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Indian Waterproofing Membrane Market Growth led by increasing awareness about waterproofing products & continuous R&D efforts by market players with focus on providing quality and customized waterproofing products to end users

13-May-2020   Mr. S.M. Hasan, Designation: Senior Sales Manager, Sika-India  

Waterproofing membrane product sales witnessed growth of 15.3% during FY’2014-FY’2019. A significant share of waterproofing product sales was observed in project segment during FY’19. Rising demand for high-end liquid membrane & sheet membrane products such as HDPE, TPO, Polyurethane & Polyurea products have been witnessed in the Residential & Commercial projects in high-end locations in India. Rising infrastructure & construction activities in the country and shift from traditional to modern waterproofing systems to avoid leakage, seepage & dampness issues in the construction projects is expected to boost the demand for waterproofing products in next 5 years. Roof waterproofing application is expected to grow at CAGR 8.6% during FY’2019-2025F with rising demand for Liquid applied membrane products for their ease of application, product quality, durability & other parameters.

In conversation with Mr. S.M. Hasan, Senior Sales Manager, Sika-India, we attempted to seek his opinion and understand his side of story to ‘Waterproofing Membrane Industry in India.

Here are some excerpts of the interview:

1. How over the years waterproofing membrane market of India has evolved?

Since, almost two decades there was continuous demand from different end user sectors for waterproofing solutions to solve their leakage, seepage & dampness problems in their factories, offices, houses and other premises. Earlier end users were not very pleased with the traditional waterproofing systems available in the market. However, with the entry of international & local players in India waterproofing market, introduction of much better range of various waterproofing system with the help of continuous R&D were introduced. Also use of new materials to develop effective waterproofing systems which were high performance membrane and coatings were also witnessed in the market. Waterproofing industry has grown with the average growth rate of 12-15% in every end user sectors.

2. Which type of liquid applied membrane has high demand in Indian Market?

 There are generally three varieties of “liquid applied membranes” considered to be popular in use, Bituminous, Elastomeric, and Cementitious in Indian market. As per the industry reports and manufacturers sales data, Bituminous is the largest type in terms of volume due to its lower price, ease of application, effective water proofing application and excellent structural properties. Elastomeric LAM is also becoming popular in current market for infrastructure and high-end projects but again it has got certain limitations. Cementitious liquid applied membrane is always a solution mostly for domestic and low un-organized sectors.

3.  How demand for Liquid Roof Waterproofing Membrane has grown over time?

Rising urbanization phase brought boom for the infrastructure industry, high-rise building, parks & stadiums, multi-specialty hospitals, IT parks & other construction development activities took steep rise with introduction of modern building techniques & practices from new generation consultant & architects. They introduced the new techniques in their projects which brought high demand for liquid applied membrane products in India. Liquid Applied Membranes have seen a growth of ~15% in last ten years.

4.  How waterproofing products have performed in project segment business in Indian market for last 5 years till FY’2019?

If you look at the growth of waterproofing products projects in five years, it has been phenomenal. There is kind of rapid growth we have been able to see. Most of the players in industry themselves with a well organized structure, robust field sales team and also placed a technical & specification team on the ground for serving to their customer’s customized requirements on PAN India basis.

As far as performance, most of the company’s products are successful, if they have been applied by their authorized applicator under strong supervision of the manufacturer technical team, of course, there are failure incidents too in the market but it is mostly due to the greed of the associate or lack of subject knowledge.

Growing demand for waterproofing products & continuous R&D efforts by market players with focus on providing quality waterproofing products, will lead to the growth of the India waterproofing membrane market in the coming years

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