Digital transformation is scripting a revolution in the Fitness Services Market in Israel


Israel is one of the top destinations for health and fitness, offering a wide variety of boot camps, wellness retreats, and spa getaways with state-of-the-art workout facilities. Growing consumer awareness of the benefits of living a balanced lifestyle, accessibility to low-cost exercise facilities, and the emergence of gyms with modern equipment are driving the market's expansion.
However, during the COVID-19 restrictions, offline fitness service centers had to be shut which led to the rise of online fitness service centers. Now, even though the pandemic guidelines are relaxed and life is getting back to normal, the trend of working out from home has not gone. Here are our observations on digital disruption in the Fitness Service market of Israel.

1) With a population of 9.3 million, Israel has been growing at 3.4%, 5-year compound annual growth

Country Demographics1

    Total Population1: 9.3 Mn (2020)
  • Male: 4.7 Mn (49.8%), Female: 4.6 Mn (50.2%)
    Life Expectancy2: 83.1 years
  • Male: 80.3 years and Female 82.3 years
  • No. of Households1: 2.14 Mn (Dec 2020)
  • Consumer Expenditure3: $ 200.1 Bn (2020)
  • Average Household Expenditure3: $13,560.2 per annum (2020)

~60% Young Population in Israel1

The median age in Israel is 30.5 years

Geographical Location1

The largest city in Israel is Jerusalem, with a population of 972,720 people

  • Area (2020): 22,145 km2 (8,630 mi2)
  • Density: 400 per km2
  • About 92.0% of Israelis live in urban areas. Urban population in Israel was reported at 8.5 Mn in 2020.

GDP of Israel2

Major Cities in Israel1

Source: 1. 2. World Life Expectancy l 3. Trading Economics l Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis

2) Majority of the people in Israel spend 1-4 hours exercising daily or performing some form of physical activity such as Yoga, Walking, Zumba, and others to stay fit and healthy

Consumer Fitness Insights in Israel1


Motivating Factors for Fitness


Preference by Gender

  • Men prefer commercial gyms and are usually intimidated by the area, location, services and equipments such as:
    • Rows of cardio equipment (for losing weight), Spacious free weights area (for boosting cardio-respiratory strength), Resistance training area (for building mass and toning muscles
  • Women usually prefer working out at home/compound or going to the ladies only fitness centers offering additional services:
    • 1:1 Personal Training, Yoga and Zumba Sessions, Dance/Kickboxing Sessions
    • Utilities such as Sauna, Steam and Jacuzzi
1. Statista l Source: Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis

3) Currently, Israel Fitness Services Market has a 9.3% penetration rate with the majority of the population participating in some sort of physical activity daily

Offline Penetration Rate in Israel Fitness Market


Key Trends Witnessed


Multi- Club Memberships: Members are no longer committed to a single facility but are, instead, leveraging the assets of multiple facilities to pursue their fitness and wellness goals.


To stay above competition, fitness and health clubs are developing innovative solutions and exercise models to retain and grow customer bases.


Virtual access or ‘workout from home’ made gyms and studios are increasing consistency, which provides a safer exercise regime to the consumer at the comfort of their home

Source: Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis

4) Demand for fitness centers in Israel is mostly driven by Rising Health Awareness and Increased Women’s Participation in Fitness Centres

Israel Fitness Market Revenue, 2020


Key Growth Drivers

    Variety of Service Offerings

  • Major fitness chains such as Lunge Studio and Sky Gym offers a variety of services such as measuring the percentage of fat, muscle mass, abdominal fat, weekly weighing and more and accordingly composes the training and menu for an individual.

    Growing Demand for HIIT

  • The benefits of HIIT has been attributed to attract most of the customers resulting into growing popularity in organized fitness centers in Israel as workouts are time efficient and very effective for burning fat.

    Growth of Ladies Fitness Center

  • Opening up of ladies dedicated gyms such as Fitwell Ladies Fitness Centers with female professional trainers to guide woman's pursuing exercises has created new segment and increased the female memberships in the country

    Increase in Demand for Virtual Sessions

  • Higher demand has been observed among people for digital training session for strength building, yoga and pilates at their homes from certified professional trainers rather than joining an offline fitness centre
Source: Number of Establishments are inclusive of all Commercial Gym Centers(Exclusive Gym Centers, Popular and local Gyms), Hotel Gyms, Gyms in Compounds and Residential Townships and Universities present in Israel

5) However, after COVID-19, Fitness club owners grappling with declining memberships quickly caught on by offering on-demand and livestream group workouts through their own websites

Pre COVID vs. Post COVID


Catalyzed by the pandemic, consumer awareness of exercise has increased rapidly. The shift to virtual workouts increased access to different types of classes and highlighted the need for balance between physical & mental well-being

Traditional gyms utilized new channels as the marketing tools

Countermeasures by Fitness Centres

Live Broadcast Courses

  • Courses: Group or Private
  • Places: Vacant gym/home
  • Instructors: Professional coaches
  • Content: Exercises that could be done at home with the family
  • Results: Operators have gained success with these broadcasts, with average of over 10,000 views of a single broadcast

Use of Social Media

  • Platforms: Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram WeChat, Snapchat, Tik Tok
  • Format: Hashtags or posts to encourage participating and re-posting
  • Results: Operators reached 5M+ views on Instagram/Tiktok and encouraged participants in the entire country.

With the spreading of the pandemic, most gyms have extended their memberships to retain customers, and have introduced online countermeasures to compensate for the loss of revenue and customers caused by the shutdown

Source: Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis

6) Brick and Mortar fitness centers are facing competition from online weight loss programs owing to the growing prominence of social marketing and platforms that have started online fitness tutorials

Snippets of Facebook and Instagram Live Workout Sessions


Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers along with Fitness Bloggers are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to conduct live workshops for the ease and convenience of home workouts thereby leading to higher participation rate

Major Social Media Platforms for Fitness Engagements1


Top Fitness Influencers in Israel


Noa Beny (@noabeny)


Mila Gricenko (@milagricenko)


Tal Revivo (@talrevivo)


Maayan Ashkenazi (@maayan__ashkenazi)


Keshet Buskila (@keshet_buskila)


Sapir Berko (@sapirberko_)

1. Stat COunterl 2. Followers as on 20th July, 2021 I Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis

7) Majority of the population in Israel are interested in carrying out some form of physical activity or prefer at home fitness providing enormous opportunities for the fitness centres

Low Penetration

Vast Majority of the adult population (70%) exercise regularly or would like to exercise

Market of people not exercising or in the exercise contemplation stage is equally important

Fitness operators have an enormous opportunity to capture an ever increasing segment of the population who are exercising or considering doing so.


Small Group Trainings

The concept of Small Group Trainings are expected to gain prominence over time

More than 30% of population prefer small group training rather than paying hefty amount for a personal trainer

Small Group Trainings offered by majority of the fitness centers is a solution for saving some money over one-on-one personal training, thereby increasing member participation


Proficient General Trainers

6 out of 10 people in Israel are likely to hire a certified personal trainer for Yoga, Muscle Training, Strength Building, Pilates and others

Fitness Centres should hire at least 6-8 qualified trainers to meet this demand by offering fitness instructor and personal trainer courses to interested individuals.


Digital Workouts/ Home Based Workouts

Home exercise complements gym participation rather than competes with it.

Home based workouts provide a massive opportunity for operators to retain members (keeping them active outside of the facility) and promoting to considerers as a tactic to move them through the contemplation stage of exercise.

Source: Interview with Industry Experts, Ken Research Analysis
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