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According to the Executive education Market Research Reports, it is stated that many of the key players are recently functioning in this market for acquiring the huge market share which includes Management Development Institute, Indian institute of Management, Indian School of business, National Institute of Financial Management, Harvard Business School, National HRD Network, Jaro Education, Onyx Education, Modi Academic International Institution and several others with the more advancements in the technology and extensive application of ICT in the education sector.

The term executive education refers to an academic programs at graduate-level business schools across the globe for executives, functional managers and business leaders. While, the shorter executive education programs tend to focus on specific role or markets, or on developing specific leadership skills which includes negotiation, communication, teambuilding and persuasion.

While, some of the Market Research reports For Executive Education serves more comprehensive management training options which includes the modular “advanced Management program” offered independently by several business schools. Additionally, India Executive education market has been demarcated as the revenues created from the part time executive education programs that are served within the institutes as well as with the virtual means by all the private, foreign and public B-school institutes in India. 

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  1. India Executive Education Market Outlook to FY’2027-Driven by rising skill gap in the country and growing demand of customized courses to overcome automation disparity in business processes

    142 Pages| July 2022 |
    The report also focuses on Demand side analysis, including student segmentation of Executive Education consumers by age group, gender, level of management, work experience and industries represented and Student Persona Analysis. Learn More
  2. Australia Executive Education Market Outlook to 2024-Driven by Rising Popularity of Online Education and Launch of Innovative Programs

    106 Pages| November 2019 |
    The report concludes with future projections and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and cautions. Learn More
  3. UAE Test Preparation Market Outlook to 2023-Driven by Increasing Indian Expat Population, Enrollment for Pre-Engineering and Medical Exams and Entry of New Institutes

    92 Pages| August 2019 |
    The report provides snapshot on Online tutoring services for students of Grade 6 to Grade 12 and concludes with market projections for future and analyst recommendations highlighting the major opportunities and challenges. Learn More
  4. US Executive Education Programs Market Outlook to 2022-By Type (Open and Customized Programs), By Universities (Private and State), By Mode of Delivery (Business Schools, Online, Foreign Collaborations)

    120 Pages| January 2018 |
    The changing pattern of the higher education is going to increase the demand of the Executive Education Programs in the country as the executives already working in the industry will face stiff competition from the new graduates who will join the ind Learn More
  5. India Executive Education Market Outlook to 2020 - Preference for Skill Based MDPs and Virtual Education to Drive Future

    102 Pages| September 2015 |
    The Executive Education Market in India has focused mainly upon the middle and senior management executives and has designed courses which could fulfill the needs of this management group. Learn More
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