Indonesia Used Tractor Market Outlook to 2027
Driven By Remote Monitoring Technologies, Farm Mechanization and Dominated by Low Engine Power Tractors

About the Report

About the Report

The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential of Used Tractor industry in Indonesia. The report covers an overview and genesis of the industry, market size in terms of revenue generated.

Its market segmentations include segmentation by Power, Price, Purpose and Usage; growth enablers and drivers; challenges and bottlenecks; trends driving adoption trends; regulatory framework; end-user analysis, industry analysis, competitive landscape including competition scenario and market shares of major players. The report concludes with future market projections of each market segmentation and analyst recommendations.

Market Overview

According to Ken Research estimates, the Indonesia Used Tractor Market – The Indonesia Used Tractor Market has grown at a CAGR of 0.7% over the last four years owing to small land holding size, poor access to credit & financial institutions and deteriorating resource base are obstructing the growth of Used Tractors.

  • Demand for lower HP tractors is high due to the low disposable income of farmers and high labor costs. One of the features of low HP tractor is that it can be used in small farms and gardens
  • Such tractors also allow farmers to work during low visibility field conditions during rain, dust, and fog and maximize efficiency making farming more accurate and productive

Key Trends by Market Segment:

  • By of Type Purpose:

Indonesian agricultural sector witnessed an upward trajectory, from subsistence & mixed farming towards semi-commercial & commercial farming thus, driving demand for 4W tractors in the country

  • By Region:

Majority of the farming population is located in Java, with East Java having the highest number of farm households in the Java region.

Competitive Landscape:

The used tractor market is consolidated market with Kubota as the market leader with 50% market share (basis number of tractors sold). Other companies have comparatively lower market share while the market is being highly dominated by only a few companies.

Some of the major players in the market include John Dee, New Holland, Kubota, Yanmar, and others.

Future Outlook

The Indonesia Used Tractor Market witnessed significant growth during the period 2017-2022, owing to demand for lower HP tractors is high due to the low disposable income of farmers and high labour costs. One of the features of low HP tractor is that it can be used in small farms and gardens.

Scope Of The Report

Scope of the Report

By Type of Power

  • Less Than 30 HP
  • 31-60HP
  • 60-100HP
  • 100HP+


By Type of Purpose

  • Agriculture
  • Construction

By Type of Region

  • Java
  • Sumatra
  • Sulawesi
  • Lesser sunda island


By Type of Sale Distribution Channel

  • Offline Channel
  • Financial Institution/Auction
  • Online Channel


By Type of Price

  • Less than 70,000,000 IDR
  • 70,000,001-100,000,000
  • 100,000,001- 150,000,000
  • 150,000,001+

By Usage (hours)

  • Less than 500 hours
  • 501-1500
  • 1501-3000
  • 3001-5000+
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Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report

  • OEMs
  • Multi-Brands
  • Online Used Tractor Portals
  • Used Tractor Financing Companies
  • Government Bodies
  • Investors & Venture Capital Firms
  • Used Tractor Dealerships
  • Used Tractor Industry Players
  • Used Tractor Manufacturing Companies
  • Used Tractor Distributors
  • Used Tractor Auction Houses
  • Used Tractor Associations

Time Period Captured in the Report

  • Historical Period: 2017-2022P
  • Base Period: 2022P
  • Forecast Period: 2023F-2027F


Major Players Mentioned in the Report:

  • New Holland
  • Traktor Nusantara
  • Yanmar
  • John Deere
  • Kubota
  • Cnh
  • Jualo.Com
  • Tokopedia
  • Olx
  • Alibaba.Com
  • Shopee

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Indonesia Used Tractor Market, 2022P

2. Country Overview of Used Tractor Market

2.1 Country Demographics of Indonesia

2.2 Population Analysis of Indonesia

3. Market Overview of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia

3.1 Overview of Indonesia Agricultural Sector, 2022P
3.2 Digital tools that generate farm and farmer data
3.3 Agricultural Technology adoption in Indonesia – Current Scenario and Forecasted Situation
3.4 Parameters that farmers consider before purchasing Agricultural Machinery in Indonesia
3.5 Import and Export of Tractors in Indonesia
3.6 Ecosystems of Major Entities in Used Tractor Market
3.7 Value Chain Analysis

4. Market Size of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia, 2017-2022P

4.1 Market Size of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia, 2017-2022P

5. Market Segmentation of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia, 2022P

5.1 Market Segmentation By Power and Purpose, 2022P
5.2 Market Segmentation By Region and Distribution Channel, 2022P
5.3 Market Segmentation By Price and Usage(hours), 2022P

6. Industry Analysis

6.1 SWOT Analysis of Indonesia Used Tractor Market
6.2 Trends in Indonesia Used Tractor Market
6.3 Growth Drivers of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia
6.4 Government Regulations
6.5 Issues and Challenges in the Used Tractor Market in Indonesia

7. Competitive Analysis

7.1 Cross Comparison of Major Players
7.2 Market share of Major Used Tractor Companies, 2022P

8. Snapshot on Indonesia Used Tractor Market

8.1 Snapshot on Climate Change
8.2 Snapshot on Staple Crop of Indonesia
8.3 Snapshot on Second Hand Agriculture Equipment market in Indonesia

9. Future Market Size for Indonesia Used Tractor, 2023F-2027F

9.1 Market Size of Used Tractor Market in Indonesia, 2023F-2027F
9.2 Future Trend - GPS Enabled Tractors

9.3 Future Trend - Self Driving Tractors

10. Future Segmentation for Indonesia Used Tractor Market,2027F

10.1 Market Segmentation By Power and Purpose, 2027F

10.2 Market Segmentation By Region and Distribution Channel, 2027F
10.3 Market Segmentation By Price and Usage(hours), 2027F

11. Analyst Recommendations

11.1 Analyst Recommendations
11.2 On- Demand Tractor Services

12. Research Methodology

12.1 Market Definitions and Assumptions

12.2 Abbreviations and Limitations
12.3 Market Sizing Approach
12.4 Consolidated Research Approach
12.5 Sample Size Inclusion


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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Step 1: Identifying Key Variables: Ecosystem creation for all the major entities and referring to multiple secondary and proprietary databases to perform desk research around market to collate industry level information.

Market Building: Collating statistics on new and used tractor sales over the years, to compute overall market size of used tractors.

Validating and Finalizing: Building market hypothesis and conducting CATIs with industry exerts belonging to different companies to validate statistics and seek operational and financial information from company representatives.

Research output: Our team will approach multiple channels and understand nature of product segments and sales, consumer preference and other parameters, which will support us validate statistics derived through bottom to top approach from used tractor providers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Study Period of this Market Report?

The Indonesia Used Tractor Marketis covered from 2017–2022 in this report, including a forecast for 2023-2027.

What is the Future Growth Rate of the Indonesia Used Tractor Market?

The Indonesia Used Tractor Market is expected to witness a CAGR of ~5% over the next six years.

What are the Key Factors Driving the Indonesia Used Tractor Market?

Expanding Farm Land Size, Technological Upgradation and Growing Demand for Low Engine Power Tractors are key Growth Drivers of Indonesian Agricultural Market.

Which is the major segment for use of tractors in the Indonesia Used Tractor Market?

The agriculture segment held the largest share of the Indonesia Used Tractor Market in 2021.

Who are the Key Players in the Indonesia Used Tractor Market?

John Dee, New Holland, Kubota, Yanmar, are the key players in the Indonesia Used Tractor Market.

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