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The economy of the United Arab Emirates is the second largest in the Middle East however, its economy remains enormously reliant on petroleum. Whereas, the industry of logistics in the UAE is one of the top 5 logistics markets around the globe, provided the favorable location of UAE at the intersection of Africa, Asia and Europe. UAE Market Research Reports suggests that growth in the industry has been enthused due to the great ease of doing business in the Emirates, owing to which the country is home to a lot of international and multi-national brands.

UAE Industry Market Reports predicted that the industry is home to a tremendously strong Freight Forwarding section, driven by the UAE’s position as a foremost facilitator for worldwide re-exports. Moreover, provided its high dependence on Imports for Consumer Products and Technology, the UAE has robust trade relations with far-Eastern regions, European countries and the US. Provided its oil-producing capabilities, the country relies profoundly on Sea Freight as a mode of cargo transport, with the service being almost a mutual feature amongst freight forwarding corporates in the country. The UAE also has a robust warehousing market segment, propelled by players that lease warehousing space for long periods of time. Warehousing manoeuvres near to the Jebel Ali Port and Dubai Airport are measured most favourable to lessening the transportation cost from port to mother-hub. The Courier, Express and Parcel market is propelled by growth in Last-Mile deliveries and the E-Commerce sector in the country.

UAE Industry Market Reports provides a comprehensive analysis of logistics and warehousing market of UAE. The report covers the comprehensive UAE Market Overview and Size and future viewpoint of UAE Freight Forwarding, Warehousing, Courier Express and Parcel, 3PL and E Commerce Logistics market in terms of value, segmentation on the foundation of service mix, by geography, by ownership and by type of industries. 

Although, UAE Market Growth Reports provides the UAE Market Overview and Size basis revenue and a number of subscribers of the activity kit subscription industry around UAE, supply ecosystem analysis, subscriber profile basis several socio-demographic variables, market subdivision, business model analysis, revenue stream analysis competition benchmarking, UAE Market Entry Strategy, porter five force analysis, BCG Matrix analysis, COVID impression, future projections and probable trends & challenges.

Whereas, the UAE Market Review and Forecast 2021 of Ken Research states that the experiential learning market revenue of the K12 E-Learning Industry, along with revenue by grade and paid user profile by dissimilar socio-demographic variables The report talks about fresh trends observed in the industry along with fresh strategies & future manners forward for K12 E-Learning to move ahead. The report discusses detailed competition analysis and United Arab Emirates Market Entry Strategy in e-learning and concludes with analyst recommendations delivering a go-to-model for the industry.

We also convey Best Market Entry Strategy for UAE in our market research reports as our report also covers the entire comparative landscape, trends and growth drivers, issues and challenge and government guidelines. The report concludes with UAE Market Forecast 2021 and analyst commendations highlighting the foremost opportunities and cautions.

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  1. USA Solid Tumor Therapeutics Market Outlook to 2028 -segmented by Type (Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer & Colorectal Cancer), By Application (Hospitals, Cancer Research Centres, Clinics) & By Geography (North, South, East & West)

    85 Pages| September 2023 |
    The USA Solid Tumor Therapeutics Market refers to the pharmaceutical & biotechnology sector focused on developing & marketing treatments for various types of solid tumors, which are cancerous growths that forms in the tissues such as the breast, lung Learn More
  2. UAE Patient Care Monitoring Equipment Market Outlook to 2028-By Type – (Hemodynamic Monitoring, Neuromonitoring, Cardiac Monitoring, Multi-parameter Monitors, Respiratory Monitoring), By Application (Home Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics, Other End users & By Geography (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Rest of UAE)

    85 Pages| September 2023 |
    The Patient Care Monitoring Equipment market in UAE is a part of the larger healthcare technology sector, which has been experiencing significant growth due to the country’s focus on modernizing its healthcare infrastructure & providing high-qualit Learn More
  3. UAE IT Service Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by Assessment of UAE IT Services Market and Recommendations on Organization Structure & Service Offerings for Ankabut

    136 Pages| September 2023 |
    The UAE has been rapidly growing as a technology hub in the Middle East, driven by the governments push for digital transformation and innovation. The UAE government has been actively promoting digital transformation across various sectors, including Learn More
  4. UAE Leisure and Entertainment Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by Increased Consumer Spending & Government Investments, and Entry of International Brands

    175 Pages| July 2023 |
    The UAE (United Arab Emirates) entertainment and leisure market had been experiencing significant growth and development. The United Arab Emirates has a rising economy resulting in a thriving Leisure and Entertainment Industry driven by Increasing GD Learn More
  5. UAE Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2027-Driven by rising consumption of dairy, meat and seafood, smooth domestic and international connectivity and automation in warehouses

    128 Pages| July 2023 |
    A highly fragmented market with immense growth potential UAE’s Cold Chain market is being driven by change in major players such as GSL and Mohebi compete on total pallets, average price per pallet and client base. Rise of the Hospitality Industry Learn More
  6. UAE Cafe and Coffee Chain Market Outlook to 2027 -Driven by growing investment in Cafe infrastructure and transformation towards digital economy

    126 Pages| July 2023 |
    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) had a thriving cafe and coffee chains market. Coffee culture has been steadily growing in popularity in UAE, and the country has seen a significant increase in the number of cafes and coffee chains. The market is witnes Learn More
  7. UAE Debt Collection Market Outlook to 2027 -Characterized by fierce competition among the existing players and high growth prospects

    90 Pages| July 2023 |
    The report provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential of debt collection market in UAE. The report covers an overview and genesis of the industry, market size in number of cases settled and debt collected. Learn More
  8. Dubai Fitness Service Market Outlook to 2027- Driven by the growing popularity of fitness services and the rising trend of community classes within the fitness centers in Dubai

    102 Pages| July 2023 |
    A moderately fragmented market with immense growth potential KSA’s warehousing automation market is being driven by the growing popularity of fitness services and the rising trend of community classes within the fitness centers in Dubai. The market Learn More
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