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If you’re unaware with NPS, let us pledge you that it’s not only one of the meekest measures of customer satisfaction but one of the most prevalent. NPS dates back to 2003, when Fred Reichheld, a partner at Bain & Company, announced a novel manner of measuring how satisfied your customers are with the products and services you convey.

The Net Promoter Score uses an index varying from -100 to 100, based on the foremost question asked in the NPS survey, “How probable is you to commend this company?”

As an answer to the above cited question, customers are demanded to submit a rating on a scale from 0 to 10. These numbers aren’t just utilized to generate an average. Instead, respondents get classified into 3 groups reliant on their answers.


  • Detractors are clients who answer with a 6 or lower rating. These clients are less probable to recommend your products/ services and their rejoinders can be analysed to optimize solutions and advance the customer journey.


  • The passive ones are clients who answer with a 7 or 8 on the NPS survey. These respondents may be loyal clients to your brand but are more probable to be propelled by competitors, or improbable to recommend your brand to their peer group, as compared to the individuals who submit a greater score on the NPS scale.


  • Promoters are the clients who answer with a 9 or 10. These clients are a true testament to customer loyalty and they fortunately accept their role as brand advocates. They are probable to stay linked with your brand during the long run, act as a referral, and bring in new clients with them.

Based on the consumer net promoter score annual you may even gauge complete sentiment, and account for the complete customer satisfaction for the services delivered.

This NPS score is from a sustenance case that was filed on behalf of a client who required help with designing a web page. Owing to the structure of our sustenance team at the time of the demand, we, inopportunely, didn’t have the bandwidth to encounter this customer’s expectations. We know we fell short due to the customer stated they were “left feeling disappointed” from the interface.

That’s undoubtedly not what we like to hear, but an opportunity obtainable itself from this feedback. The consumer net promoter scores annual report opened a channel for ongoing communication between our team and the client.

We now know precisely where we failed to encounter the customer’s requirements, which enabled us to follow up with the customer to see if we could deliver any additional support. Our product development teams now know that some clients benefit from an improved design support team. By involving an NPS score at the conclusion of assistance cases, our teams can solve for our clients using both short- and long-term solutions.

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