Businesses have to continually improvise their strategies in order to stay competitive. Even when your organization is doing well and your goods/services are best regarded in the market you cannot stand still as your competition is constantly improvising to move ahead of you. Ken Research is a renowned competitive benchmarking service provider in India. Competitive benchmarking is a process that delivers competitive insights and tactics to measure your brand that can help you evolve your business strategies and enables you to bring the required change in business to ensure sustainability and success. Competitive intelligence helps you decide your short term as well as long term business tactics and Go to Market Strategy Model by providing you insights regarding superior and innovative products, services, production processes and practices which can be adopted or adapted by your organization to know how to beat the competition. Business Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking will eventually help you to adopt appropriate competitive strategy such as cost focus strategy, differentiation focus strategy or niche focus strategy.

We make the process of competitive benchmarking and competitor analysis easier for you by recognizing key competition benchmarking tools and by providing you multiple competitive benchmarking metrics which can help you compare your company with your competition. We perform a detailed competitive analysis in market research reports which provides insights regarding market share analysis, cross company comparison, strength and weakness analysis and company profiles that benchmark your performance to your competition along with their business strategies, financials, product portfolio, pricing strategies, market share, operating margins, regional presence, client base, their recent developments and future plans. Competitor analysis will help you to analysis the best practice in business and will enable you to anticipate your competitor’s actions so that you can always stay one step ahead.

compition banchmarking

Competition Benchmarking involves capturing information related to

  1. Company Overview
  2. Recent Developments
  3. Product Portfolio
  4. Reasons for choosing and not choosing the product / company
  5. Best Selling Product / Solution
  6. Pricing
  7. Business Strategy and Go to Market Strategy Model
  8. Future Plan
  1. Major Clientele and Partners/ Dealers/ Resellers/ Associates
  2. Number of Users
  3. Additional Services Offered
  4. Technology Support and Integration
  5. Number of Employees
  6. Average Contract Duration
  7. Country Key Personnel
  8. Financial and Operational Performance including Ratio Analysis, Production Capacity, Revenue Growth, Revenue Mix, Profitability, Leverage