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The purpose of Social Market Research is to determine the reasons of a social phenomenon or to increase information about a social problem, but the drive of the social survey is not to increase knowledge but is connected to the welfare side of the people. The results determined from social survey aids and directions the government intends to proceed with the necessary steps to solve social problems.  Social surveys are one of the recorded over the social science tools, and with the finished market research and opinion polling. The widespread social research surveys deliver a low-cost and effortlessly available source of information on a wide range of topics including education, health, economics, demography, politics, and criminal justice. There are numerous benefits while examining data from large-scale social surveys associated with the use of data with widespread content and coverage for the target population. The properly conducted surveys are an effective means of collecting and analyzing the precise data.  Reasonably collecting information from each and every individual pulls a research survey with being descriptive to the population and gathers information from it. There are various other associated methods and events that are obtainable to draw the sample out of the total population to make satisfactory and representative.

Ken Research focusses on conducting large scale Social Market Research Surveys for all organizations and different geographies in India, Asia Pacific, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more. Moreover, social research is also conducted by sending a set of pre-decided questions to a sample of individuals from a targeted market. This includes an assembly of data and feedback from entities that fit diverse backgrounds, societies, age-groups, etc. Moreover, information gathering surveys can be conducted via online and offline mediums. The enhancement in the high-tech mediums and their reach, online mediums have flourished in a diverse number of people depending on social research online surveys. The public policy assessment is a challenging exercise, both theoretically and institutionally. Our social research team with statistical techniques make it promising to work around these issues. Our understanding of policy matters starts from basic to advanced levels by analyzing the outcomes based on what would have happened in case policy/measures may impact in the future.

Thus, social surveys characteristically designed to include questionnaires for collecting information from large numbers of people. Post information collection surveys are further standardized so that information may have a structure. Surveys have questionnaires with a high degree of arrangement. As questionnaires tend to be an official way of gathering data, letting the researcher trail the approaches such as amorphous interviews or various participants’ observation. Our team has skilled interviewers and trained to reduce misinterpretation of questions as respondents can ask for clarification where ever necessary and a skilled interviewer can also target specific groups if necessary, as with much market research. We cater to multiple clients from the following sectors microfinance companies, population, family welfare, and planning, environmental status, rural and urban development, healthcare institutions, women empowerment, health and nutrition, sexual and reproductive health and nutrition, defense and security mechanism, housing finance support services and resident surveys, etc.

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