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The Growth of India Geotextiles Market to Surpass China Market in the Coming Years: Ken Research
Although the growth rate of Indian market is expected to be greater than China market, the China market would exceed in terms of value and volume, owing to its large manufacturing capacity, cheap labour and technology advancement. .......more
India Online Insurance Market is Expected to be Driven by Internet Growth and Web Aggregator’s Segment
Introduction of New Insurance products by Insurance Companies, driven by options of Comparison on Web Aggregators’ Websites would lead to Simple, Cost Effective and Convenient Sale of policies online. .......more
India Toiletries and Household Cleansing Market to reach INR 87 Billion by FY 2019
Future Growth Led by Aggressive Marketing Strategies of Market Players and Rising Hygiene Awareness. .......more
India Recycling PET Market is likely to reach INR 205 billion by FY’2019: Ken Research
Recycled Polyester Staple Fiber market is likely to flourish in the coming years supported by considerable enhancement in recycling capacity and growth in PET bottle availability. .......more
Evolving Online Competition is Creating Price Wars in India Flat Panel Display Television Market: Ken Research
The constantly narrowing price difference between LCD and LED televisions has been a major factor for the shift of consumer demand towards LED televisions in India. .......more
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Market Research Reports

Asia Geotextiles Industry Outlook to 2018 - Rising Investments in Infrastructure Development to Spur Demand

October 2014   |  Pages : 121
Asia is the fastest growing market for geotextiles with China and India cumulatively accounting for more than 85% of the total Asian market. Road Construction has been the leading segment in which geotextiles are most widely used. .... read more
Market Research Reports

India Online Insurance Outlook to 2019 - Driven by Internet Growth and Web Aggregators Industry

October 2014   |  Pages : 82
There are 10 web aggregators in India that are listed and approved by IRDA and are exclusively responsible for online comparison and sales i.e. insurance aggregation .... read more
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India Toiletries and Household Cleansing Market Outlook to 2019 - Aggressive Marketing Strategies and Growing Hygiene Awareness to Propel Growth

October 2014   |  Pages : 142
The toiletries and household care market in India is highly competitive and is captured by both national and international brands .... read more
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India Recycling PET Market Outlook to 2019 - Growth Led by Inclining PET Bottle Availability and Production Capacity

October 2014   |  Pages : 164
The future prospects of India Recycling PET Industry are impressive on the groundwork of an increase in disposable income fueled by growth in youth population that marked an increase in the availability of post consumer recycled PET waste bottles .... read more
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India LED Television Market Outlook to 2018 - Rising Price Competition With New Players Entry

October 2014   |  Pages : 102
The television penetration in India is gradually growing as the number of television users has risen from 9.6% in FY2008 to 12.6% in FY2014 .... read more
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Indonesia Digital Education and E-Learning Market Outlook to 2018 - Rising Trend of Blended Learning to Drive the Future Growth

October 2014   |  Pages : 83
The Indonesia digital education market is fragmented across various local domestic as well international players in the field of education technology. Centrinova Solusi Edukasi (CSE) is the leading player in the field of digital corporate training in Indonesia. .... read more
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Indonesia Real Estate Market Outlook to 2018 - Expected Burst in Demand Influenced by Bubble Fears

October 2014   |  Pages : 284
Indonesia real estate market in terms of competition is extremely fragmented since there are a large number of local small builders who operate within the cities. However, Indonesia property sector has continued to be dominated by several big developers. .... read more
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Europe Medical Device Market Outlook to 2018 - Driven by the Presence of Advanced Healthcare Industry and Ageing Population

October 2014   |  Pages : 240
Germany, France, the UK, Italy and Spain are the leading five countries in medical device segment in Europe wherein Germany is a home for various key international medical device manufacturers. .... read more
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