The Consulting practice at Ken Research is focused on Strategic Areas of high impact for enabling clients across the globe

Our Value Proposition:

  • Supporting clients with Market Entry, Competition Benchmarking, Business Planning, Pricing Analysis, Procurement Strategy support and other custom requirements
  • Strong expertise within emerging markets
  • Leveraging our in-house market research capabilities for higher agility and cost efficiency across projects
  • 100+ successful Assignments across Asia, MEA, Europe and Americas

Consulting Practice

Percentage of MNCs Seeking Market Intelligence/ Consulting for Different Business Problems
75% Market Entry
“It doesn’t take much time to be irrelevant”
48% Pricing Strategies
“The essence of the strategy is choosing what not to do”
57% Product Development
“5 out of 10 products fail in the first year”
32% Business Growth
“Growth is the result of forces working together”
25% Demand Supply Gap
“The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”
29% Cost-Benefit Analysis
“Sometimes cost bites to come out on the wining end of the things”
88% Competition Benchmarking
“Why fit in, when you can stand out”

Respondent size of 15000+ Companies including Large, Medium and Small scale enterprises globally

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