Strategy
10.3. Gulf Oil Corporation Limited
10.3.1. Company Overview
10.3.2. Financial Performance, FY’2006-FY’2012
10.4. Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IBP Division) 
10.4.1. Company Overview
10.4.2. Financial Performance, FY’2006-FY’2012
10.5. Premier Explosives Limited
10.5.1. Company Overview
10.5.2. Business Strategy
10.5.3. Financial Performance, FY’2006-FY’2012
11. Indian Industrial Explosives Macro-Economic and Industry Factors
11.1. Production of Coal in India, FY’2006-FY’2017
11.2. Production of Metallic Minerals in India, FY’2006-FY’2017
11.3. Investment on Infrastructure Development in India, FY’2006-FY’2017
11.4. Export of Explosives, FY’2006-FY’2017
11.5. Import of Explosives in India, FY’2006-FY’2017
12. Appendix
12.1. Market Definition
12.2. Market Abbreviations
12.3. Research Methodology
12.4. Disclaimer
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