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Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing

In the Oman, the various research market is presently positioned in the early growth stage. Whereas, the country is heavily depend on the oil production whereas, as the oil preserve have been lessening the recent years the government authorities has embarked on the process of region diversification focused on the advanced of the tourism and gas relied industries.

Additionally, in the Middle East, the growth of manned guard security was majorly fueled by the infrastructure and real estate growth in the government, commercial and residential sector. The effective technological innovations and growing aim on the internal security have concluded in the acceptance of the high level security by the end users. Whereas, based on the end users, the market is registered by the requirement from the commercial building, which has a mainstream of share in the Middle East manned guard security market. The government buildings also have an effective share of the market. The residential segment have the lower share in the market which is commonly owing to the lower acceptance of the manned guard security service in the market.

Nonetheless, the facility management market in the country has observed the speedy growth whereas, the market is still in its growth stage. The players in the research market are significant increasing the applications of the technologies for delivering the better consumer satisfactions and increasing the amount of revenue during the forecast period.

Whereas, based on the sectors, the commercial segment underwrite the foremost highest revenue share to the entire facility management industry. Contrariwise, the residential segment registered for the least revenue share of the FM market in terms of revenue in 2017.

Sideways, the warehousing is an impartially old scope in the country with having the foremost number of warehouse in the region of Muscat separately. Behind the Oman’s significant warehousing market a key driver and its repeatedly growing growth is the position, seeing that it is an intercessor trade corridor leading to it being an ultimate pit stop for the goods being conveyed among the western and Asian countries. Warehousing is attaining importance owing to the economic diversification, airport and sea port upgrades, enlargement of the industrial parks and the free zones involving Salalah Free Zone (SFZ), Al Duqm Free Zone, Sohar Free Zone and Al Mazyounah Free Zone.

Based on the end users, the food and beverage products are frequently allocated in the large quantities and demand care when handling to ensure the products is not broke or demolished during transport. This require for the dedicated care with an augment in standard of living of the urban populace has generated the food and beverage segment the foremost end user in the warehousing industry. In the near future, the Oman warehousing market is anticipated to fuel the requirement for more warehouses in the coming years on account of growing introduction in the region.

The key drivers behind the significant growth rate are to be the augment in the standard of living of the Omani populace instigating more businesses to arrive into Omani markets growing the requirement for warehousing facilities and augmenting the price of warehousing in the prime positions more effectively.

Therefore, in the coming years, it is expected that the research markets in Oman country will increase around the globe more positively over the near years.

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