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Chinas Wireless Technology and Value Added Services Market Outlook - 2015

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Wireless technology in China has transitioned through many phases over time to finally circumvent into the next wave of mobility. Mobile VAS industry in China has evolved in its twin structure regulatory policy where state owned mobile operator has a huge role to play. Mobile value added services (VAS) industry in China has seen a growth rate of 20.2% from 2004 to 2009. It is expected the Mobile VAS market in China will reach US$~bn by 2015.

Information value added services dominates the market accounting for highest demand though in recent times mobile entertainment services has witnessed enormous growth. Mobile music and mobile gaming market are gaining popularity with an expected consumer spending of US$~ bn by 2015.

Mobile e-commerce market includes transfer (receipt or payment) of money through mobile for shopping, banking and others. The market has been impelled by government during recent times in the race to develop the tech savvy application. It is expected that the consumer spending will reach US$~ mm by 2012.

Mobile Internet is taking its ground in China MVAS market. With introduction of 3G, high speed and quality data transfer on mobile, new applications are progressively being developed for high end mobiles which will lead to a decline in the share of SMS platform (both application to person and person to application) in the total mobile VAS pie.

Wireless VAS has continued to remain the hot sector for venture capital (VC) investors and M&A activities. Total number of cross border deals and domestic deals has increased manifold of the total size of US$~ mm. Series A-round of VC investment retained its dominant market share through ~ deals in 2009.

The report details about wireless value added services evolution and genesis, information mobile VAS and Mobile e-commerce market, intricacies regarding different delivery platform and various driving factors along with the future addressable opportunities in the market.


Table Of Content


1. Mobile Technology and Value Added Services (VAS)
1.1 Genesis and Evolution
1.2 Segmentation
2. Mobile VAS Industry Structure in China
2.1 Regulatory Structure in China
3. Current Market Size and Growth
3.1 Major Delivery Platform
4. Industry Trends in China's Mobile VAS Market
4.1 Share of SMS in the total non voice revenue is declining
4.2 Growth in Demand for Mobile Music and Gaming
4.3 Greater significance to M-Commerce
4.4 Partnership between China Mobile, China Unicom & MVAS content providers
4.5 Strong Demand from Corporate for Enterprise VAS
5. Industry Driving Forces
5.1 Subscriber Growth and Increasing Penetration
5.2 Introduction of 3G
5.3 Declining Voice ARPU
5.4 Increasing Income and propensity to pay for High End mobile handsets
6. Future Outlook
6.1 Significant upside potential in VAS revenue from 3G Adoption
6.2 Growth via VC/PE funding and Mergers & Acquisitions
6.3 Liberal government reforms
6.4 Addressable Opportunities and market potential of various VAS
7. Major Players Profiles and Valuation
7.1 KongZhong Corporation
7.1.1 Recent Financials
7.1.2 Business Strategy
7.2 Linktone Limited
7.2.1 Recent financials
7.2.2 Business Strategy
7.3 Hurray Holdings
7.3.1 Recent Financials
7.3.2 Business Strategy
7.4 Sina Corporation
7.4.1 Recent Financials
7.4.2 Business Strategy
7.5 Relative Valuation

List Of Figure

1. The Mobile VAS Industry Value Chain and Revenue sharing model in China

2. Market size of China's Mobile VAS Market in US$ billions, 2004-2015E

3. Composition of China MVAS Market 2007

4. Composition of China MVAS Market 2010E

5. China's mobile phone game users and growth rate in US$ millions, 2001-2008

6. China's mobile music market size in US$ billions, 2004-2015E

7. Mobile commerce market size in US$ millions, 2006  2012E

8. China's Mobile subscribers, subscriber growth rate and penetration rate in millions, 2005-2010E

9. China's Mobile phone subscribers net increase by province in millions, 2008-2010E

10. Average China Wireless Carrier Monthly ARPU (RMB) Breakdown, 2004-2015E

11. China Wireless Industry Revenue Growth Contribution Breakdown, 2005 2015E

12. Venture Capital funding in Telecom & VAS in 2009 by sub-sector

13. KongZhong Corporation Revenue in US$ millions, 2007-2009

14. KongZhong Revenue Breakdown by Business Segments, 2009

15. Linktone Revenue in US$ millions, 2007-2009

16. Hurray Holdings Revenue in US$ millions, 2007-2009

17. Hurray Holdings Revenue breakdown by Business Segments, 2009

18. Sina Corp Revenue in US$ millions, 2007-2009

19. Sina Corp Net Revenue breakdown by business segments, 2009

List Of Table

1. Evolution of Technology, Speed and Services

2. Major delivery platform, current cost, trends and applications in China

3. 3G Technology, brand and market share by China's Wireless Carriers

4. Type and Scale of M&A deals in Telecom and VAS industry in China in 2009

5. Major Deals in China's wireless mobile value added service industry, 2009-2010

6. Addressable future opportunities and market potential of various value added services by 2013

7. Relative valuation - Company Comparable analysis of listed Mobile VAS players in China

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Products and Companies


Mobile VAS Market


KongZhong Corporation, Linktone Limited, Hurray Holdings, Sina Corporation