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Japanese Focus On Eco-Friendly Sustainable Packaging To Avoid Any Environmental Concerns: Ken Research

Posted on 16 April 2018 by KenResearch Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing,

The report titled “Home Care Packaging in Japan”, provides a comprehensive analysis of home care packings, uses of home care packings, eco-friendly packings, manufacturers use of sustainable packings, and future of home care packings.

Industry Overview: Japanese aim is to preserve environment which is declining due to growing economy, industrialization, increasing population, and depletion of natural resources. This trend has led to the development of waste processing plants and recycling plants within the country. Japanese population treasure and use everything as long as possible and motivated the development of technology for reuse and recycling. It was observed that the Japanese construction waste processing plants are sure to grow at a steady pace in the coming years.

Home care packing is very high in almost all the developed countries for various uses. The market for home care packing contributes a majority of the share to the paper and paperboard packaging. The rising population in the country is driving the home care products packing materials. Majority of the home care packing materials in Japan are used for packing food products, household and personal care, healthcare, tobacco, and others. Eco-friendly packaging films are also used for home care packaging such as chemicals, goods, automotive parts, industrial goods, pharmaceutical products, and other consumer goods.

Demand for Home Care Packings in Japan: There is a huge demand for folding carton in retail ready-to-eat food industry, cosmetics, personal care and fragrance industries in Japan. There is a huge demand for eco-friendly carton packaging in Japan due to the increasing number of strict government regulations and growing environmental concerns. The population is aware about the harmful chemicals used in various other packaging materials. Japanese government is also focusing on food packing such as safety in packing materials and prevention of food contamination. The innovative home care packing materials are gaining huge attraction and there is an increased adoption of folding packing cartons which are light in weight, eco-friendly, and economical. The Japanese folding carton market appears to be concentrated due to stiff competitive environment. The demand for folding carton will continue to increase due to the awareness in the Japanese population and processed food industry in Japan.

All the cosmetics companies in Japan are required to comply with the good quality practice, good vigilance practice, and safety management according to the country laws. Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law (PMDL) concentrates on the package of the cosmetics products in Japan. The country’s cosmetics market is expected to grow at a steady rate in the coming years. New generation beauty and personal care products are very sensitive to exposure of light and air. Therefore, airtight packing continues as a leading packing with improved innovative technologies applied in cosmetic packaging. Japanese are investing in recyclable resins and are making huge investments in recycling supply infrastructure. The most safe and stable material in beauty products packing till date is PET. The country is investing in the research and exploration of biodegradable resins. The Japanese brands prefer simplicity in the shape and design in the packing of the cosmetic products.

Growing Popularity of PET: It was observed that there is a growth of rigid PET containers, stretch-blow PET bottles and PET bottles which are used for trigger spray packs and aerosols replacing aluminium containers. The alternative to glass in Japan is heavy base PET containers, pots and jars used for facial compacts. Increasing waste concern will definitely boost the sustainable PET bottles used in soft drinks packing and other light for on-the-go consumption foods.Alcoholic drinks in Japan are packed in metal cans to avoid any environmental issues with other forms of packings. Majority of the premium beauty and personal care brands offer refill packs to improve environmental credentials.

Future of Home Care Packings and Leading Players: The leading players in the home care packings market in Japan are Amcor, Mondi Group, Bemis, Rexam, RPC Group, Winpak, AptarGroup, Sonoco, Silgan Holdings, Tetra Laval, DS Smith PLC, CAN-PACK S.A. and Prolamina Packaging. Japanese manufacturers are adopting various innovative packaging solutions to meet varying consumer needs. Packaging materials such as glass jars, plastic containers, metal cans, folding cartons, and flexible packaging are utilized for packaging various baby food products such as dried foods, prepared foods, and milk formula. Majority of the Japanese consumers demand for eco-friendly or recyclable pouch packings and flexible packing materials for any baby food products. This process reduces raw material prices for packings. However, health and safety concerns are the major factors driving the food packaging market. Demand for home care packing is on the rise and therefore, the industry has introduced multiple packaging solutions without compromising on the safety standards. The home care packaging market will witness a rapid growth over the coming years despite the country’s economic setbacks.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Japan Home Care Packaging Market 

Japan Home Care Plastic Packaging Market 

Japan Home Care Paper Packaging Market 

Japan Home Care Glass Packaging Market 

Japan Home Care Packaging Market by Home Care Products

Opportunities in Japan Home Care Packaging Market

Future of Japan Home Care Packaging Market

Home care packaging market Trends Japan

Japan Major Packaging Companies

Japan Packaging Industry Competition

Japan Home Care Packaging Market Revenue

Japan Home Care packaging Market Drivers


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