India Water Purifier Market Outlook to FY’2025

Rising Water Contamination and Growing Penetration in Rural Areas to Drive Market Growth


Author(s):Fanindra Tibrewal

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May 2020

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About the Report

About the Report

The report titled “India Water Purifier Market Outlook to FY’2025– Rising Water Contamination and Growing Penetration in Rural Areas to Drive Market Growthprovides a comprehensive analysis on water purifier industry in India. The report covers various aspects including the current water purifier scenario in India in value and volume, its segmentations viz, market structure, sales channel, technology, end users and region, import and export scenario, major trends and development, issues and challenges, government regulations and competition benchmarking. The report concludes with market projections for future of the industry including forecasted industry size by revenue and volume.
India Water Purifier Market
India Water Purifier Market Overview and Size: Indian Water Purifiers Industry was incorporated in 1984 with launch of first water purifier by Eureka Forbes. The market growth was stagnant earlier due to low penetration of electricity and less purchasing power. However, the market growth has picked up in the last two decades. The market witnessed a double digit CAGR during FY’2014-FY’2020 both in terms of revenue and volume, due to increase in awareness about declining water quality and about benefits of using water purifier. The companies have made huge investments in marketing initiatives which has helped in increasing the product familiarity. The current electric water purifier penetration in India was 8.7% in 2018 whereas for non electronic purifier it was 3.5%.

India Water Purifier Market Segmentation:

Market Structure: The market can be categorized on the basis of organized and unorganized. Unorganized market contributed more in terms of sales volume as it offers products at low costs. However, the organized market is leading in terms of revenue contribution due to the high prices. This channel is preferred as it offers latest model with different integrated technologies.   

Sales Channel: Offline Retail Channel has been contributing major share of revenues in the market. This is due to good network of distributors and retailers the companies have set up. Direct Sales Revenue has declined a little over the years. The Online Sales have witnessed enormous growth during the review period.

Technology: RO is the most used water purifying technology in the market. It is followed by UV water purifiers and gravity purifiers respectively. RO technology is considered to be the advance technology as it is effective in high TDS contamination regions.

End Users: Residential sector is the biggest end user in the India water purifier market. This is followed by the industrial end users and commercial end users respectively. The residential sector has facilitated strong growth due to increase in health awareness and people shifting from bottled water consumption to water purifiers.

Region: Currently Western region dominates in terms of sales. This is followed by Northern region. The Southern Region has slightly higher sales than the Easter Region. In West, Mumbai is a high value market.  In North, Delhi-NCR is the highest revenue contributing market.

Competitive Landscape of Major Players Operating in India Water Purifier Market:

The water purifier market is slightly concentrated with top three players having over 50% of the retail revenue in the market. Majorplayers present in the market are Eureka Forbes Ltd, Kent RO Systems, Livpure, Pureit (HUL), Blue Star, LG Electronics, Tata Swach and others. There are about 25-30 organized participants in the market. The major competing parameters in the industry are brand image, price, serviceability, Average Product Maintenance Costs and Technological Advancements. 

India Water Purifier Market Future Outlook & Projections

The water purifier market is expected to experience medium level of growth owing to increase in customer education, declining prices, availability of more product variants, technological advancements and increase in rural presence. As of 2018, 1,783 lacs of households live in rural areas with penetration for electric water purifiers at 2.4%, thus next wave of demand will be from rural areas. The market will witness entry of new players and increase in small unorganized players. The image of product will change from a luxury product to the necessity product.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • India Water Purifier Market Introduction
  • India Water Purifier Market Size by Revenue
  • India Water Purifier Market Size by Volume
  • India Water Purifier Market Segmentation
  • Market Trends and Development
  • Market Issues and Challenges
  • Government Rules and Regulations
  • India Water Purifier Market Competition
  • India Water Purifier Market Future Outlook
  • Analyst Recommendations



Key Target Audience

  • Water Purifier Manufacturers
  • Consumer Appliance Companies
  • Water Purifier OEMs/Assemblers
  • Water Purifier Importers/Exporters
  • Modern Trade Chains
  • Consultancy Companies


Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period – FY’2014FY’-2020
  • Forecast Period –FY’2021F-FY’2025F


Key Segments Covered

By Market Structure

  • Organized
  • Unorganized

By Sales Channel

  • Offline Retail
  • Direct Sales
  •  Online

By Technology

  • RO Water Purifier
  • UV Water Purifier
  • Gravity Water Purifier

By End Users

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Commercial

By Region

  • West
  • North
  • South
  • East

Companies Covered

  • Eureka Forbes Ltd
  • Kent RO Systems
  • Livpure
  • Pureit(HUL)
  • BlueStar
  • LG Electronics
  • Tata Swach

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Need, Opportunity and Current Market Size of Water Purifier Industry in India

Current Drinking Water Supply and Condition
Different Water Treatment Techniques used in India
Target Market and Needs
Total Addressable Market
Market Size of Water Purifier Market

2. Supply Side Analysis

Industry Trends and Development
Industry Issues and Challenges
Industry Life Cycle (Evolution, Growth and Maturity)
India Water Purifier Industry Ecosystem (Major Suppliers, Distributor and Dealers, E-Retailers and Accessories and Spare Parts Suppliers)
Value Chain Analysis (Inter Entity Relationship and Margin Analysis)
Process Flow of Water Purifier Manufacturers (From Sourcing to Distribution)
Technology Evolution
Pricing Changes (Basic, Affordable, Premium and Commercial Purifiers)
Import-Export Scenario
Government Regulations and Initiatives

3. Demand Side Analysis

Market Structure (Organized and Unorganized), on the Basis of Revenue FY'2014, FY'2021 and FY'2025F and on the Basis of Volume FY’2020
Sales Channel (Offline Retail, Direct Sales and Online) on the Basis of Revenue FY'2014, FY’2021 and FY'2025F
Technology (RO Water Purifier, UV Water Purifier and Gravity Water Purifier) on the Basis of Revenue FY'2014, FY'2021 and FY'2025F and on the Basis of Volume FY’2019
End Users (Residential, Industrial and Commercial), on the Basis of Revenue FY’2014-FY’2019
Region (West, North, South and East), on the Basis of Revenue FY’2020 and FY'2025F
Customers Decision Making Parameters
Cause and Effect Relationship
Industry SWOT Analysis

4. Competitive Landscape in the Indian Water Purifier Industry

Competition Scenario Major Players in India, FY’2019 (Market Share FY’2019, Retail Revenue from Water Purifiers, Number of Entities, Organized Players and Unorganized Players, Competition Nature & Competing Parameters)
Understanding the Top Companies (Brand Image, Product Variants, Technology, Competitive Pricing, Distribution Channels)
Comparison of Major Water Purifier Players – Operating Parameters (Total Revenue FY’2019F, Purifier Revenue, FY’2019, Purifiers Units Sold FY’2019, Offline and Online Revenue, Major Region Market, Market Positioning, Retail Location, Number of Distributors/Dealers, AMC Costs)
Strength and Weakness of Major Players
Company Profiling of Major Players (Eureka Forbes ltd, Kent RO Systems, Livpure, Pureit, Blue Star, LG Electronics and Tata Swach )

5. Future Scenario of the Water Purifier Industry of India

Future Urbanization Trends
Future Outlook of India Water Purifier Industry
End User Trends (Residential, Industrial and Commercial), on the Basis of Revenue FY’2020-FY'2025F
Upcoming Market Trends for Way Forward
Future Market Positioning Recommendation

6. Appendix

Research Methodology: Market Definitions, Research Limitations and Future Conclusion
Research Methodology: Correlation and Regression Matrix
Research Methodology: Market Sizing Approach
Research Methodology: Consolidated Research Approach
Research Methodology: Primary Research Approach
Research Methodology: Sample Size Inclusion

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