India Cloud Services Market is amongst the highest growing market and one of the most remunerative region for the Cloud Operators: Ken Research

18-Apr-2023   Satish Chauhan, Designation: Director, Cloud Operations, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, India   Author: Mr. Chitra Vasu (Research Analyst Level 2)

In conversation with Mr. Satish Chauhan, Director, Cloud Operations, Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru India, we made an attempt to understand the Cloud Services Industry in India and the major drivers and upcoming trends in the industry.

India Cloud Services Market is among the highest growing market and one of the most remunerative region for the Cloud Operators”

Q1. How is the India Cloud Services Market growing in recent times and what are the key insights that will help this market to grow further in the future?

The market is growing at a good pace with many cloud operators in the cloud industry such as AWS, Azure, Google, Oracle, IBM and more. Chiefly, cloud operators are expanding their services to already built infrastructures as e-hosting, as more number of companies have invested in these physical infrastructures in the past which are readily available in the market. The similar trend is also expected in the upcoming years.

Q2. How do you see the growth of public, private and hybrid cloud operators in Thailand and what do you think are potential drivers to govern the market growth?

Lately, consumers are adopting majorly to cloud services either to consume the services or to run their business operations. Public cloud holds the major share in the market with 60.0%-65.0% in comparison to private and hybrid cloud models, as they are readily available for offering cloud services to the end users. Private cloud is very limited in India, as end users such as government and banks only are using their services. Hybrid cloud, on the other hand, is evolving but is significantly lower on the adoption side currently.

Q3. According to you, what are the recent trends, development in the India cloud services market, and why will these trends influence the market in the upcoming years?

With rapid digitalization, more number of companies are adopting cloud. AI, ML and IoT are helping the cloud to gain more intelligence. For instance, Chat bots are already present but with limited abilities. In the future, there may be a scenario where Chat bots will be consumed as a type of cloud services. With transition of physical to virtual space, technology advancements and development of more service based models, the India cloud market is expected to expand more in future.

Q4. How is the market scenario of cloud operators in India in respect to major type of cloud services they provide?

When we talk about leading companies in types of cloud services provided by operators, AWS leads the competition as the major cloud operator in India, being a pioneer in the IaaS and PaaS segment. Whereas, Oracle dominates other companies with their SaaS services deployment. Azure is the next most preferred brand in India after AWS. Other companies such as Google, IBM, and Alibaba are catching up but have comparatively smaller chunk in terms of market share from industry giants such as AWS and Azure in India Cloud Services Market.

Q5. When we segment the market based on end user, who are the major end users for cloud services consumption and what are the trends among the end users that you observed?

BFSI, IT/ITes, E-commerce, Retail, Media and Communication are the major sectors, which have generated higher consumption demand of cloud services in India. Manufacturing and Logistics chains on the other hand are moving in India in recent years for their expansion, which is also giving a boost to cloud services industry as many companies are focusing towards operationalize their business models with cloud to save their capital and operational expenditures.

Q6. How do you see the market growing in the near future, say next five years?

The outlook for all the Cloud Services providers looks splendid in upcoming years as more number of these providers are thriving to grow with offering varied services. Currently, more number of public companies are providing cloud services in India but the cloud’s shape is going to change in future with the development of hybrid cloud offerings with better incorporation and compliance. However, public cloud will remain the most significant type of cloud, catering to majority of the end use industries.

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