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Digital Landscape: Psoriatic Arthritis

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Digital Landscape: Psoriatic Arthritis


The Digital Landscape Psoriatic Arthritis report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for active Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA).

Key Highlights

- US Patients: AbbVie offers the strongest support for PsA patients in the US, with activity across all channels; most activity in 2017 detected in the branded space following license extensions in PsA, and new advertising campaigns seen for Cosentyx and Enbrel in PsA, while Janssen launched a Remicade-branded counter-biosimilar campaign. Opportunity exists for a well-integrated unbranded campaign to support patients, linked to social media and a mobile app.

- US HCPs: Good branded support available for US HCPs in PsA, but advertising focus is on other indications. A number of brand sites were updated with PsA content in 2017. Unbranded and mobile app landscapes are sparse, and opportunities may exist to develop or sponsor content with trusted non-pharma organizations. Social media activity is restricted to corporate accounts, with examples of HCP-specific accounts seen in other diseases.

- EUCAN Patients: Good branded support is available for PsA patients in Germany, the UK, and Canada. Unbranded support is strongest from AbbVie, Novartis and Janssen, however no multi-country, local-language campaigns detected. PsA patients have access to a number of mobile apps, but many are branded or are multi-condition. UCB provides the only example of a PsA-specific mobile app in Europe

- EUCAN HCPs: The EUCAN HCP landscape is underdeveloped, with little activity seen past branded. The unbranded and mobile app landscapes are particularly sparse, and partnerships with non-pharma organizations may offer more effective opportunities to engage with and support HCPs.


- This report analyzes digital activities undertaken by pharma in support of therapies for therapies for active psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

- The report includes digital activities directed towards patients and/or HCPs, including branded websites, unbranded disease awareness initiatives, social media and mobile apps.

- The report is based on analysis conducted by a combination of GlobalData's digital and disease-specific teams. It also includes analysis of data licensed from third parties e.g. website traffic, search engine optimization (SEO), digital display advertising, mobile app downloads, and social media interaction.

- The geographic scope of the report is the United States, Canada and the 5EU (UK, Germany, France, Italy & Spain), with EUCAN used as an abbreviation for Europe and Canada throughout.

- This report covers the research period from January-December 2017.

Reasons to buy

- Our Digital Landscape report provides an analysis of pharma multichannel activity in the digital PsA space, and can assist our pharma clients derive value in a number of ways:

- Competitive Intelligence: Track and compare key competitor activity across channels and identify key trends in PsA

- Digital Strategy: Strengthen corporate digital excellence, learn from industry best practice, and identify opportunities for novel digital campaigns

- Support new brand launch: See best practice examples of pre- and post-launch digital activities, ascertain must-have digital assets for patient and HCP engagement, and assess potential gaps and opportunities for pipeline brands

- Business Development & Licensing: Assess topics and trends shaping digital health in PsA and beyond, and learn about key patient and physician online activities in PsA.


Table Of Content


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Recent Developments

Landscape & Analysis

US: Patient-directed Activities

US HCP-directed Activities

EUCAN Patient-directed Activities

EUCAN HCP-directed Activities


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