Egypt Used Car Market Outlook to 2026

Driven by Shift In Consumer Demand along with Growth of Online Used Car Platforms and Availability of Financing Options

Region:Middle East

Author(s):Saksham Gupta and Chitra Vasu

Product Code:KR1141

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April 2022

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About the Report

About the Report

The report titled “Egypt Used Car Market Outlook to 2026 – Driven by Shift In Consumer Demand along with Growth of Online Used Car Platforms and Availability of Financing Optionsprovides a comprehensive analysis of the used car market and sales in Egypt. The report also covers an overview and genesis of the industry, used car market size in terms of total revenue generated for total used car volume sales with an average price of used car and used to new car ratio; market segmentation by type of market structure, type of car, type of manufacturers, by Kms driven, by age of car, by city, by the source of lead generation and by age of customer; snapshot on Online used Car Market, trends and developments, issues and challenges and comparative landscape including competition scenario based on cross-comparison in Egypt. The report concludes with future market projections of each used car segmentation and Analyst recommendations for Marketing & Promotional Strategies including Business Framework.

Egypt Used Car Market
Market Overview and Size

Egypt Used Car Market comprise of entities such as Organized OEM’s, Multi-Brands and Online Classified platforms along with banking institutions providing used car financing services and has grown at a steady growth rate over the review period 2021-2026F. The growth is supported by increase in millennials population in the country and the emerging players entering into the market are focusing extensively on consumer experience and data. Growth is further supported by manufacturers’ investments in expanding the network of used cars dealers, building the brand and enabling customers to choose this option.

Detailed Analysis on the Egypt Used Car Market

By Type of Market Structure: With huge presence, Un-organized Sector outnumbers the Organized Sector of Used Car Market in Egypt. Independent dealers (Car Tents) have major influence on the market due to large presence across the country. These dealers are increasing their online presence by listing their inventory on their own website/Facebook account or platforms, thereby attracting customers.

By Type of Car: Market Segmented on the basis of sale of the number of used car by type (Sedan, SUVs and Hatchback/Economy) where Sedan is the most preferred choice of consumers in Egypt.

By Type of Manufacturer:  Hyundai accounted for the highest market share on the basis of used car sales volume in 2021; attributed to its low maintenance cost and better mileage capability followed by Kia and Nissan.

By Kilometers Driven: Consumers prefer good condition used car with average kms driven by a used car lies in between 80,000 to 120,000 kms.

By Age of Vehicle: The average age of used car lies in between 2 to 6 years accounting for majority of the total used car volume sales in Egypt.

By City: Cairo and Giza accounts for majority of the total used car volume sales in Egypt. Majority of used car listing on used car platforms such as Hatla2ee, Yallamotor & Olx also arise from Cairo & Giza.

Brand Source of Lead Generation: Online sourcing and advertisment are the key lead generations where companies get revenue from. Due to major online presence of many players, online platforms dominate the market.

Competitive Landscape in Used Car Market in Egypt

Competition was observed to be fragmented among the top 2-3 players ruling the market. Automark Toyota contributing majority of te share in used car sales in the list of Major OEMs. Elmasria on the other hand is the leading player Major Multi-Brand with highest volume of used car sales in units. Regional compamy, Hatla2ee, Online Auto-Classified, dominates the market in terms of the greatest number of listings catering major regions in Egypt.

Egypt Used Car Market Future Outlook and Projections

Over the forecast period 2022-2026F, the Egypt Used Car Market Revenue is further anticipated to increase showcasing a CAGR of 15.3%. The used Cars sales volume is expected to get doubled during this period with slight increase in price. More players and manufacturers are expected to enter into the used car market with unorganized sector remains to be dominant. Rising Millennials, Digital Transformation and collaborations among players with increase in demand of used cars will drive the Egypt used car market.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Egypt Automotive Market Overview
  • Egypt Used Car Market Overview
  • Market Ecosystem
  • Value chain Analysis
  • Customer Buying Journey in Egypt
  • Decision Making Parameters for Customers
  • Offline and Online Business Models
  • Detailed Analysis on Egypt Used Car Market (Market Size, 2021; Market Structure; Market Segmentations; Competition; Future Market Size, 2026; Future Trends and the Way Forward
  • Snapshot on Online Used Car Platforms in Egypt
  • Snapshot of Used Car Auction House in Egypt
  • Snapshot of Finance Market in Egypt
  • Business Opportunity (Customer Profile Analysis)
  • Recommendations (Sales and Marketing Strategies, Positioning Strategies, Business Framework)

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Key Target Audience

  • Used Car Companies
  • OEMs
  • Multi-Brands
  • Online Used Car Portals
  • Used Car Financing Companies
  • Government Bodies
  • Investors & Venture Capital Firms
  • Used Car Dealerships
  • Used Car Industry
  • Used Car Manufacturing Companies
  • Used Car Distributors
  • Used Car Auction Houses
  • Used Car Associations


Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Year: 2016-2021
  • Forecast Period: 2021–2026F


Key Segments Covered of Egypt Used Car Market: -

Organized Sector

  • OEM Certified Dealers
  • Local Multi-Brand Dealership

Unorganized Sector

  • C2C
  • Independent Brokers
  • Local Dealers

By Type of Car

  • Sedan
  • Suv
  • Hatchback/Economy

By Manufacturer

  • Hyundai
  • Kia
  • Nissan
  • Toyota
  • Chevrolet
  • Fiat
  • Mitsubishi
  • Others

By Kms Driven

  • 5,000-35,000
  • 35,000-80,000
  • 80,000-120,000
  • Above 120,000

By Age of Vehicle

  • 0-2 years
  • 2-6 years
  • 6-8 years
  • 8 years or more

By City

  • Cairo & Giza
  • Mansoura, Delta. Suez Canal
  • Alexandria
  • Others

By Source of Lead Generation

  • Online
  • Offline

Companies Covered:

Major OEMs

  • Automark Toyota
  • BMW Pre-Owned & Mini-Cooper Approved
  • Mercedes Benz Certified
  • Volvo Selekt
  • Porshe Approved
  • Land Rover Approved
  • Mesarati Approved

Major Multi-Brands

  • Ellaithy Auto Groups
  • Fabrika
  • Elmasria Auto
  • Abaza Auto Trade

Major Online Auto-Classifieds

  • Hatla2ee
  • Yallamotor
  • Olx
  • Opensooq
  • CarSemsar
  • Contactcars

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Country Overview

2.1.Egypt Country Overview

2.2.Egypt Key Demographics Indicators

3. Market Analysis

3.1  Egypt Automotive Market Overview

3.2  Automotive Manufacturer Clusters

3.3  Passenger Car Landscape in Egypt

3.4  Import and Export of Passenger Cars in Egypt

3.5  Passenger Car Pricing in Egypt Market

3.6  Egyptian Automotive Market By Different Brands

4. Egypt Used Car Market Overview

4.1.Ecosystem of Major Entities in Egypt Used Car Market

4.2.Overview and Genesis of Egypt Used Car Market

4.3.Step-by-step sales process

4.4.Value Chain Analysis

4.5.Role of Entities in Value Chain Analysis

4.6.Lead generation for used cars

4.7.Egypt Used Car Market Offline Business Model

4.8.Egypt Used Car Market Online Business Model

4.9.Egypt Used Car Market sizing analysis, 2016-2021P

5. Egypt Automotive Market Segmentation

5.1.By Type of Market Structure, 2021P

5.2.By Organized Sector, 2021P

5.3.By Un-Organized Sector, 2021P

5.4.By Type of Car, 2021P

5.5.By Manufacturer, 2021P

5.6.By Kilometers Driven, 2021P

5.7.By Age of Vehicle , 2021P

5.8.By Source of Lead, 2021P

5.9.By City, 2021P

6. Customer Profile of Used Car Market in Egypt

6.1.Consumer Analysis of Car Purchase

6.2.Customer Age, 2021

6.3.Customer Pain points in Used car industry

6.4.Decision Making Parameters for Customers

6.5.Key Factors and Price Determinants Influencing Used Car Purchasing Decisions

6.6.Factors Influencing Brand popularity

7. Competition Framework for Egypt Used Car Market

7.1.Brand Perception Mapping

7.2.Cross Comparison of Major OEMs (Inception Year, No. of Branches/Showrooms, Used Car Sales, Best Selling Model, Inventory, Warranty, Value added Services, Sourcing, Inspection Check, Online Presence Funding)

7.3.Cross Comparison of Major Multi-Brands (Inception Year, No. of Branches/Showrooms, Used Car Sales, Best Selling Model, Inventory, Warranty, Value added Services, Sourcing, Inspection Check, Online Presence, Funding)

8. Snapshot on Online Used Car Platforms in Egypt

8.1.Purchase Evolution of Used Car Platforms

8.2.Transactional platforms in Used Car industry

8.3.Used car journey on Online platforms in Egypt

8.4.Existing Business Frameworks

8.5.Competition Scenario: Positioning of Auto Classifieds in Egypt

8.6.Existing and Emerging Online Retails Models in Egypt Used Car Market

8.7.Cross Comparison of Major Online Auto-Classifieds

9. Snapshot on Used Car Auction Market in Egypt

9.1.Car Auction Industry Overview

9.2.Comparison of Major Online Auto-Classifieds

10. Snapshot on Used Car Auction Market in Egypt

10.1.Used Car Financing Ecosystem in Egypt

10.2.Used Car Financing Industry Overview

10.3.Cross Comparison of Major Financial institutes

11. Egypt Used Car Market Industry Analysis

11.1.SWOT Analysis of Egypt Used Car Market

11.2.Trends and Recent Development's in the Egypt Used Car Market

11.3.Issues and Challenges in the Egypt Used Car Market

11.4.Buying Criteria of the customers

11.5.Selling Criteria Used by the Players

11.6.Findings on Consumer Analysis

11.7.Government Regulations

12. Covid-19 Impact on Egypt Used Car Market

12.1.Covid-19 Impact on Egypt Automotive Market

12.2.Covid-19 Impact on Egypt Used Car Market

13. Analyst Rommendations

13.1. Take on Future Market Positioning

14. Case Study Analysis

14. International Case Study – CarSwitch

14.2.Operating model – CarSwitch (UAE)

14.3.International Case Study – CarsTrade (India)

14.4.Operating model – CarsTrade (India) International

14.5.Case Study – Cars24 (India)

14.6.Operating model – Cars24 (India)

Research Methodology


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