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Vietnam Healthcare Market by Industry Type (Hospitals & Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices)–Outlook to 2022

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The report titled “Vietnam Healthcare Market by Industry Type (Hospitals & Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices)-Outlook to 2022” provides a comprehensive analysis of the healthcare market in Vietnam. The report covers Vietnam healthcare market size, market segmentation by hospitals & clinics, diagnostic labs, pharmaceutical and medical devices. The report also covers market in different aspects such as healthcare scenario in Vietnam, government and private spending on healthcare, cross comparison of healthcare sector of Vietnam with other Asia Pacific countries, mergers, acquisitions and funding in healthcare sector, investment model for setting up a hospital, snapshots of daycare centers and polyclinics, investment model for setting up a diagnostic laboratory, government regulations for launching a new drug, role of IT companies in Vietnam healthcare sector and comparative analysis of major players in each section. The report provides detailed overview on future outlook & projections with analyst recommendations for the industry.

Market Potential
The healthcare sector in Vietnam has witnessed unprecedented growth in recent years. The country’s basic health indicators have improved and are better than other countries in the region with similar or higher per capita income. The overall healthcare market has increased from USD ~ billion in 2012 to USD ~ billion in 2017 and witnessed a growth rate of ~% during the period 2012-2017. However with the overall growth and development in the country it has been difficult to sustain the progress made in the healthcare sector due some existing and new challenges. It is still difficult for a significant percentage of the population to access proper healthcare facilities. Major health issues in Vietnam arise from dietary problems. There has been a significant rise in cerebrovascular diseases, heart diseases, lung and liver cancer, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, respiratory diseases and road accidents. There is a huge gap in health status of different regions in the country. The country has been developing its healthcare infrastructure including hospitals, diagnostic labs, clinics and the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to all these factors, fast rising and ageing population in the country further adds to the advantages for Vietnam healthcare market.

Medical Devices Market
The medical devices industry is largely import driven in Vietnam. The medical devices market in Vietnam witnessed a moderate growth rate. The medical devices market contributed a share of around ~% (USD ~ billion) of the total healthcare market in Vietnam in 2017. The CAGR for the medical devices market during 2012-2017 was ~%.The overall healthcare market of the country is witnessing substantial growth, however the medical devices market in the country has lagged behind. Most of the hospitals, clinics and diagnostic labs are government owned. The government has invested heavily for the upgradation of the healthcare system in the country but the medical devices at most of the hospitals are old. With the decentralization of the healthcare sector, more hospitals are coming up and the existing ones are being upgraded. There is a huge opportunity in front of medical device companies to capitalize and expand into the Vietnamese market. The market has been majorly dominated by diagnostic imaging products, contributing ~% (USD ~ million) while consumable equipment contributed around ~% (USD ~ million) to the overall medical devices market. The large percentage of the medical devices was also contributed by orthopedic appliances & implants.

Pharmaceuticals Market
Vietnam has one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in Asia. One of the main reasons for this is the significantly high population of the country which is entering the ageing stage at a very fast pace. With the growth of the economy the average income of the middle class has also increased and so has the demand for pharmaceutical products. The overall size of the pharmaceutical market has increased with a CAGR of ~% from USD ~ billion in 2012 to USD ~% in 2017. The government through its policies has tried to address the increasing demand of pharmaceutical products in the country, however there is a huge room for growth. Similar to the medical device market, the pharmaceutical market in Vietnam is also highly dependent on imports. Around ~% of the total pharma products consumed in the country are imported. Increasing rate and prevalence of lung and liver cancer, TB, HIV, respiratory, cerebrovascular and heart diseases among the growing population of the country has created high demand for generic and patented drugs. The pharmaceutical companies in the country mainly manufacture generic drugs by importing raw material from other countries. In context of therapeutic drugs, majority of the demand is to treat diabetes, respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. However to develop the domestic pharmaceutical sector the government has initiated efforts to streamline the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) into the industry. Foreign companies cannot directly enter the Vietnamese market; instead they need to partner with an indigenous company to distribute their products. The biggest pharmaceutical firms in the country are Hau Giang Pharmacy, Traphaco, Domesco, IMEXPHARM, and OPC.

Hospitals Market
Vietnam is in the phase of experiencing a structural change in hospital industry. Currently the country is dominated by the presence of government run hospitals and commune health stations. There are around ~ hospitals and ~ commune health clinics in the country out of which ~% are run by the government. However, in 2014 the government announced the plan to deregulate the hospital in order to support the already overburdened public hospitals in the country. Since liberalization a number of private hospital have already come up in the country and more are in the process. Many foreign investors and firms already have or are in the process of acquiring stocks in the hospitals. The number of inpatients and outpatients has increased at a CAGR of ~% and ~% respectively during 2012-2017. The overall revenue of the hospital market in Vietnam has increased with a CAGR of ~% from USD ~ billion in 2012 to USD ~ in 2017. The government has also eased the regulation for the employment of foreign doctors and medical staff in the country. A large percentage of hospitals, clinics and medical staff is concentrated in urban area and cities. This presents an opportunity for private investors and companies to expand their health services into the rural areas of the country.

Diagnostic Laboratories Market
Owing to government policies, the healthcare sector in the country is gradually getting decentralized. With this decentralization the number of hospitals & clinics is increasing and so is the overall standard of healthcare services. To cater to this demand there is a vital requirement for affective and faster diagnostic laboratories. The overall market for diagnostic laboratories has increased from USD ~ million in 2012 to USD ~ million in 2017 with a CAGR of ~% during this period. The market is dominated by public hospital labs which contribute around ~% (USD ~ million) to the overall diagnostic laboratories market. The rise in average income of the middle class in Vietnam coupled with increasing prevalence of chronic diseases is a major factor which has led to the growth of diagnostic laboratories. These laboratories are actively engaged in providing imaging and pathology tests. Pathology tests contributed approximately ~% of the total revenue, while imaging tests contributed around ~% in 2017.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
Vietnam Healthcare Market Size
Single Specialty and Multispecialty Hospitals in Vietnam
Private Hospital Revenue Vietnam
Market share of Major Hospitals in Vietnam
Diagnostics Laboratories in Vietnam
Revenue of Laboratories by Type of Test in Vietnam
Vietnam Medical Devices Market Size
Vietnam Orthopaedic Appliances Market Demand
Dental Devices Revenue Vietnam
Medical and Electro-diagnostics Apparatus Market Vietnam
General Medical Instruments Consumption in Vietnam
Medical Consumables Market in Vietnam
Vietnam Imaging Devices Market Outlook
Market Share of Major Players in Vietnam Medical Devices Market
Vietnam Pharmaceuticals Market Size
Vietnam Pharmaceuticals Market Segmentation
Market Share of Major Payers in Pharmaceutical Market
Vietnam Clinic and Health Center Market Size
Comparative Analysis of Major Diagnostic Labs in Vietnam


Table Of Content


1. Executive Summary
2. Research Methodology
3. Healthcare Scenario
4. Government and Private Spending on Healthcare
5. Cross Comparison of Healthcare Sector of Vietnam with Other Asia Pacific Countries
6. Mergers, Acquisitions and Funding in Healthcare Sector
7. Vietnam Healthcare Market Size By Revenue, 2012-2017
8. Vietnam Hospitals and Clinics Market Size by Revenue/ Number of Hospitals/ Beds, 2012-2017
8.1. Vietnam Hospitals and Clinics Market Segmentation
8.1.1. By Single Specialty and Multispecialty Hospitals, 2017
8.1.2. By Public and Private Hospitals, 2017
8.1.3. By Region, 2017
8.2. Market Share of Major Hospitals and Clinics, 2017
8.3. Comparative Analysis of Major Hospitals and Clinics in Vietnam
8.4. Vietnam Hospitals and Clinics Market Future Outlook and Projections on the basis of Revenue, 2018-2022
8.4.1. By Public and Private Hospitals
8.4.2. By Single Specialty and Multispecialty Hospitals
9. Vietnam Diagnostic Laboratories Market
9.1. Vietnam Diagnostic Laboratories Market Overview
9.2. Vietnam Diagnostic Laboratories Market Size on the basis of Revenue, 2012-2017
9.3. Vietnam Diagnostic Laboratories Market Segmentation
9.3.1. By Imaging and Pathology Laboratories on the Basis of Number of Laboratories and Revenue, 2017
9.3.2. By Type of Tests on the Basis of Revenue, 2017
9.4. Investment Model for Setting up a Diagnostic Laboratory
9.5.Company Profile of Major Diagnostic Laboratory Chains in Vietnam, 2017
9.5.1. Medic Lab
9.5.2. VietLife
9.5.3. Hoan My
9.6. Comparative Analysis of Major Diagnostic Laboratories in Vietnam, 2017
9.7. Vietnam Diagnostic Lab Market Future Outlook and Projections
9.7.1. By Type of Test on the Basis of Revenue, 2018-2022
9.7.2. By Imaging and Pathology on the Basis of Revenue, 2018-2022
10. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market Overview and Size by Revenue, 2012-2017

Growth Drivers


10.1. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market Segmentation by Revenue, 2017
10.1.1. By Generic and Patented Drugs, 2017
10.1.2. By Therapeutic Drugs including Analgesic, Anti-inflammatory, Respiratory, Nutraceutical, Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Others, 2017
10.2. Government Regulations for Launch of New Drug

How are Drugs Procured by Public Hospitals?
10.4. Comparative Analysis of Pharmaceutical Companies in Vietnam, 2017
10.5. Trade Scenario of Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market on the Basis Revenue, 2017
10.5.1. Import of Pharmaceutical Products
10.5.2. Export of Pharmaceutical Products
10.6. Market Share of Major Players in Pharmaceutical Market, 2017

Company Profile of Major Players
DHG Pharma
Ha Tay Pharmaceutical

10.7. Vietnam Pharmaceutical Market Future Outlook and Projections on the basis of Revenue, 2018-2022
10.7.1. By Generic and Patented Drugs, 2022
10.7.2. By Therapeutic Drugs, 2022
11. Vietnam Medical Devices Market Overview and Size by Revenue, 2012-2017
11.1. Vietnam Medical Devices Market Segmentation by Revenue, 2017
11.1.1. By Type of Devices including list of top devices imported Orthopedic and Prosthetic Applications Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Paraclinical Equipment Emergency Medical Equipment Medical Consumables Dental Products Patient Aids Operation Room Equipment
11.2. Import of Medical Devices By Value / Volume and Destination
11.3. Company Profile of Top Medical Devices Companies in Vietnam

Japan Vietnam Medical
B Braun (Germany)
Shimadzu (Japan)
General Electric (US)
Terumo BCT (Japan)
Philips (Netherlands)

11.4. Vietnam Medical Devices Future Outlook and Projections on the basis of Revenue, 2018-2022
11.4.1. By Type of Devices, 2022
12. Role of IT Companies in Vietnam Healthcare Sector
13. Vietnam Healthcare Market Future Projections and Outlook, 2018-2022
14. Analyst Recommendations
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Diagnostic Imaging Products, Medical Consumables, Dental Products, Assistive Devices, Orthopedic and Implants, Generic Drugs, Patented Drugs, OTC Drugs


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