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Ken Research is a market research company which is offering Automotive & Transportation analysis report and industry forecast. Our company has years of experience in evaluation of several industry verticals. We aim to serve clients in the automotive and transportation industry with complete research and analysis, information resources and communication fields that meet the growing needs of the international automotive industry.

Ken Research offers detailed analysis on Automotive and transport industry with recent trends, opportunities in the way and future prospects. This segment includes reports on automobile industry, aerospace sector and sub-sectors, etc. We have highly qualified analyst team working for a common goal to provide strategic analysis to the clients to evaluate better prospects in the Automotive and transportation industry. Our research encompasses testing programs, assisting customers in conducting portions of the program and also studying prevailing demand and recent trends

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  1. Workforce Analysis for Automotive Industry in Malaysia -Understanding decision making, expectations, and influencing factors for automotive workforce in Malaysia with team leaders

    30 Pages| February 2024 |
    Malaysia has been a hub for automotive manufacturing, with several global car manufacturers establishing production facilities in the country. Proton and Perodua are prominent domestic car manufacturers. Learn More
  2. DRC Lubricant Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by growing economic activities, leading to higher consumption of lubricants in various sectors, including mining & manufacturing, transportation, and general manufacturing

    80 Pages| February 2024 |
    The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) lubricants market is undergoing rapid evolution with significant growth potential, primarily driven by increased consumption across various sectors. Learn More
  3. Spain Used Car Market Dataset 2014-2017 -Monthly Breakdowns and Detailed Parameters for Registered Used Cars

    80 Pages| February 2024 |
    The Spain Used Car Database covers online listings from 2014 to 2017, offering monthly details at both individual and combined levels. Learn More
  4. KSA Car Wash Market Outlook to 2030 -Driven by Increased Car Ownership and Growing Understanding of the Significance of Vehicle Maintenance

    75 Pages| February 2024 |
    The market growth will be driven by the increasing ownership of car in the country and the emphasis on car care by the employees. Learn More
  5. KSA Car Sharing, Taxi and Truck Leasing Market -Driven by Increasing tourism, need for mobility, technology integration and government initiatives to develop the economy

    37 Pages| February 2024 |
    KSA Car Sharing, Taxi and Truck Leasing Market is expected to grow at a significant growth rate owing to different factors affecting the market. Learn More
  6. MDO PET Films Market in UAE Outlook to 2027 -Driven by increasing population, food and beverage demand and pharmaceutical consumption

    48 Pages| January 2024 |
    The MOD PET Films market in the UAE has been experiencing steady growth, driven by the demand for advanced packaging solutions in industries such as food and beverages, electronics, and healthcare. Learn More
  7. Kuwait Car Rental & Leasing Market Outlook to 2027 -How a leading regional player in rental and leasing industry allocated resources to increase its presence and overall market share

    80-100 Pages| January 2024 |
    Kuwait car rental & leasing market has been influenced by the country economic development and increasing tourism. Learn More
  8. Al Fujairah Taxi Service Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by the regions growing economic activities and the demand for convenient transportation

    42 Pages| January 2024 |
    Fujairahs demographic composition reveals a notable trend with a significant proportion of non-Emirati residents (66%) of total population. Learn More
  9. UAE Movers Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by Real Estate and Infrastructure Development and Growing Expatriate Population in the Country

    45 Pages| January 2024 |
    The UAE Movers Market is undergoing significant changes, driven by various factors shaping the relocation industry in the region. Learn More
  10. GCC New and Used Car Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by Investments in transportation infrastructure are improving accessibility and convenience, encouraging car ownership

    42 Pages| January 2024 |
    The GCC New and Used Car Market is experiencing notable growth, establishing itself as a key hub for various types of cars. Learn More
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