KSA E-Learning Market Outlook to 2026
Driven by Vision 2030’s Digital Push, Rising Youth Demographic & Advancing Tech Infrastructure Enhancing Online Education

About the Report

About the Report

Market Overview:

The e-learning market in Saudi Arabia has been experiencing significant growth, due to factors including government initiatives, technological advancements, increasing internet penetration, and the rising demand for skill development and education among the population. The Saudi government has been promoting e-learning initiatives as part of its Vision 2030 program, aiming to diversify the economy and invest in human capital development. The Ministry of Education in KSA has been particularly instrumental in promoting e-learning solutions across schools and universities.

KSA E Learning Market

The advancement of technology, especially in the areas of mobile devices and internet connectivity, has made e-learning more accessible to a wider population in Saudi Arabia. With the proliferation of smartphones and high-speed internet, learners have greater access to online courses and educational content. Saudi Arabia has seen a rapid increase in internet penetration rates over the past few years, enabling more people to access online education platforms and resources. It has eased the growth of e-learning across various sectors, including corporate training, higher education, and vocational skills development.

The KSA E-Learning market is highly fragmented & is at a growing phase with course pricing & subscriber base being the primary parameters on which the companies operate. The ecosystem of KSA E-learning market includes Pre-K & K-12, Post K-12, Language and Casual Learning, and LMS companies along with regulators, higher education and incubators.

KSA E-Learning Industry

KSA E-Learning Market Analysis

  • The Saudi Vision 2030 aims to increase the share of e-learning in the education sector to 50% by 2030. The National Transformation Program allocated around SAR 7 billion ($1.87 billion) to support the development of digital infrastructure and e-learning initiatives.
  • Demand for upskilling and reskilling opportunities has resulted in emergence of several e-learning platforms and providers in Saudi Arabia including Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn learning, offering a wide range of courses and certifications.
  • Blended learning i.e. combining traditional classroom teaching with online learning, is gaining popularity in KSA. Educational institutions are adopting a mix of face-to-face and online learning methods to enhance student engagement and flexibility.
  • Saudi Arabia has a relatively small pool of e-learning experts who have the necessary knowledge and skills to develop, implement, and manage e-learning platforms and programs. Due to this, there is often a reliance on international experts which is costly and may limit the localization of e-learning content and strategies.


Key Trends by Market Segment:

KSA E-Learning by Course: In 2022, the market is segmented into Pre-K and K-12, Post K 12 and Language & Casual Learning. The Pre-K and K12 is the dominant segment with ~40% of overall contribution of share. The higher share of this segment is on account of Test preparation for post-higher secondary college entrance exams & increasing digitization of school education. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the adoption of e-learning in K-12 education. With schools closed and students learning from home, e-learning has become an essential tool for delivering education remotely.

KSA E-Learning Market Size

KSA Pre-K and K-12 Learning by Subscribers: In 2022, the market is segmented into free & paid subscription. Free subscribers dominate this segment with ~85% of the overall share. E-learning organizations are encountering difficulties in securing paying users due to the growth of free online educational content. These organizations have significant turnover as a result of clients choosing paid subscriptions but frequently not renewing them.

KSA E-Learning Market Share

KSA Pre-K and K-12 by Level of Grade: In 2022, the market is segmented into Primary, Secondary & Tertiary where Secondary education dominates the segment with ~39% of overall contribution. Secondary level students have access to the necessary infrastructure for e-learning, like computers, internet connectivity, and digital resources, which further drives the market.

KSA E-Learning Market Growth

Competitive Landscape:

Major Players in KSA E-Learning Market

KSA E-Learning Market Players

  • Market leaders in Pre-K and K-12 E-Learning like Noon are positioned with high subscribers and low prices, as of 2022
  • In 2022, KSA Pre-K and K-12 E-learning Market is moderately fragmented with top 3 players accounting for ~50% share in terms of revenue generated.
  • Post K-12 Market leader Baims has low prices and high subscribers while Allen have captured high subscribers with high prices
  • Coursera is the market leader in Language & Casual E-learning in KSA with highest number of paid subscribers which it has acquired by offering low prices, in 2022.
  • Faheem dominates amongst pre-K12 and K12 companies with SAR 168 Mn of revenue while offering the first hour free and 140k KSA subscribers.

Saudi Arabia E-Learning Market

Recent Developments:

  • May 2023: The Saudi model of distance education and e-learning has received much international praise, from UNESCO for their achievement in e-learning governance.
  • March 2022: Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence ('SDAIA') signed a Memorandum of Understanding ('MoU') with the National E-Learning Centre.
  • Feb 2022: Saudi Electronic University which is led by President Dr. Lilac Al-Safadi. The university has established the Global Trends in E-Learning Forum to enhance the future of education. The MoU aims to strengthen partnerships with academic entities and universities and to promote cooperation in building joint training programs and exchanging expertise to help develop human capabilities.


Future Outlook:

KSA E-Learning Market Outlook

  • The market will grow at a CAGR of 10.7% during 2022-2027 due to government initiatives and emerging technologies.
  • Continued government support and investments in digital infrastructure and education under Vision 2030, is expected to propel the growth of e-learning in KSA.
  • Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) will inevitably enhance the e-learning experience and provide learners with personalized and engaging content
  • Universities are planning to create exclusively online courses for students, in order to reach larger set of students.
  • Shift towards personalized & specific approaches with high-tech digital education tools (robotics and AI-powered learning products) are some factors which will contribute towards the growth of KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market.
  • In KSA, school enrolment is projected to increase with a CAGR of 3.8% from 2022 to 2027.

Scope Of The Report

Scope of the Report

KSA E-Learning Market Segmentation

KSA E-Learning

·       Revenue

·       Subscribers

·       Course

KSA Pre K-12 and K-12 E-Learning

·       Revenue

·       Subscribers

·       Type of Customers

·       Level of Grade

KSA Post K-12 E-Learning

·       Revenue

·       Subscribers

·       Type

KSA Language & Casual E-Learning

·       Revenue

·       Subscribers

·       Type

·       Language

KSA Learning Management System (LMS)

·       Language

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Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report:

  • Investors
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Educational Institutes
  • Government Entity
  • Language Learning Institutes
  • Nonprofit Organisations


Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: 2017-2022
  • Base Year: 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2022-2026


Major Players Mentioned in the Report:

  • Noon Academy
  • Al Gooru
  • Darisni
  • Metropolitan School of Business & Management
  • Capstone
  • Baims
  • Udacity

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

1.1. Executive Summary: KSA E-Learning market

2. Country Profile: KSA

2.1. KSA Country Overview

2.2. Population Analysis, 2022

3. KSA Education Sector Overview

3.1. Government Spending and Reforms in Education Sector

3.2. Education sector in KSA

3.3. PISA Scores and School Enrollment Ratio Across Major Countries

3.4. Education Profile of KSA

4. KSA E-Learning Market Overview and Sizing

4.1. Ecosystem of Major Entities Operating in the KSA E-Learning Market

4.2. Most funded edtech startups in the MENA region

4.3. Business Lifecycle and Genesis

4.4. Student Engagement in KSA e-Learning Market

4.5. Value chain in Online Education System in KSA

4.6. Popular Revenue Models in e-Learning Market of KSA

4.7. KSA E-learning Market Size by Revenue, 2017-2022

4.8. KSA E-learning Market Revenue Segmentation by Course, 2022

5. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Overview

5.1. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Ecosystem 

5.2. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2017-2022

5.3. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Segmentation by Subscribers, 2022

5.4. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Segmentation by Level of Grade, 2022

6. KSA Post K-12 E-learning Market Overview

6.1. KSA Post K-12 E-Learning Market Ecosystem 

6.2. KSA Post K-12 E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2017-2022

6.3. KSA Post K-12 E-Learning Market Segmentation by Subscribers, 2022

7. KSA Language and Casual E-learning Market Overview

7.1. KSA Language and Casual E-Learning Market Ecosystem 

7.2. KSA Language and Casual E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2017-2022

7.3. KSA Language E-Learning Market Segmentation by Subscribers, 2022

7.4. KSA Language E-Learning Market Segmentation by Language, 2022

8. Snapshot of KSA LMS Market 

8.1. Ecosystem and Overview of LMS Market in KSA

8.2. Timeline of Major LMS Companies in KSA

8.3. Learning Management System Value Chain

8.4. Market Size of Learning Management System (LMS) Market, 2017-2022

8.5. KSA LMS Market by End Users, 2022

8.6. KSA LMS Market by Type of School, 2022

8.7. Competition Framework- KSA LMS Market 

8.8. Operational Cross Comparison of LMS Companies

8.9. Financial Cross Comparison of LSM Providers in KSA

9. Industry Analysis

9.1. SWOT Analysis of the E-Learning Market in KSA

9.2. Trends and Development in KSA E-learning Market

9.3. Growth Drivers in KSA e-Learning Market

9.5. Issues and Challenges in KSA e-Learning Market 

9.6. Government Initiatives in e-Learning

9.7. Major Regulatory Bodies in KSA E-Learning Market

10. Competition Framework

10.1. Market Positioning of Pre-K and K12 E-learning Companies in KSA, 2022

10.2. Competition Framework- KSA Pre-K and K-12 E-learning Market 

10.3. Market Positioning of Post K12 E-learning Companies in KSA, 2022

10.4. Competition Framework- KSA Post K-12 E-learning Market

10.5. Market Positioning- Language & Casual E-learning Companies in KSA, 2022

10.6. Competition Framework- KSA Language & Casual E-learning Market

10.7. Operational Cross Comparison of Pre-K & K-12 Companies in KSA E-Learning Market

10.8. Financial Cross Comparison of Pre-K & K-12 Companies in KSA E-Learning Market 

10.9. Operational Cross Comparison of Post K-12 Companies in KSA E-Learning Market

10.10. Financial Cross Comparison of Post K-12 Companies in KSA E-Learning Market

10.11. Operational Cross Comparison of Language and Casual E-Learning Companies in KSA

10.12. Financial Cross Comparison of Language and Casual E-Learning Companies in KSA 

11. Future Outlook

11.1. KSA E-learning Market Size by Revenue, 2022-2027

11.2. KSA E-learning Market Size by Subscribers, 2022-2027

11.3. KSA E-learning Market Revenue Segmentation by Course, 2022-2027

11.4. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2022-2027

11.5. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market by Subscribers, 2022-2027

11.6. KSA Pre-K & K-12 E-Learning Market Segmentation by Type of customers 

and Level of Grade, 2027

11.7. KSA Post K-12 E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2022-2027

11.8. KSA Post K-12 E-Learning Subscribers and their type, 2022-2027

11.9. KSA Language E-Learning Market Size by Revenue, 2022-2027

11.10.KSA Language and Casual E-Learning Subscribers and their type, 2022-2027

11.11.KSA Language E-Learning Market Segmentation by Language, 2027

11.12. Market Size of Learning Management System (LMS) Market, 2022-2027

11.13. KSA LMS Market by End Users, 2027

12. Analyst Recommendations

12.1. Target Market and Offline Marketing

12.2. Risks and Mitigation Strategies

12.3. Technological Advancements in KSA e-learning market

13. Research Methodology 

13.1. Market Definitions and Assumptions

13.2. Abbreviations Used

13.3. Market Sizing Approach

13.4. Consolidated Research Approach

13.5. Sample Size Inclusion

13.6. Limitations and Future Conclusion


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Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Step1: Identifying Key Variables: Ecosystem creation for all the major entities and referring to multiple secondary and proprietary databases to perform desk research around market to collate industry level information.

Step2: Market Building: Collating statistics on e-learning market over the years, penetration of marketplaces and service providers ratio to compute revenue generated for KSA E-Learning market. We will also review service quality statistics to understand revenue generated which can ensure accuracy behind the data points shared.

Step3: Validating and Finalizing: Building market hypothesis and conducting CATIs with industry exerts belonging to different companies to validate statistics and seek operational and financial information from company representatives.

Step4: Research output: Our team will approach multiple e-learning providing channels and understand nature of product segments and sales, consumer preference and other parameters, which will support us validate statistics derived through bottom to top approach from e-learning providers.

KSA E-Learning Market Forecast

KSA E-Learning Market Analysis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is KSA E-Learning Market?

The KSA E-Learning Market was valued at ~USD 2216 Mn in 2022.

What are the Key Factors Driving the KSA E-Learning Market?

Government initiatives & demand for upskilling & reskilling opportunities are likely to fuel the growth in the KSA E-Learning Market.

Who are the Key Players in the KSA E-Learning Market?

Noon Academy, Al Gooru, Udacity is some of the key players in the KSA E-Learning Market

What is the Future Growth Rate of the KSA E-Learning Market?

The KSA E-Learning Market is expected to reach ~USD 3678 Mn by 2026.

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