Landscape of Lime and Gypsum Product Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The lime and gypsum product market entails of sales of lime and gypsum products by numerous entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) producing the lime from calcitic limestone or several other calcareous materials, such as coral, chalk and shells and producing the gypsum products such as wallboard, plaster, plasterboard, molding, ornamental moldings, statuary,… Read More »

Rise in Demand for Video Content Expected to Drive Global Film & Video Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Film & video industry comprises of the sales of entities (sole traders or partnerships and organizations) that produce & distribute the videos, motion pictures, television programs, or commercials, exhibit the motion pictures or provide post-production & related services. As per analysis, “Film And Video Global Market Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery”… Read More »

Increase in Number of Data Security Breach Incident Expected to Drive Global Fingerprint Module Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Fingerprint module is a specific technology to recognize & validate the fingerprints of any user in order to allow and deny access to the computer system or physical facility. It is a secure technology which is a combination of computer software programs & hardware. It generally includes two processes, fingerprint enrollment and fingerprint… Read More »

Rise in Demand for High Quality Video Content Expected to Drive Global Television Broadcasting Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Television broadcasting service is a method of signal broadcasting, where television signal is transmitted by radio waves from the transmitter of TV station to the viewers of televisions. There are various elements of TV broadcasting services for instance sound source, transmitter, image source, receiver, sound device, and display device. Sound source is an… Read More »

Rise in Demand from Oil and Gas Industries Expected to Drive Global Fibre Optics Sensors Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Fibre optic sensor is an opto-electronic device that converts the light energy into an electrical signal. Fibre optic sensor is a mechanical device that can sense any chemical energy component. It can sense the temperature, vibrations and rotations signals. There are adaptable applications of a fibre optic sensor. It is appropriate to sense… Read More »

Progressive Growth in the Scenario of Worldwide 3D Printing Plastics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The global 3D printing plastic market is anticipated to see an astounding growth throughout the forecast period. The proficient growth in consumption from manufacturing and production units shows a remarkable trend in the worldwide 3D printing plastics market. The significant growth in the technological advancements is probable to take the market forward during… Read More »

Significant Growth in Trends of Global 5G Security Solution Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Fifth-generation (5G) cellular is poised to transmute the ICT industry through substantially enhanced mobility services, immensely scalable Internet of Things (IoT) networks, and assistance for critical apps and services by manner of ultra-low latency communications. With these projected improvements come effective responsibilities for privacy and security. The 5G security solution market must be… Read More »