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We would like to appreciate Ken Research for their great efforts and wonderful support in providing the Market Intelligence Report for ITPC. The information, statistics and research are well understandable and very clear to the point. We are happy with Ken research for their good client service, on-time delivery of the report and as said the report itself. Thank you Ken research for bringing the valuable output for us. We would be looking forward to have more research with you in the near future. Wish you a success in your business!... "Jestin Mathew, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center"

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Research Report on China Corn Industry 2016-2020

Research Report on China Corn Industry 2016-2020

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  • February 2016
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Executive Summary

According to official statistics, China's corn yield in 2015 was 224.58 million tons, increasing about 4.14% YOY. Corn has become China's most important variety of food crop. As regard to corn consumption, only about one third is eaten directly while the rest is used as fodder or industrial material. Macro-economic situation exerts greater influence on corn than on such rations as wheat and rice. In recent years, the demand for corn in China stays at a high level as farming and industrial demand increases. Most of corn products are primary products whose additional value is low. Another problem in corn processing industry is the excess capacity of primary products especially starch and edible alcohol as well as low operating rate. Besides, as the competition among small enterprises is fierce, the whole industry awaits further integration. China's corn import increased from 1,000 tons in 2003 to 5.208 million tons in 2012 i.e. increased by over 5,000 times in a decade, which was rarely seen even in the whole world. China remained the net exporter of corn before 2010. But since 2009, as corn yield dropped and domestic demand for corn increased as a result of the drought, China fastened its corn import and has become the net importer of corn since 2010. In 2012, 5.2074 million tons of corn was imported into China with a year-on-year growth of 197.08%, among which 5.1133 came from the US, increasing 20.3% year on year. During the period of 2013-2015, corn import declined continuously due to the publication of Interim Measures for the Administration of Import Tariff Quotas of Agricultural Products by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China and the National Development and Reform Commission which states that during the period of 2014-2015, the import quotas of corn shall be 7.2 million tons per year, among which only 40% is allocated to non state-owned enterprises and the maximum tariff of import outside quota quantities can be 65%. Corn price in domestic market is far higher than that in international market. In 2015, 4.73 million tons of corn were imported into China, increasing 82% year on year. With economic development and improvements in living standards, the demand for meat, egg and milk in China will keep increasing, so does the demand for grains used as fodder. However, due to the deepening urbanization and low gains of planting industry, more and more rural labor force turn to city for jobs instead of engaging in agriculture. Therefore China is expected to remain the largest grain importer in the future. In the long term, the demand for corn enjoys good prospects of continuous growth. However, as the room for growth of corn yield is limited, the demand gap will expand further. Therefore, it is inevitable for China to increase its corn import. The annual import of corn and its substitutes is expected to surpass 10 million tons in the next few years. Hence the great investment opportunity in Chinese market for grain growers and trade companies. Readers can get at least the following information through this report: corn production in China Chinese policy supporting corn growing Chinese policy for imported corn demand in corn market in China development of corn processing industry in China major enterprises in corn processing industry in China corn import and export in China price tendency of corn in Chinese market outlook of corn market in China The author suggests the following groups of people purchase this report: corn growers enterprises providing agricultural means of production corn processing companies corn importer and exporter investors/research institutions interested in corn market in China

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Table of Contents 1 Analysis of Corn Planting in China, 2010-2015 1.1 Overview of Corn Planting in China 1.1.1 Distribution of Planting Areas 1.1.2 Corn Yield, 2010-2015 1.1.3 Characteristic of Corn Production in China 1.2 Cost and Profit of Corn Production in China, 2010-2015 1.2.1 Purchase Price of Corn 1.2.2 Cost of Corn Production 1.2.3 Profit of Corn Production 2 Import and Export of Corn in China, 2010-2015 2.1 Import and Export Policy 2.2 Corn Import in China, 2010-2015 2.1.1 Import Volume 2.1.2 Import Price 2.1.3 Major Source of Import 2.2 Export 2.1.1 Export Volume 2.1.2 Major Export Destination 3 Analysis of Corn Deep-processing Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.1 Overview 3.2 Corn Alcohol Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.2.1 Production 3.2.2 Demand 3.2.3 Import and Export 3.2.4 Major Enterprises in the Industry 3.3 Corn Starch 3.3.1 Production 3.3.2 Demand 3.3.3 Import and Export 3.3.4 Major Enterprises in the Industry 3.4 Corn Starch Sugar Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.5 Modified Corn Starch Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.6 Lysine Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.7 Citric Acid Industry in China, 2010-2015 3.8 Corn MSG Industry in China, 2010-2015 4 Fodder Industry in China, 2010-2015 4.1 Development of Stock Raising Industry in China, 2010-2015 4.1.1 Overview of Stock Raising Industry in China 4.1.2 Pig-breeding Industry in China 4.1.3 Poultry Industry in China 4.1.4 Stock Raising Industry's Demand for Corn in China 4.2 Industrial Feed Industry in China, 2010-2015 4.2.1 Production of Industrial Feed in China, 2010-2015 4.2.2 Product Structure of Industrial Feed in China, 2010-2015 4.2.3 Industrial Feed Industry's Demand for Corn in China, 2010-2015 5 Market Price of Corn in China, 2010-2015 5.1 Spot Price of Corn in China, 2010-2015 5.1.1 Market Price of Corn in Major Producing Areas in China 5.1.2 Market Price of Corn in Major Consuming Areas in China 5.1.3 Analysis of Corn Price in Major Harbors in China 5.2 Market Price of Corn Futures in China, 2011-2014 6 Expectation to Corn Industry in China, 2016-2020 6.1 Factors Affecting Development 6.1.1 Economic Environment 6.1.2 Policy Environment 6.2 Supply and Demand Forecast of Corn Market in China, 2016-2020 6.2.1 Yield Forecast 6.2.2 Demand Forecast 6.2.3 Import and Export Forecast 6.2.4 Forecast of Price Tendency 6.3 Forecast of Fractionized Demand in Corn Market in China 6.3.1 Industrial Feed 6.3.2 Deep Processing 6.4 Forecast of Investment Opportunity in Corn Market in China


Chart Chinese Government's Purchase Price of Corn, 2008-2015

Chart Production Deployment of Corn in China

Chart Corn Acreage in China, 2001-2015

Chart Corn Yield in China, 2001-2015

Chart Corn Import in China, 2001-2015

Chart Major Source of Import of Corn in China in 2015

Chart Average Price Tendency of Corn in China, 2010-2015

Chart Industrial Consumption of Corn in China, 2010-2015

Chart MSG Output in China, 2010-2015

Chart Major Manufacturers of Corn Alcohol and Their Capacity in China

Chart Industrial Feed Output in China, 2010-2015

Chart Major Manufacturers of Corn Starch and Their Capacity in China

Chart Forecast of Corn Yield in China, 2016-2020

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