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Travel Vaccines: A US and European Perspective

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Travel Vaccines: A US and European Perspective


As the cost of travel has decreased, more and more people are choosing to travel abroad for business and leisure. As a result, they can be exposed to pathogens non-endemic to their countries of origin. Ensuring that patients are vaccinated to reduce the risk of infection while travelling is an important tenet of practicing travel medicine. This report covers the management of travel vaccinations in the US and Europe, focusing on travel habits of residents to high-risk areas, current and future travel vaccines, and research and development strategies.


This report combines key opinion leader insight with in-house analyst expertise and research to provide an insight-rich look at vaccination in US and European travelers. Components of the report include -

- Overview of Travel-Associated Diseases: Which diseases are vaccinated against in travelers.

- Habits of US and European Travelers: Which travel destinations carry the greatest risk of diseases.

- Travel Vaccine Management: How is the prescription and reimbursement of travel vaccines handled across the US and Europe.

- Established Disease Markets for Travel Vaccines: What are the current and pipeline products available for diseases currently vaccinated against in travelers.

- Emerging Disease Markets for Travel Vaccines: What diseases may be vaccinated against in travelers in the future, and which products are in the pipeline.

- Research and Development Strategies: How are travel vaccine-relevant clinical trials being designed, and what is required for regulatory approval in the US and EU.

Reasons to buy

- Develop business strategies by understanding the trends shaping and driving the travel vaccine market in the US and Europe.

- Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by understanding the competitive landscape and by analyzing the portfolios of various competitors.

- Identify areas of unmet need within the travel vaccines market to help drive research and development towards future market opportunities.

- Gain insights to help plan and design your clinical trials.

- Organize your sales and marketing efforts by identifying the market categories and segments that present maximum opportunities for consolidations, investments, and strategic partnerships.

- Identify key pricing and reimbursement strategies.


Table Of Content


1 Table of Contents

1. Preface 2

1.1 Related Reports 4

1.2 List of Abbreviations 5

2. Executive Summary 6

2.1 Key Findings 7

2.2 What KOLs Are Saying 8

3. Market Overview 9

3.1 Global Burden of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases 11

3.2 Key Infectious Diseases by Region 12

3.3 Annual Travelers from the US and Europe 13

3.4 Change in Yearly US Travelers Over Time 14

3.5 Top 10 US Travel Destinations 15

3.6 Top 10 European Travel Destinations 16

4. Travel Vaccine Management 17

4.1 Available Travel Vaccines 19

4.2 Where is Care Provided for Travel Vaccinations? 21

4.3 Travel Vaccine Reimbursement 22

4.4 Vaccination Records 24

4.5 Risk Factors when Travelling 25

4.6 Factors Affecting Successful Vaccination 26

5. Established Disease Markets for Travel Vaccines 34

5.1 Cholera 36

5.2 Hepatitis A 41

5.3 Hepatitis B 47

5.4 Japanese Encephalitis 53

5.5 Meningococcal Meningitis 58

5.6 Rabies 63

5.7 Typhoid Fever 68

5.8 Yellow Fever 73

6. Emerging Disease Markets for Travel Vaccines 79

6.1 Chikungunya 81

6.2 Dengue Fever 82

6.3 Malaria 88

6.4 Other Diseases with Unmet Need for Travel Vaccines 94

7. Research and Development Strategies 95

7.1 Travel-Vaccine-Relevant Clinical Trials 97

7.2 Top Travel-Vaccine-Relevant Indications 98

7.3 Different Classes of Pipeline Vaccines 101

7.4 Geographic Spread of Clinical Trials 103

7.5 Source of Sponsorship for Travel-Vaccine-Relevant Trials 107

7.6 Enrolment for Travel-Vaccine-Relevant Trials 108

8. Appendix 109

8.1 Bibliography 110

8.2 Primary Research 112

8.3 About the Authors 113

8.4 About GlobalData 115

8.5 Contact Us 116

8.6 Disclaimer 117

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