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  1. MDO PET Films Market in UAE Outlook to 2027 -Driven by increasing population, food and beverage demand and pharmaceutical consumption

    48 Pages| January 2024 |
    The MOD PET Films market in the UAE has been experiencing steady growth, driven by the demand for advanced packaging solutions in industries such as food and beverages, electronics, and healthcare. Learn More
  2. Al Fujairah Taxi Service Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by the regions growing economic activities and the demand for convenient transportation

    42 Pages| January 2024 |
    Fujairahs demographic composition reveals a notable trend with a significant proportion of non-Emirati residents (66%) of total population. Learn More
  3. UAE Movers Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by Real Estate and Infrastructure Development and Growing Expatriate Population in the Country

    45 Pages| January 2024 |
    The UAE Movers Market is undergoing significant changes, driven by various factors shaping the relocation industry in the region. Learn More
  4. UAE Used Car Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by increasing expats population and global shortage of semiconductor chips

    97 Pages| January 2024 |
    The UAE Used Car Market has undergone significant changes since the 1990s, driven by a diversifying economy and an increasing expat community. Learn More
  5. UAE GFRP Market Outlook to 2028 -Driven by increasing awareness regarding the fiberglass leading to increase in domestic supply and demand

    42 Pages| January 2024 |
    The UAEs Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) market is in a growing phase with increased investments from local and international companies. Learn More
  6. UAE Car Rental Leasing and Limousine Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by Increase in Tourism and Business Travel along with Rising Expatriate Population and Infrastructure Development

    152 Pages| January 2024 |
    UAE Car Rental, Leasing and Limousine Market is constantly evolving and is predicted to maintain the same growth in the forecasted period as well. Learn More
  7. UAE EV and EV Charging Equipment Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven Government Initiatives, Demand for Eco-friendly Transportation and Entry of New Brands in the Marketplace

    110 Pages| January 2024 |
    The market for EVs and EV charging equipment is anticipated to grow significantly as a result of cutting-edge networks and technologies that will cater to the increasing demand for electric transportation and complement global environmental trends. Learn More
  8. UAE Patient Care Monitoring Equipment Market Outlook to 2028 -By Type – (Hemodynamic Monitoring, Neuromonitoring, Cardiac Monitoring, Multi-parameter Monitors, Respiratory Monitoring), By Application (Home Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics, Other End users & By Geography (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Rest of UAE)

    85 Pages| September 2023 |
    The Patient Care Monitoring Equipment market in UAE is a part of the larger healthcare technology sector, which has been experiencing significant growth due to the country’s focus on modernizing its healthcare infrastructure & providing high-qualit Learn More
  9. UAE IT Service Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by Assessment of UAE IT Services Market and Recommendations on Organization Structure & Service Offerings for Ankabut

    136 Pages| September 2023 |
    The UAE has been rapidly growing as a technology hub in the Middle East, driven by the governments push for digital transformation and innovation. The UAE government has been actively promoting digital transformation across various sectors, including Learn More
  10. UAE Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by rising consumption of dairy, meat and seafood, smooth domestic and international connectivity and automation in warehouses

    128 Pages| July 2023 |
    A highly fragmented market with immense growth potential UAE’s Cold Chain market is being driven by change in major players such as GSL and Mohebi compete on total pallets, average price per pallet and client base. Rise of the Hospitality Industry Learn More
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