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While we still are studying and analysing your reports about Vietnam & Thailand, we would like to convey to your research team that they have done a very good job in compiling so much of information together. We hope to see more of such well researched reports. All the best & keep it up. ... "Prashant Bhagwat,General Manager, Mahindra"

We would like to appreciate Ken Research for their great efforts and wonderful support in providing the Market Intelligence Report for ITPC. The information, statistics and research are well understandable and very clear to the point. We are happy with Ken research for their good client service, on-time delivery of the report and as said the report itself. Thank you Ken research for bringing the valuable output for us. We would be looking forward to have more research with you in the near future. Wish you a success in your business!... "Jestin Mathew, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center"

The Report was very interesting and useful for me... "Marketing Manager, Western Union Business Solutions"

Ken Research completed the report successfully with tough deadline and large requirement. Really appreciate it... "Sales Manager, Largest India Aesthetic Laser Manufacturer"

We found the report really useful in understanding the complex Indian market and it provided lots of high quality insights. On the basis of this we commissioned Ken to produce a bespoke follow up to answer some specific questions about our market. This is now being used to help develop our marketing and sales strategy. We were very pleased with the comprehensive coverage, detail provided and actionable insights.... "Owner, Therefore Consulting UK"

The US Golf Participation Equipment Demand and Forecast
The US Golf Participation Equipment Demand and Forecast

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Executive Summary

North America accounts for the largest market for golf equipment and accessories. The US is the preferred destination for all types of businesses and leading in terms of trade. Country accounted for the highest percentage of global golf participation rate and retail sales of golf supplies. Recent macro economy changes affected the participation rate and forced to lower down future prediction of the industry as well.

There was a fall in number of golfers in 2010 by 3.32% to ~ million due to fall in number of core golfers by 3.60% from ~ million in 2009 to ~ million in 2010. During 2011, economy uncertainty, rising unemployment and bad weather conditions accounted for fall in golf course visitors and so as golf course revenues. Overall golf course visitors again fell 0.76% in 2011. In the US, the largest number of golfer’s come under the age group of 30-49 while slowly golf is gaining popularity among younger generation.
The present report on “The US Golf Participation Equipment Demand and Forecast” provides a detailed study on the US golf environment and future prospects for investors. The report has assessed the industry performance in terms of participation rate, equipments demand including industry trends/developments, macro economy environment and growth drivers in the study. Future forecasting aids to understand expected growth/fall in the demand and reasons behind change. The report also covers the profiles of major players in the market and their expansion strategies.
Key Findings
  • By 2016, the US golf course revenues will grow at a CAGR 3.75% led by positive growth in golf facilities and operations.
  • In 2009 consumer purchases of golf supply/equipment declined by 11.45% reaching USD ~ compared to USD billion in 2008. Golf equipment revenues in 2010 witnessed 1.64% to USD ~ billion.
  • In 2009 the sale of golf clubs in sets was USD ~ billion, -20.12% decline as compared to 2008. During the same period, sales of individual clubs (not sold in sets) declined 9% to USD ~ million and sales of Golf bags were USD ~ million.
  • Golf balls retail sales increased in 2010 and 2011 at a low growth rate. During 2009, it has been observed that off-course specialty retailers profit margin also declined, led to reduction in retail stores by 6.90%
  • The US import of golf balls reached USD ~ million and trade surplus reached USD ~ million.
  • In 2011, golf clubs accounted for 30.60% of the US golf equipment market and further expected to grow 4.38% in 2013. The future growth is expected to be driven by recovering country’s financial condition, rising employment rate and government approval of establishing new golf facilities. 
Key points for consideration:
  • From 2013 onwards, investors can contribute in golf related real estate industry in order to benefit from the recovering demand. As of now, golf related construction industry is incurring losses but it is expected that by 2014 the industry will return to its growing trend
  • Hotels and golf resorts are expected to earn profits with rise in number of golf tournaments in the country and increase in tourist’s arrival
  • Low interest for golf apparel among aging golfers will continue while junior golfers will drive the demand
  • Green fee is expected to rise in public golf courses
  • Lack of enough water supplies will continue to be an area of concern

1. Golf Industry Performance Worldwide

1.1. Overview

1.2. Global Golf Equipment Demand and Economy

2. The US Golf Industry Overview

2.1. Industry Segmentation

3. Industry Performance

3.1. Golf Course Revenues

3.2. Golf Supplies/Equipment Market

3.3. The US Golf Supply/Equipment Industry Forecast

3.3.1. Cause and Effect Relationship

4. US Golf economy

4.1. Number of Golfers

4.2. Rounds Played

4.3. Golf Facilities in the US

4.3.1. Golf Course Closures

5. Golf Industry Trends and Developments in the US

6. The US Macro Economy Factors and Impact over Golf Industry

6.1. Population Growth and Golf Participants

6.2. The US Economy, Contribution of Golf Industry

6.3. Personal Disposable Income (Historical and Present Performance)

6.4. Inflation

7. US Golf Industry Driving Forces

8. Industry Competition

8.1. Types of Players

8.2. Company Profiles

8.2.1. GolfSmith

8.2.2. Dick's

8.2.3. Sports Authority

9. Appendix

9.1. Abbreviations

9.2. Definitions

9.3. Research Methodology

Data Collection Methods


9.4. Disclaimer

Figure 1: Golf Economy Structure

Figure 2: The US Golf Industry Segments 2011

Figure 3: The US Golf Course Revenues (2006-2011)

Figure 4: Golf Equipment Revenues in the US (2006-2011)

Figure 5: The US Golf Clubs Market by Value (2006-2011)

Figure 6: Golf Balls Retail Sales in the US (2006-2011)

Figure 7: The US Golf Equipment Market Forecast (2011-2016)

Figure 8: The US Golf Clubs Market Forecast (2011-2016)

Figure 9: Total Number of Rounds Played in the US (2006-2010)

Figure 10: Total Number of Golf Facilities in the US (2000, 2005&2010)

Figure 11: The US Golf Course Closures (2006, 2007 & 2010)

Figure 12: Total Population in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 13: The US GDP at Current Prices (2000-2010)

Figure 14: Personal Disposable Income in the US (2000-2010)

Figure 15: The US inflation, Average Consumer Prices in % (2007-2015F)

Figure 16: The US Golf Participants by Age in 2010

Figure 17: Golf Participation by Working Group 2011

Figure 18: Incremental Rounds Played by Aging Population in the US (2006-2015)

Table 1: The US Export of Golf Balls to Countries Worldwide in 2009 by Value

Table 2: Relation between independent factors and the US Golf Industry

Table 3: Total Number of Golfers in the US (Age 6+) (2006-2011)

Table 4: Change in Number of Rounds Played by States in 2010

Table 5: Missouri Golf Equipment and Supplies Retail Sales (2009-2011)

Table 6: Number of Top Golf Courses in the US (2010)

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