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20 Nov 2014
Amplification in Investments in Agriculture Sector to Guide the Demand for Seeds in Russia: Ken Research
Russia seed industry, Russia seed market size, Russia Seed Production Volume tons, Russia Hybrid Seed market, Russia Non hybrid seed industry, Russia Vegetable Seed Industry, Russia Non Vegetable Seed Industry, Russia Domestic Seed Industry, Russia Vegeta .......more
The Rising Online Bookings Driving the Growth of the Car Rental Industry in India: Ken Research
Introduction of online portals and mobile applications for booking cabs to perpetuate the market growth. .......more
Intensifying Deepwater Drilling Activities and Technological Breakthroughs to Drive the Offshore Rig Construction Market: Ken Research
The urge for energy, technological advancements and increasing hydrocarbons production to affect rig utilization rates and day rates in Global Offshore Rig Construction market in the future. .......more
Increasing Awareness among the Masses about the Potential Benefits of Using Herbal Products to Spur Demand for Herbal Products and Medicines in India: Ken Research
The report presents a comprehensive analysis of the industry covering aspects including market size by revenue, segmentation on the basis of herbal medicines and herbal products, by types of herbal products such as herbal hair care, hair oil. .......more
Internet Penetration and Tech Savvy SMB paving the way for Growth of Hosting Infrastructure Services Industry in India
Rising number of internet users, increasing affordability of smartphones and mobile internet taking hosting industry in India to new heights. .......more
Market Research Reports
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Market Research Reports

Global OCTG Market Outlook to 2018 - Rising Level of Deepwater Exploration to Stimulate Market Growth

November 2014   |  Pages : 207
The global market for OCTG products has grown at a noticeable rate over the past few years, mainly due to the surging demand for oil and natural gas coupled with increasing investments in the exploration and production activities led by rise in crude oil prices .... read more
Market Research Reports

India Wound Care Market to 2019 - Driven by Rising Demand for Advanced Wound Care Products

November 2014   |  Pages : 85
The market for wound care products is expected to reach INR 22 billion in terms of sales revenue by 2019 .... read more
Market Research Reports

Ukraine Seed Market Outlook to 2018 - Compelling Opportunities for Foreign Producers

November 2014   |  Pages : 130
The increase in the availability of quality hybrid seeds and other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, pesticides and adoption of better innovative farm practices is expected to boost the productivity of the seed sector in Ukraine .... read more
Market Research Reports

Russia Seed Industry Outlook to 2018 - Cost-Effective Non-Hybrid Seeds to Drive Market Growth

November 2014   |  Pages : 85
The seed industry in the country, which is constituted of joint stock companies, international companies and domestically owned private companies have showcased enumerable potential to cater to the demand for seeds among farmers, dealers and distributors. .... read more
Market Research Reports

India Car Rental Market Outlook to 2019 - Rising Online Booking to Drive the Future Growth

November 2014   |  Pages : 115
Future Growth of Indian car rental market is expected to be led by online and mobile bookings alongside the business and leisure segments which showcased tremendous performance in the year on year growth. .... read more
Market Research Reports

Global Offshore Rig Construction Market Outlook to 2018 - Rising Energy Demand & Deepwater Drilling Activities to Intensify the Market

November 2014   |  Pages : 243
The world consumed a colossal 86,808.2 thousand barrels/day (bbl/d) of oil in the year 2013. Hence, to meet the immense demand for fossil fuels, petroleum companies are persistently drilling in the subsurface offshore locations for new reserves. .... read more
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India Alternative Medicine and Herbal Products Market Outlook to 2018 - Surging Demand of Herbal Skincare Products to Impel Growth

November 2014   |  Pages : 197
The alternative medicine and herbal products market has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in India due to increasing health consciousness and rising awareness among the people regarding the benefits of using herbal products which has driven the demand of herbal products and medicines in the market in the last few years. .... read more
Market Research Reports

India Hosting Infrastructure Services Market Outlook to 2019 - Driven by Internet Penetration and IT Adoption by SMBs

November 2014   |  Pages : 82
The report focuses on the various factors affecting the hosting industry in India such as the IT adoption by SMBs in India and various Government initiatives including UIDAI project and e-governance among others .... read more
Market Research Reports

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