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March 2010

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About the Report

About the Report

The global betting and gaming sector has great prospects to grow with changing government policies which remove certain restrictions from the market and allows players to participate under legal terms. The present report discusses global gaming, lottery, and betting market and gives an insight into the online gambling sector by product group and by geography. Also discusses gaming machine market and online lottery market. In the United States, the gambling sector is very vast with growing income levels (which has reduced temporary) and rising spending capacity. Discussion of the Canadian gambling sector is also a part of the report which helps to analyze future opportunities.
With the introduction of the National Lottery in 1994, gambling became socially acceptable in the UK. Also in 2007, the Gambling Act was passed which has stimulated further demand. The global gaming market has been driven by the liberalization of gaming in the EU and Australia and the legalization of gaming in Asia. Also, privatizations supported the market.
In the United States, Casino accounts for a strong percentage in the market, of which ~% of casino revenue derives from slot machines. In 2008, despite the negative economic conditions (the Italian GDP declined 0.5% in 2008), the Italian gambling market did not show any decline; it instead increased ~% YoY, with total wagers collection of US$~bn.
The gaming market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% year on year basis from 2007 2012... It is also expected bingo & casino would show the maximum growth. The online gaming sector market will grow with rising internet users worldwide.
Asia is offering many opportunities and strong potential for the gambling market. Macao is the leading gambling jurisdiction in Asia, representing more than 50% of this regional market. This market is expected to continue growing, led by increasing global recognition and the construction of new casinos. Singapore counts among the highest gross gaming revenue/GDP with a market worth US$~ billion. HongKong's lottery market is developed than China, generated US$~ billion of revenues from July 2008 to June 2009 compared to US$~ billion in China.
Sports betting has a great influence over the betting and gambling industry in Spain, which represents US$~ million of the market, which would imply an average expenditure per inhabitant. The gambling sector in Great Britain offers substantial opportunities with a turnover of over US$~billion in 2006/07.
The report covers the global gaming and lottery industry with a detailed discussion of market and opportunities in the United States (Canada), European Union (United Kingdom, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain), Italy and Asia (China, India, Singapore, HongKong).



Gambling, lottery, betting, casino, bingo and online gaming


Lottomatica Group, Scientific Games, Intralot

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Lottery and Gambling Industry Overview

1.1 International Gambling
1.2 Types of Gamblers
2. Global Betting and Gambling Industry
2.1 Market Size
2.2 Lottery Market Demand
2.3 The Online Gaming Market
2.3.1 Online Gaming Market by Geography
2.4 Gaming Machines Market
2.5 Worldwide Online Lottery Market Share
3. US Gambling Industry Developments and Size
3.1 Industry Performance in U.S
3.2 Industry Performance in Canada
4. UK Gambling Industry developments and size
4.1 Structure of the Bingo Industry
4.2 Structure of the Casino Industry
5. Italian Betting and Gambling Industry
5.1 Market Size
5.2 Video Lottery Terminals in Italy
6. Opportunities in Asian Regions
6.1 Singapore Market for Gambling and Lottery
6.2 China Market for Gambling and Lottery
6.2.1 Lottery Market Size in China
6.2.2 Video Lottery Games and Keno in China
6.3 Hongkong Market for Gambling and Lottery
7. Gambling and Lottery Industry Trends
7.1 Online Gambling in Germany
7.2 Sports Betting and Bingo Demand in Spain
7.3 Influence of Tourist Arrival over Gambling Industry in Singapore
7.4 Potential of E-Gaming Market in Europe
7.5 Opportunities in Great Britain Gambling Industry
Betting Industry
Bingo Industry
Casino Industry
8. Future Growth
8.1 Interactive Gaming
8.2 Online Gaming
9. Company Profiling
9.1 Lottomatica Group SpA
9.1.1 Business Map
9.1.2 Revenues and Income
9.1.3 Business Strategies
9.2 Scientific Games Corporation
9.2.1 Business Map
9.2.2 Revenues and Income
9.2.3 Business Strategies
9.3 Intralot S.A.
9.3.1 Business Map
9.3.2 Business Strategies

List of Figure

1. Global Gaming Market in 2008

2. Types of gamblers

3. Global Gaming market (1999-2008)

4. Global Lottery Market (1990-2007)

5. US Lottery Market (1980-2008)

6. Online Gaming Market - Overall Gross Win Size (1998-2008)

7. Online Gaming Market by Product Gross Win in 2008

8. Global Online Gross Win by Product (2002-2008)

9. Global Online Market by Geography in 2008

10. Worldwide Online Lottery Market Share in 2008 (%)

11. International Tenders Performance (2004-2008) (2005-2008)

12. Market Share of Game Software Players in US (1H 2006)

13. Nominal GDP vs. Net Revenues from Govt. operated Casinos and Slots (2001-2007)

14. UK Gross Gambling Yield 2007

15. UK Bingo Industry Gross Win in 2008

16. Betting and Gaming Market in Italy (1999-2008)

17. Italian Wagers (2007&2008)

18. Installed Slot Machines in Macau (2002-2007)

19. Casino Market in Singapore vs. Regional Markets

20. Gaming Market Trend in Singapore (2004-2011E)

21. China Lottery Market Development

22. Welfare and Sports Lottery Revenue Growth Trend (2002-2009)

23. Lottery Sales Growth in China (2005-2012E)

24. Video Lottery Terminal and Keno Sales (2005-2012E)

25. Hong Kong Jockey Club Revenue (2003-2009)

26. Internet Gamblers in Germany (2008 & 2009)

27. Singapore's Tourist Arrival Trend (2000-2008)

28. Singapore Tourist Arrival in 2008

29. European E-Gaming Market (1998-2012E)

30. The Global Interactive Gaming Market (1998-2012E)

31. Global Gross Gambling Yield (2004-2012E)

List of Table

Table 1: Gambling Industry Gross Revenues in US (2005)

Table 2: Casino Style Slot Machines by Country-installed base

Table 3: UK Casino Market (2006-2008)

Table 4: Off course returns

Table 5: On course returns

Table 6: Bingo Clubs in Great Britain March 2009

Table 7: Casino Ownership by Operators in Great Britain March 2009

Table 8: Lottomatica Revenue by Business Segments (2005-2008)

Table 9: Scientific Games Corporation Revenues by Business Segments (2004-2008)

Table 10: Intralot S.A Revenues by Geography (2004-2008)

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