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Unsurprisingly, the Real Estate Market segment underwrites a substantial share in the entire GDP with the infrastructure projects registering for the greatest expenditure. However, in Qatar, the growth in the estate market has been influenced by several sectors in which mainstream involve retail, residential, commercial segment, and hotel. The Real Estate Industry has observed the positive growth in the rental value at an effective CAGR during the recent past years. The real estate market in Qatar is enlarging due to the greatest immigrant populace, infrastructure advancement for the preparation of the FIFA World Cup and economic diversification.

Although, across the developed regions, the real estate segment is extremely registered by the sales market. Whereas, in Qatar, during the recent past years, the sales market registered for almost twice the value of the rental market growing the entire market value of the Qatar Real Estate. The great property costs and the luxury lifestyle of the Qataris mainly fuel the sales market.

Additionally, Doha is the capital city and leading the real estate market of Qatar more effectively. It is the residential, commercial, retail and hospitality hub of the economy, and fascinates a large number of individuals. Not only has this, but the city of Doha is also home to a large number of foreign companies. Immense business and employment occasions in the city have concerned a large number of migrants from other regions. With the upcoming foremost events in Qatar, the focus of the government is to create Doha the foremost tourist attraction of the country which has led to effectively augment in supply in all the segments in the market. Whereas, Doha is a business terminus and corporates alone registered for more than 60.0% of the total hotel room require. Mainstream luxury hotel supply has been in West Bay owing to the effective concentration of companies aiding people traveling for business determination.

Furthermore, the effective increase in the population of the immigrants, Qatar's differentiating economy, foremost augment in the rental rates and great disposable income was the foremost driver for the rise in rental real estate market value. The rental real estate market integrates residential, commercial, retail and hotel segments. The commercial real estate is registered by hydro-carbon and banking corporates preferably longsuffering in luxury office spaces. The growing aim of trade and tourism and the luxury lifestyle of the people in Qatar have thundered the retail and hospitality markets.

The future projections for the real estate market have been anticipated to be vigorous during the upcoming years. The prognostications for the future recommended that the sales market for real estate is envisioned to present a tremendous performance, by increasing at a handsome CAGR during the review period and the market is predicted to reach a net worth of USD ~ billion in the coming years. The effective growth in the market value would be the result of Qatar’s diversified region, augmenting the tourism and FIFA World Cup 2022. Qatar is under construction of some foremost projects namelyLusail city, Msheireb Downtown Doha and several other townships which consist of broad retail, commercial, residential and hospitality spaces. These townships are predicted to be ready by the coming years, catering to the great populace of Qatar. Therefore, in the coming years, the market of the real estate investment trust market will increase around the globe over the near years.

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