Availability of Alternative Metals and Environmental Concerns to Hinder Growth in Copper and Copper Alloy Foils in Asian Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Copper and copper alloys foils are manufactured into thin sheets or foils using two major processes namely electro-deposition and rolled annealing. Copper and copper alloy foils are flat rolled copper sheets and its alloys, which are manufacture using different processes such as rolling, hammering and electrolysis. Copper alloy foils are widely consumed in… Read More »

China Dyes Market is Expected to Reach around USD 9.3 billion by 2022: Ken Research

Buy Now China organized and unorganized dyes market, by product type (reactive dyes, disperse dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, vat dyes and others), by application (textiles, leather, paper, printing inks and others), by export and domestic sales. The report also covers the overall competitive landscape of major companies such as Zhejiang Longsheng Group, Zhejiang Runtu… Read More »

Shift In Payment Ecosystem Of Peru: Ken Research

Buy Now In the past few years, Peru has been identified as a pioneer in financial inclusion due to its regulatory framework and policy formation. The Peruvian government considers financial inclusion as a key driver for growth in the economy and thus has put financial inclusion as one of its priority under its socio-economic inclusion… Read More »

Different Views And Accelerators Of Dysmenorrhea Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now According to the study ‘DYSMENORRHEA GLOBAL CLINICAL TRIALS REVIEW, H1, 2018’, menstrual issues are widespread among girls and this affects their daily physical and emotional wellbeing.Dysmenorrhea is the medical term for pain with menstruation. There are two types of dysmenorrhea primary and secondary with primary dysmenorrhea being common menstrual cramps that are recurrent… Read More »