Philippines Used Car Market is expected to Gain Momentum due to the emergence of more Organized Players in the future along with Covid incited Surge in Demand: Ken Research

March 2023  

1. The Used Car Market of Philippines is growing at a impressive growth rate and expected to grow more in the coming years.

Philippines Used Car Market

The Philippines used car market is one of the growing markets within Southeast Asia and huge volumes are being traded each year. The market has registered a positive CAGR of ~7% during 2015-2020. One of the reasons behind this growth is the recent imposition of TRAIN taxes which has increased the cost of purchasing a brand-new imported car, thus driving the potential buyers towards the used car market. In the coming years, the used cars market is expected to expand in the Philippines because of the resilience shown by this industry. Also, during the pandemic a lot of organized players planned to enter the market, and Filipinos are realizing the advantages of buying a pre-owned car, this will drive the growth of the market more in the coming years.

2. Unorganized segment dominates the Used Car Market in Philippines with the highest market share.

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Within the used cars market, there are two broad segmentations, namely- the organized segment and the unorganized segment. The unorganized market dominates the overall market with a whopping ~56% share. These freelancers and individual sellers sell very low volume of vehicles individually, however, the number of these freelancers and consumers is very high in the economy and therefore in totality, they sell more cars compared to organized market players.

The organized segment on the other hand consists of sales of used cars taking place from businesses to customers.  These used car dealers are well established with at least 2 outlets and more than 50 units in the inventory at a point of time. The banks selling repossessed cars and DDSA entities selling pre-owned (both certified and non-certified cars) belong to the organized segment. This segment only constitutes ~44% of the overall market share.

3. Online mediums lead in the organized segment of the used Car Market in Philippines with the highest market share.

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In Philippines, the Used Car market has carved a niche in the online space. Around 85% of the lead generation for used cars in the organized segment happened via the online platforms. The Direct Dealership Sales Agents (DDSAs) (OEMs) have their own websites, and pages on social media, whereas several multi-brand dealers prefer listing their inventory on the classified platforms as well. Facebook is gaining traction as an online space for buying and selling used cars in the Philippines. On the other hand, dealership walk-ins accounts only ~15% of the lead generation. Also, the lead generation by dealership walk-ins is consistently falling as the used cars market is expanding in the online space.