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India Online Advertising Industry Growth and Forecast 2016

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India offers huge business potential for online advertising industry with rising population, growing income level and changing lifestyle. With increasing number of educated people and migration to urban areas, increase adoption in internet and online advertising is being witnessed. Despite the growth, many challenges continue to plague the industry such as underdeveloped infrastructure and lack of faith of both advertisers and audiences.

Online advertising is developing rapidly in the country but decline in advertising revenues have been noticed during 2009 due to the global economic slowdown. However, in 2010, a recovery in advertising spend was witnessed, due to an improvement in market sentiments. Moreover, sectors like finance, IT and education, which are the largest contributors to online advertising, reduced their advertising budget during 2009 and from the second quarter of 2010 onwards again started increasing their advertising spending. In 2010, online advertising surpassed growth rate of other advertising formats like TV, print and radio. The factors that helped the industry growth were, increase in internet penetration, e-commerce, social networking and population growth.

Among the various online ad categories, display advertising has always been the leading segment. Sectors such as travel, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), telecom, auto and online publishers dominated the display advertising segment. Sector wise, text advertising is dominated by BFSI, followed by travel and online publishers. Mobile advertising is a relatively new concept in India and it includes banners, text, click to call, click to SMS, in-game among others. With increasing demand for smart phones and 3G networks, mobile internet data usage is expected to be the growth driver, thereby leading to growth in mobile advertising. The role of social media is also rising due to growing internet access and also on account of social media becoming a standard element of web use.

Growth and new business opportunities exists for the online advertising industry in India, due to a large youth population, popularity of social networking sites, growing e-commerce trade, increase in educated population and broadband connectivity, as well as decreasing internet and telecom costs. Moreover, entry of foreign e-commerce companies is also expected to drive the market for online advertising. Mobile advertising is also predicted to grow with the popularity of 3G services, which was recently introduced in the market, thereby driving the demand for online advertising services.

The report on "India Online Advertising Industry Growth and Forecast 2016" includes a detailed study of the Indian online advertising industry. We have also analyzed the industry and its various categories/ segments and trends prevailing in the market. The report also includes the industry, present performance and forecast of its various segments. Additionally, we have discussed cause and effect relationship of macroeconomic and industry factors on the industry providing the basis for the future outlook.



Table Of Content


1. The Indian Online Advertising Market

1.1. An Overview

1.2. Value Chain Analysis

1.3. Market Size

1.3.1. Total Advertising Spending

1.3.2. Online Advertising Spending

2. Online Advertising By Category

2.1. Display Advertising

2.2. Online Text Advertising Market

2.3. Online Mobile Advertising

2.4. Online ad-spend break up by industry

2.4.1. Display Ad Spend by industry

3. Industry Trends

Importance of On-line Advertising by Demography

Role of FMCG in Online Advertising

Amazon in Indian Market

Advertising Regulation in India

Opportunities for Social media

Online ad networks in India

4. Major Driving Factors

Internet Users and broadband Penetration

Growth Driven by Rising Population

Literacy Rate

Growth of E-commerce

Cost Effectiveness

Increasing Userbase in Social Networking Sites

5. India Macro Economic Factors

5.1. GDP Growth Makes the Market Lucrative

5.2. Rising Per capita Income

5.3. Inflation

5.4. Population

6. Mergers & Acquisitions/Deals

7. Future Outlook of Indian Online Advertising Industry

Online Display Advertising

8. Appendix

8.1. Forecast Methodology

Data Collection Methods


Multi Factor Based Sensitivity Model

Targeting Methods

Final Conclusion

8.2. Definition

8.3. Abbreviations

8.4. Disclaimer

List Of Figure

Figure 1: Online Advertising Value chain Analysis

Figure 2: Indian Advertising Expenditures by Media in 2010 (%)

Figure 3: India Online Advertising Spending (2006-2010)

Figure 4: Online Display Advertising Spending (2006-2010)

Figure 5: Online Ad Spend Per User (2008 & 2009)

Figure 6: Online Text Advertising Spending (2008-2010)

Figure 7: Online Mobile Advertising Spending (2008-2010)

Figure 8: Display Advertising break-up by Industry in 2010

Figure 9: Online Display Advertisement Popularity by Demography 2010

Figure 10: India Internet Users and Penetration (2006-2010)

Figure 11: Literacy Rate in India

Figure 12: E-commerce Market in India (2006-2010)

Figure 13: Facebook Users Segmentation by Age

Figure 14: India's Gross Domestic Product (2006-2010)

Figure 15: India Annual Population (2006-2010)

Figure 16: Indian Online Advertising Spending Forecast (2010-2015)

Figure 17: Display Advertising Spending Forecast (2010-2015)?


List Of Table

Table 1: Text Advertising break-up by Industry in 2010

Table 2: Online Ad Networks by Funding

Table 3: Leading Online Activities

Table 4: India Broadband Penetration (2006-2010)

Table 5: Average CPM across Various Media

Table 6: India CPI Annual Inflation (%) (2006-2010)

Table 7: Mergers and Acquisitions (Jan 2010 - Mar 2011)

Table 8: Cause and Effect Relationship Analysis between Industry Factors and Expected Online Advertising Market Prospects

Table 9: Cause and Effect Relationship Analysis between Macro-Economic Factors and Expected Online Advertising Market Prospect


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