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11 July 2014
Sales of Sauces, Dressings and Condiments Market to Surge Strongly in Germany: Ken Research
Rising health awareness and concerns for cardiovascular diseases, ageing of the German population, increased food inflation and inclination towards fresh, tasty home-cooked food are the key factors responsible for escalating demand for sauces, dressings a .......more
11 July 2014
Golf Tourism and Golf Real Estate Project Along with Rising Golf Interest to Favor India Golf Industry: Ken Research
Golf industry in India is at early development stages, which has gained popularity among urban populace. .......more
11 July 2014
Golf Industry in Japan is Anticipated to Remain Gloomy in the Next Five years: Ken Research
To deal with sluggish growth, certain efforts such as focus upon baby boomer population, establishing golf awareness among youngster and female are expected to follow. .......more
11 July 2014
Spending in the Physical and Digital OOH Mediums to Grow Strongly in India during 2014-2019: Ken Research
Rising population who spend maximum time outdoor, increased spending by different sectors and inclination towards innovative means to advertise in outdoor are the key factors responsible for escalating spending for OOH Advertising Industry in India. .......more
27 June 2014
Declining Golf Participation Rate and Financial Pressure on Golf Courses Hampered the Australia Golf Industry: Ken Research
Environmental challenge, declining golfers population, high maintenance cost and change in consumer preference are some of the major challenges faced by the Industry .......more
Market Research Reports
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Market Research Reports

India Micro Irrigation System Market Outlook to 2018 - Increasing Government Support and Farmer Awareness to Stimulate the Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 160
The Indian micro irrigation market is highly competitive with the presence of large and small scale drip and sprinkler irrigation equipment producers and marketers across numerous states across India .... read more
Market Research Reports

Europe Athletic Apparel and Footwear Industry Outlook to 2018 - Eastern European Region to Drive Future Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 101
The future of the Athletic apparel and footwear industry is expected to be favorable on account of rapidly growing social awareness regarding health benefits of playing sports, rising disposable income which will contribute to the demand for high performance sportswear in the near term and rising sports participation in Europe. .... read more
Market Research Reports

Global Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Industry Outlook to 2018 - EOR Applications in Mature Oil Reserves to Drive the Industry Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 100
Two-third of the oil is left unrecovered in the reservoirs which can be a major driver for global EOR industry in the future. .... read more
Market Research Reports

Denmark Dairy Products Market Outlook to 2018 - Driven by Consumer Preferences and Innovations in the Industry

July 2014   |  Pages : 107
Denmark Dairy food market has witnessed phenomenal growth of 7.8% over the past four years however in coming years the major challenge which could affect this industry is the volatility in global dairy food and milk prices. .... read more
Market Research Reports

The US Anti Cancer Drug Market Outlook to 2018 - Demand of Oral Drugs to Drive Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 144
The anti-cancer drug market of US is highly fragmented. The major players are continuously adopting diverse strategies in order to maintain their competitive edge especially when it comes to competition from generic drugs .... read more
Market Research Reports

India OOH Advertising Industry Outlook to 2019 - Digital OOH and Transit Media to Steer the Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 91
The OOH advertising industry in India has been very fragmented. The number of unorganized players has grown over the years and in the absence of any legal authority, it has become difficult to regulate them. .... read more
Market Research Reports

Germany Packaged Food Industry Outlook to 2018 - Focus on Nutritional Food and Staples Market

July 2014   |  Pages : 138
The report entails the market share and company profiles of major players operating in the packaged Biscuits, Breads, Chocolates, Chewing gums, Ice Cream, Sauces, Dressings and Condiments, Breakfast Cereals market in Germany .... read more
Market Research Reports

Asia-Pacific Golf Industry Outlook to 2018 - Surging Popularity of Golf in China and India to Spur Growth

July 2014   |  Pages : 268
The growth in the Asia-Pacific golf equipment and apparels market is primarily driven by China and India which have emerged as the largest suppliers and retailer of golf equipment and apparels in the last few years. .... read more
Market Research Reports

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