Germany Fitness Services Market Outlook to 2027

Driven by the Growing Health Consciousness, Digital Innovations, and Changing Lifestyles


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January 2024

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About the Report

About the Report

Market Overview:

A rapidly evolving market with immense growth potential fitness services market is being driven by Growing Health Consciousness, Digital Innovations, and Changing Lifestyles. The market is moderately fragmented. The market of Germany fitness services is classified on the basis of subscription type, service type and region which cater to different preferences and needs.

Germany Fitness Services Market

Germany fitness services market generated 4.9 Euro Bn in 2022 owing to government initiatives for fitness campaign. The German gym market's value chain involves core activities encompass gym operators and fitness professionals. The fitness ecosystem in Germany comprises diverse options, including traditional indoor gyms, outdoor activities, and digital platforms. DSSV is a pivotal association in the German fitness industry, representing and advocating for fitness studios and shaping industry standards.

The fitness ecosystem in Germany comprises diverse options, including traditional indoor gyms, outdoor activities, and digital platforms. The growth in the acquisition, government initiatives and recovery from pandemic are some of the major growth drivers for the development of fitness services industry in Germany. Chained Gyms brands are consolidating the market through investment, acquisition & partnership, the whole idea is to attain growth both organically and inorganically.

Germany Fitness Services Industry

Germany Fitness Services Market Analysis

  • In the German fitness center service market, the key driver for growth is the strategic acquisition of fitness centers. By acquiring established fitness service centers, companies are rapidly expanding their footprint, access a larger customer base, and strengthen their market position. For instance, LifeFit Group and BestFit Group accelerated their membership growth through strategic acquisitions.
  • Using of VR is a key area where gyms in Germany have started to gain traction towards providing better customer experience in metaverse. Wearable technologies using AI/ML for better use of data for giving real time suggestion and personalized offering to customer is also on a rise.
  • Germany is a highly competitive market with a large number of players in the market. The market face increased competition as more fitness centers emerges, requiring existing ones to differentiate themselves through unique offerings and services.
  • Adapting to evolving fitness trends such as integration of technology in fitness, is gaining popularity. Fitness centers that successfully align with evolving trends are only able to attract and retain members in the competitive market landscape.


Key Trends by Market Segment:

By Service Type: In 2022, a notable shift occurred in the fitness industry as the decline in investments within individual segments coincided with a widespread expansion among chain companies. This trend resulted in a consolidation trend favoring chain companies, marking a strategic response to optimize resources and strengthen market presence. The fitness industry's landscape also witnessed the emergence of a more robust ecosystem, thanks to increased collaboration and partnerships. These initiatives played a pivotal role in fostering growth by creating a supportive network within the industry.

Germany Fitness Services Market Research

By Subscription: Monthly memberships have emerged as the preferred and leading choice among fitness enthusiasts, primarily due to the flexibility and adaptability they afford. This popularity stems from the freedom it provides customers, allowing them to engage in fitness routines without being tied to long-term commitments. The appeal lies in the ability to easily adapt workout schedules to changing preferences or busy lifestyles. This flexibility caters to a diverse demographic, encompassing students, young professionals, and individuals on a budget, thereby making fitness more accessible to a broader audience. Monthly memberships, by offering convenience and versatility, have become instrumental in encouraging a wider range of individuals to prioritize and enjoy their fitness journey.

Germany Fitness Services Market Trends

By Area: The segmentation of gym/center locations in Germany from 2017 to 2022 reveals distinct patterns across different regions. In 2022, the distribution indicates that 49.0% of fitness centers are concentrated in the western part of the country, signifying a pronounced presence. The southern region follows closely with over 30%, establishing a substantial fitness infrastructure. Meanwhile, the eastern and northern regions both contribute around 10%, to the overall landscape. This data underscores a notable concentration of fitness facilities in the western and southern areas, potentially reflecting varying fitness preferences, population densities, or economic factors across these regions.

Germany Fitness Services Market Analysis

Competitive Landscape:

Major Players in Germany Fitness Services Market

Germany Fitness Services Market Forecast

  • RSG Group operates an extensive network of around 200 fitness centers strategically located across Germany.
  • FitX's status as the second-largest fitness operator in Germany with over 100 studios demonstrates its significant size and scale.
  • Clever fit operates on a franchise model, allowing individuals to own and operate their fitness centers under the Clever fit brand.
  • Honored the outstanding achievements and successes of its franchise partners and their studios at Green Iron Awards 2023 in Hanover.
  • LifeFit Group was engaging in strategic acquisitions to expand market reach. For instance, in 2023 they acquire 19 fitness clubs in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Germany Fitness Services Market Growth

Recent Developments:

  • In a strategic move towards the close of 2022, the LifeFit Group expanded its reach by acquiring 27 FitnessLOFT facilities.
  • In April, EGYM, founded as a digital equipment manufacturer and headquartered in Munich, announced the acquisition of the French aggregator Gymlib. With the takeover of qualitrain (now EGYM Wellpass), EGYM had already penetrated the German aggregator market.
  • Towards the end of 2022, the LifeFit Group struck again by taking over 27 Fitness LOFT branded facilities located in the federal states of Bremen, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt.


Future Outlook:

Germany Fitness Services Market Outlook

  • The market will grow at a CAGR of 5.72% during 2022-2027 due to Increasing recognition of the benefits of employee wellness which has led to the implementation of corporate wellness programs, contributing to the growth of the fitness market.
  • Potential government initiatives or policies such as fitness campaign (BEACTIVE DAY) promoting physical activity and wellness may further stimulate growth in the fitness market.
  • Technological advancements and innovations in the fitness industry play a vital role in increasing its number in coming years. The integration of virtual reality, personalized training programs, and smart fitness equipment can enhance the overall fitness center experience, attracting a wider audience.
  • Germany tends to follow global fitness trends, and as new concepts and innovations emerge worldwide, they are likely to positively influence the fitness industry's growth and reach.
  • The diversification of the fitness industry with various fitness concepts, specialized classes, and holistic wellness services can attract a broader audience, increasing participation.
  • Social media's influence on fitness trends and lifestyles will continue to motivate individuals to engage in regular exercise, contributing to increased memberships.

Scope Of The Report

Scope of the Report

Germany Fitness Services Market Segmentation

By Subscription

·       1 month

·       3 months

·       6 months

·       12 months

·       24 months

By Service Type

By Number of Fitness Centers

·       Micro

·       Single

·       Chains

By Number of Active Members

·       Micro

·       Single

·       Chains

By Area

·       East

·       West

·       North

·       South

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Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report:

  • Investors
  • Fitness Centers and Gyms
  • Health and Wellness Professionals
  • Government Entity
  • Technology and App Developers
  • Corporate Wellness Programs


Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: 2017-2022
  • Base Year: 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2022-2027


Major Players Mentioned in the Report:

  • RSG Group
  • FitX
  • clever fit
  • LifeFit Group
  • BestFit Group
  • Kieser Training
  • Pfitzenmeier
  • Mrs. Sporty

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1 Executive Summary – Germany Fitness Services                                                                            

2. Market Overview

2.1 Taxonomy of the Germany Fitness Services Market

2.2 Industry Value Chain                                                                    

2.3 Ecosystem

2.4 Government Regulations/Initiatives for Germany Fitness Services Market

2.5 Growth Drivers of Germany Fitness Services Market

2.6 Issues and Challenges of Germany Fitness Services Market                                                     

2.7 Impact of COVID-19 on Germany Fitness Services Market

2.8 SWOT Analysis

2.9 Survey Analysis                                                                 

3. Germany Fitness Services Market Size, 2017 – 2022

3.1 Market Size Analysis of Germany Fitness Services Market, 2017-2022

3.2 Number of Fitness Centers and Members in Germany, 2017-2022

3.3 Germany Population and Penetration Rate, 2017-2022                                                         

4. Germany Fitness Services Market Segmentation

4.1 By Service Type, 2017 - 2022

4.2 By Subscription Type, 2017 – 2022

4.3 By Regional Split (North/East/West/South), 2017 – 2022

5. Competitive Landscape

5.1 Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, Collaborations, and Agreements

5.2 Market Share Analysis on the basis of number of fitness centers and number of members, 2023

5.3 Company Profiles (RSG Group, FitX, clever fit, EASYFITNESS, LifeFit Group, BestFit Group, Kieser Training, FIT/ONE, Pfitzenmeier and ACISO)

6. Germany Fitness Services Future Market Size, 2022 – 2027

6.1 Market Size Analysis of Germany Fitness Services Market, 2022 – 2027

6.2 Number of Fitness Centers and Members in Germany, 2017-2022

6.3 Germany Population and Penetration Rate, 2022 – 2027                                                         

7. Germany Fitness Services Market Segmentation

7.1 By Service Type, 2022 – 2027 

7.2 By Subscription Type, 2022 – 2027 

7.3 By Regional Split (North/East/West/South), 2022 – 2027 

8. Analyst Recommendations

9. Research Methodology

9.1 Market Definition

9.2 Abbreviations

9.3 Market Sizing Approach

9.4 Consolidated Research Approach

9.5 Sample Size inclusion

9.6 Limitations and Future Conclusion


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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Step: 1 Identifying Key Variables: Ecosystem creation for all the major entities and referring to multiple secondary and proprietary databases to perform desk research around market to collate industry level information.

Step: 2 Market Building: Collating statistics on fitness services market over the years, penetration of marketplaces and service providers ratio to compute revenue generated for Germany Fitness Services market. We will also review service quality statistics to understand revenue generated which can ensure accuracy behind the data points shared.

Step: 3 Validating and Finalizing: Building market hypothesis and conducting CATIs with industry exerts belonging to different companies to validate statistics and seek operational and financial information from company representatives.

Step: 4 Research output: Our team will approach multiple lubricants providing channels and understand nature of product segments and sales, consumer preference and other parameters, which will support us validate statistics derived through bottom to top approach from fitness service providers.

Germany Fitness Services Market Revenue

Germany Fitness Services Market Share

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Germany Fitness Services Market?

The Germany Fitness Services Market was valued at 4.9 Euro Bn in 2022.

What are the Key Factors Driving the Germany Fitness Services Market?

Germany Fitness Services Market is driven by growing health consciousness, digital innovations, and changing lifestyles.

Who are the Key Players in the Germany Fitness Services Market?

RSG Group, FitX, clever fit, EASYFITNESS, LifeFit Group and BestFit Group some of the key players in the Market

What is the Future Growth Rate of the Germany Fitness Services Market?

The Germany Fitness Services Market is expected to reach 6.5 Euro Bn by 2027.

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