Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Outlook to 2025

Driven by Growth in Internet Penetration along with Introduction of New Age Technologies by Logistics Players


Author(s):Himanshu Gupta

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March 2021

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About the Report

About the Report

The report titled “Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Outlook to 2025 - Driven by Growth in Internet Penetration along with Introduction of New Age Technologies by Logistics Players" provides a comprehensive analysis of e-commerce logistics services in the Philippines. The report covers various aspects including the market size (by a number of orders and revenue), industry cycle, timeline, market segmentation by channel (e-commerce merchants and 3PL companies), by domestic and international shipments, by area of delivery (intercity and intracity), by mode (air and ground shipments), by delivery period duration (same-day delivery, 1-2 day delivery, 3-4 day delivery and more than 4-day delivery), by type of products, by payment mode (cash on delivery, credit cards, and others) and by return rate. The report also focuses on the e-commerce logistics warehousing sector (warehousing clusters, space, rentals, technology, cost component analysis, etc.) in the Philippines. Moreover, the report also covers the overall competitive landscape and growth drivers and trends, and government role and regulations. The report concludes with market projections for the future for the market, Covid-19 impact, analysts’ take on the future, and case studies highlighting the major opportunities.

Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market

Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Overview and Size

The Filipino E-commerce industry has witnessed a moderate rise over the past 5-6 years with an increase in internet penetration into the country. Escalation in the number of smartphones in the country, fast-growing middle-class population, high consumer confidence, changing consumer preferences, etc. has augmented the growth of e-commerce leading to surging demand for e-commerce logistics as well in the country. Manila and some other cities including Central Quezon City, Cebu, and Davao have emerged as the key hub for demand and supply of e-commerce logistics The COVID-19 pandemic has also pushed the demand in the market as the need for social distancing have forced people to rely on online shopping. The growth in E-commerce orders for logistics has been majorly driven by an increase in internet affinity and demand for value-added services.

Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Segmentations

By Channel: In terms of the total number of shipments, 3PL players have captured the majority of the market share as big marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee are also dependent on these players for the last mile deliveries in 2020. International e-commerce companies prefer to outsource logistics to 3PL companies to avoid the hustle of establishing their own operations.

By Delivery Period: 1-3 day delivery has dominated the market in terms of the number of orders owing to the increasing focus of the companies on providing better services coupled with increasing customer needs for better service. Moreover, the majority of the orders are placed from the Luzon area (mainly Metro Manila), where the products can be delivered within this time duration.

By Type of Products: Consumer electronics and fashion & accessories have dominated the online retail sector in the Philippines in 2020. Beauty and personal care is the third leading e-commerce category in the Philippines.

E-Commerce Warehousing Sector in the Philippines:

The warehousing market in the Philippines is still in the growing phase where the majority of the domestic companies are operating through their own in-house operations and are less focused on out-sourcing it to 3PL companies.

E-Commerce warehousing has captured ~6% of the overall warehousing space in the Philippines. The rise of e-commerce within the country has given a major boost to the warehousing market. For instance, Lazada plans to add warehouses in the country in the next 3-5 years. Most of the e-commerce logistics players have their own warehousing space in order to manage all the operations by themselves. E-commerce companies in the Philippines generally prefer to own their warehouses in the top-tier cities & outsource the warehousing requirements to e-com logistics companies in provincial areas. For last-mile hubs, companies either set up their own branches or partner with the existing malls or retail outlets as a pickup and drop facility.

Competitive Landscape of Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market:

The competition in the e-commerce logistics space in the Philippines is highly concentrated whereby major 4-5 companies hold the majority of the share in the market. The major e-commerce logistics companies include LEL Express, J&T Express, NinjaVan, Lalamove, Entrego, GoGo Xpress, LBC Express, Shopee Xpress, 2GO Xpress, Air21, JRS Express, and few others. The e-commerce market is also highly fragmented as the majority of the market share is composed of the top 3-4 players. Fleet size, number of orders, clientele, number of delivery centers, value-added services, price, and delivery time are the key competing parameters for the e-commerce logistics providers.

Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Future Outlook and Projections

Over the forecast period, the Philippines E-commerce logistics market is expected to drive up the demand because of the expected surge in internet penetration, especially its exposure to the youth. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there has been a shift from offline sales to online sales, which is expected to ensure substantial growth in the future as well. The e-commerce logistics market in the country is expected to grow on the back of new technologies such as Automation, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things, which will be explored to increase efficiency, improve customer experience and enhance service quality.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Philippines E-Commerce Market Overview
  • Cross Comparison- Major E-Commerce Players in Philippines
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Overview
  • Cost Component for Philippines E-commerce Logistics Industry
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Size
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Segmentation 2020
  • Philippines E-Commerce Warehousing Landscape
  • Philippines E-Commerce Warehousing Clusters
  • Philippines E-Commerce Warehousing Rentals
  • Philippines E-Commerce Warehousing Cost Analysis
  • Philippines E-Commerce Shipments Pricing Analysis
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Growth Drivers
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Trends & Developments
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Government Role and Initiatives
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Logistics Constraints
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market SWOT Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape of Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Cross Comparison
  • Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Pricing Analysis
  • Future Market Size and Segmentations, 2020-2025F
  • Covid-19 Impact on Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market
  • Analyst Recommendations
  • Case Studies

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Key Target Audience

  • 3PL Logistics Companies
  • Integrated Logistics Companies
  • E-Commerce Marketplace Platform
  • Retail Companies
  • Logistics/Supply Chain Industry Associations


Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period – 2019-2020
  • Forecast Period – 2020-2025


Key Segments Covered

By Channel

  • 3PL Players
  • E-Commerce Merchants

By Type of Shipments

  • Domestic Shipments
  • International Shipments

By Area of Delivery

  • Intercity
  • Intracity

By Mode

  • Air Shipments
  • Ground Shipments

By Delivery Period

  • Same Day Delivery
  • 1-2 Day Delivery
  • 3-4 Day Delivery
  • More than 4 Day Delivery

By Type of Products

  • Consumer Electronics & Media
  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Foods & Personal Care
  • Home Care & Furniture
  • Toys & Baby Products
  • Others (Video Games, Digital Music, Pet Care, Home Gardening, etc.)

By Payment Mode

  • Cash on Delivery
  • Credit Cards
  • Others (Debit Cards, Paypal, GPay, SMART Money, etc.)

Captive and 3PL E-Commerce Warehousing

Warehousing Concentration in Philippines

E-Commerce Logistics Companies Covered

  • LEL Express
  • J&T Express
  • NinjaVan
  • Lalamove
  • Entrego
  • GoGo Xpress
  • LBC Express
  • Shopee Xpress
  • 2GO Express
  • Air21
  • JRS Express

E-Commerce Marketplace Platform Covered

  • Lazada
  • Shopee
  • Zalora

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market: Executive Summary

1.1 Executive Summary: E-Commerce Market

1.2 Executive Summary: E-Commerce Logistics Market

2.  Philippines E-Commerce Retail Landscape

2.1 Socio-Economic Landscape of Philippines

2.2 Online Retail Landscape in Philippines

2.3 Offline v/s Online Retail: A Comparison

2.4 Philippines E-Commerce Retail Industry Overview (2/2)

2.5 Demand Infrastructure: Ecosystem of Major E-Commerce Players

2.6 Government Initiatives to Boost E-Commerce

2.7 Cross Comparison- Major E-Com Players basis Key Product Sold, Peak Days & Volume Growth-2019, Avg. Basket Size per Order, Shipment Profile Order Split by Cities, Logistics Service Req. & in-house logistics, Logistics Partners, Delivery Cost Absorption, Payment Options, Shipment Profile Order Split by Delivery Period, Avg. Logistics Cost per Order, No. of Shipments per Day, Shipment Split by Domestic & Cross Border Transactions, No. of Units Per Order per day, No. of Unique Visitors, Yearly Traffic on Website, GMV in PHP Mn, Market Share

3. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics: Overview & Genesis

3.1 Industry Cycle

3.2 Supply Infrastructure: Ecosystem of Major E-Commerce Logistics Players

3.3 Timeline of Major E-Commerce Logistics Players

3.4 Operating Models in Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market (2/2)

3.5 Cost Component (Basis First Mile, Mid Mile and Last Mile)

4. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Size

4.1 Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Size-2020, Seasonal Demand and Growth Drivers

5. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market Segmentations

5.1 By Channel (E-Commerce Merchants and 3PL Companies)

5.2 By Domestic and International Shipments

5.3 By Mode (Air and Ground Shipments)

5.4 By Delivery Period (Same Day, 1-3 Day, 3-5 Day, >5 Day Delivery)

5.5 By Type of Product (Consumer Electronics & Media, Fashion & Accessories, Food & Personal Care, Home Care & Furniture, Toys & Baby Products, Others)

5.6 By Payment Mode (COD, Credit Cards, Others)

6. Philippines E-Commerce Warehousing Overview

6.1 Ecosystem of Major Warehousing Players in Philippines

6.2 Overview of Warehousing Sector in Philippines

6.3 Warehousing Rentals in Metro Manila Region (Payback Period, Land Price, Rentals)

6.4 E-Commerce Warehousing Market Overview

6.5 Warehouse Concentration across Philippines

7. Competition Landscape of Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market

7.1 Competition Overview: E-Commerce Logistics Market

7.2 Cross Comparison of Major Players basis Strength and Weakness

7.3 Cross Comparison- Major E-Commerce Logistics Players basis Network Ownership, Network Coverage, Business Strategies, Year, Annual 7.4 E-Commerce Shipments Delivered in Mn, Approx. Revenue from E-Commerce Shipments in PHP Bn, Annual Growth in Number of Shipments over 2019, Shipment Split by Delivery Period, No. of Employees, Fleet Size, No. of Warehouses and Size in SqM, No. of Delivery Centers and Hubs, Major B2C Partners

8. Pricing Analysis

8.1 Cross Comparison basis Pricing for Delivery from Metro Manila to Different Regions (Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)

8.2 Cross Comparison basis Pricing for Different Weights (0.1-1 kg, 1-3 kg, 3-5 kg, >5 kg)

8.3 Lazada Express

8.4 2GO Express

8.5 GoGo Xpress

8.6 Ninjavan

8.7 JRS Express

8.8 LBC Express

8.9 J&T Express

9. Industry Analysis

9.1 Government Role and Logistics Constraints

9.2 SWOT Analysis

9.3 Trends & Developments

10. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Future Market Size

10.1 E-Commerce Logistics Future Market Size, 2020-2025F

10.2 Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Future Market Segmentations, 2020 and 2025F

10.3 By Type of Shipments Methods (Domestic & International) and Channel (E-Commerce Merchants & 3PL)

10.4 By Delivery Mode (Ground & Air) and Payment Methods (COD, Credit Cards & Others)

10.5 By Delivery Time (Same Day, 1-3 Day, 3-5 Day, >5 Day)

11. Future of E-Commerce Warehousing Market in Philippines

12. Future Technology Disruptions and Advancements

13. COVID-19 Impact and Analysis

14. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market: Analyst Recommendations

14.1 Business Framework for E-Commerce Warehousing (2/2)

14.2 Customer Cohort for E-Commerce Warehousing

14.3 Customer Journey and Promotion Strategy

14.4 Marketing Strategy

14.5 GTM Strategy (2/2)

14.6 Potential Risk Factors for Overall Warehousing Sector

14.7 Future Technology Investments for E-Commerce Logistics

14.8 Future Technology Investments for E-Commerce Warehousing

15. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market: Case Studies

15.1 Ninjavan

15.2 E-Com Express

15.3 Saee - KSA

15.4 Euler Motors

15.5 DOT by EV Logistics

15.6 E-Trio: India Based EV Provider

15.7 Amazon Transportation Service

15.8 Grab & Shopee Philippines

16. Philippines E-Commerce Logistics Market: Appendix

16.1 Research Methodology

17. Disclaimer

18. Contact Us

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