Nutritional and Dietary Supplements Market in the US - Opportunities and Future Outlook

About the Report

About the Report

The US continues to be the largest market for nutrients & supplements in the world in terms of retail sales. In 2010, the US nutrition and dietary supplements market reached USD 28.04 billion compared to USD 25.00 billion of 2009. The growth was due to the recovering economy, rising employment level and increase in chronic diseases. Among the various product categories, sales of vitamins and dietary supplements showed a positive growth trend in 2010, and sales contribution of herbal supplements and sports nutrition was the largest. Probiotics is another segment which is expected to generate strong growth in coming years.

In 2010 sale of vitamin D in the US reached USD 369.75 million, 11.55% up from 2009. Demand for sports drinks is rising every year due to rising focus on fitness as well as the opening of new health clubs and gymnasiums. In the US sales of energy drinks reached USD 6.08 billion in the year 2010 compared to USD ~ billion in 2009.

Rising income level, aging baby boomers, changing lifestyle, increased focus on health, high incidence of diseases are some of the factors that are driving the demand for nutrients & supplements in the region. Despite recession, the industry has shown growth, particularly in case of herbal and sports, weight loss product categories.

The report on "The US Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Market and Future Outlook" includes a detailed study of the nutrition and supplements industry. The report further discusses the different segments of this market, such as vitamins, sports nutrition and weight loss as well as the herbal supplements category. We have analyzed industry driving factors and trends prevailing in the market. The report also includes the major players and their financial performance. Additionally, we have discussed cause and effect relationship of macroeconomic and industry factors on the industry providing the basis for the future outlook.


Scope of the Report

 The report gives a detailed analysis of the Nutrients & Supplements industry of the US including insights on market past performance, sales by category and channels, detailed analyses and future outlook of the industry.

 Industry demand trends by segmentation helps to understand reasons of growth and threat from external factors.

 Detailed description of driving factors gives a better understanding of further scope in the industry.

 This research report helps the domestic and international players looking for potential segment in the industry.

 The present industry trends help to know the recent trend which may influence the demand. Further we have mentioned major macro economy factors to give a clear picture of the US economy.




Nutrition and Dietary Supplements, Vitamin D, Sports Nutrition, Herbal Supplement, Botanical Dietary Supplements


Atrium Innovation, Mead Johnson, Nestle

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. The US Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Market and Forecast

1.1. Market Size

1.2. Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Sale by Category

1.3. The US Vitamin D Market and Forecast

1.3.1. Sector Overview

1.3.2 Market Size

1.4 Spports Nutrition and Weight Loss Market and Forecast

1.4.1 Sector Overview

1.4.2 Market Size

2. The US Herbal Supplement Demand

2.1 Sector Overview

2.2 Market Size

2.2.1 Sales by Channels

3. Industry Driving Forces

3.1. Growing Number of Baby Boomers

3.2. Changing Lifestyles

3.3. Rising Incidence of Lifestyle Diseases In Younger Populations

3.4. Increasing Focus On Weight Management

3.5. Rising Hospital Admissions

3.6. Rising Per-Capita Income

4. Industry Trends

4.1. Regulatory Environment

4.2. Rising Consumer Interest With Healthcare Awareness

4.3. Pets Supplements Sector

4.4. Major Players in Infant Nutrition in the US

5. Mocro Economic Factors

5.1. Population (Historical & Present Performance)

5.2. GDP (Historical & Present Performance)

5.3. Personal Disposable Income (Historical & Present Performance)

5.4. Inflation (2007-2015)

6. Players Profiling

6.1. Atrium Innovations

6.1.1. Business Descriptions

6.1.2 Key Financials

6.1.3 Major Developments

6.2. Mead Johnson

6.2. Business Descriptions

6.2.2. Key Financials

6.2.3. Major Developments

6.3. Nestle

6.3.1. Business Descriptions

6.3.2. Key Financials

6.3.3. Major Developments

7. Appendix

7.1. Abbreviations

7.2. Forecast Methodology

Research Methodology

Data Collection Methods


Reasons for the Dependent and Independent Variables

Multi Factor Based Sensitivity Model

Regression Matrix

Final Conclusion


List of Figure

Figure 1: Nutrition and Dietary Supplements Market by Value in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 2: Vitamin D Market by Value (2000-2015F)

Figure 3: Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Management Market by Value (2000-2015F)

Figure 4: Sports Nutrition Market by Segments (2009 & 2010)

Figure 5: Herb Sales in All Channels by Value (2000-2015F)

Figure 6: Aging Population in the US 55 Years and Over (2000-2010)

Figure 7: Aging Population in the US: 65 Years and Over (2000-2010)

Figure 8: Health Expenditures in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 9: Health Expenditures as % of GDP (2000-2010)

Figure 10: New Cases of Diabetes in the US (Ages 18-79) (1980-2010)

Figure 11: Health Club Membership in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 12: Per Capita Income in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 13: Nutritional Supplements Players Market Share in the US (2010)

Figure 14: Total Population in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 15: US GDP at Current Prices (2000-2010)

Figure 16: Personal Disposable Income in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 17: The US inflation, Average Consumer Prices in % (2007-2015F)

Figure 18: Atrium Innovations Results (2006-2010)

Figure 19: Mead Johnson Total Sales by Value (2006-2010)

Figure 20: Nestle Revenues (2006-2010)




List of Table

Table 1: Vitamin and Dietary Supplements Sales by Product Category (2010 & 2008)

Table 2: Food Supplement Sales by Category (2009&2010)

Table 3: Leading Herbal Dietary Supplements in the FDM Channel in the US (2010)

Table 4: Leading Botanical Dietary Supplements in the US (2010)

Table 5: Herb Sales by Channels (2009&2010)

Table 6: Herb Sales Single vs. Combinations (2009&2010)

Table 7: Top Selling Sports Nutrition Brands in North America

Table 8: Dependent & Independent Variables (2000-2010)

Table 9: Correlation Matrix

Table 10: Regression Coefficients Output


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