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Whooping Growth in Organic Foods, Fortified Foods, Package Foods And Beverages In Colombia

Posted on 13 July 2017 by KenResearch Healthcare ,

Almost all the organic products available are naturally healthy, such as lactose free milk and gluten free pasta. The sugar free products in Colombia witnessed a rapid growth and consumers demand for more natural healthy products. Consumers are attracted to products such as chia seeds, quinoa or aloe, and super-fruit such as cranberry which are traditional products with many ancestral benefits. Manufacturers are offering products rich in quinoa or chia seeds, such as in biscuits and arepas, and the cranberry are used not only in juice but also in snacks and biscuits.

Many products were categorised as premium, with few exceptional products and enjoy a strong position in health and wellness products in Colombia. Consumers are aware of balanced diets and healthier lifestyles across all income segments. Small grocery stores are increasing giving discounters to consumers and these stores are a success among Colombians for all income segments. The health and wellness is still underdeveloped in Colombia and may witness some threats related to decline of the economy.

Latin America was recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) for its health and wellness services due to its high quality standards, excellent preparation of the specialists, innovation, investigation and advanced technologies, leading hospitals infrastructure and hospitability. Bogota, the capital of the Republic of Colombia provides high quality health services, strong clinical and hospitals infrastructure, and ideal environment to live an excellent resting and recovering process.

A positive performance was witnessed in consumer health in-spite of slow economy in Colombia. Colombians are embracing healthier habits, and are more conscious of self-care preventing any health issues. Therefore, nutrition, vitamins supplements, dietary supplements and supplement nutrition drinks are available at affordable prices. The products such as analgesics, and digestive remedies had a faster growth compared to antihistamines/allergy remedies, nasal sprays and nasal decongestant drops also saw strong growth. Chemist/pharmacy, supermarkets, hypermarkets and drugstores are the leading distribution channels in consumer health and wellness products in Colombia. Foreign companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and Pfizer dominate the health and wellness market and are the top leading companies. The domestic companies such as Tecnoquímicas and Laboratorios JGB also outstand in the health and wellness market supported by innovation and wide availability of the products.

According to the research report “Health and Wellness in Colombia”, consumers’ awareness in the health and wellness products has captured an encouraging development of innovative healthier alternatives in packaged foods and beverages. Products such as juices from fruits and vegetables, beverages are manufacture sugar free or reduced sugar or combination of stevia and sugar are of great demand in Colombia. Coca-Cola and Postobón are the leading competitors in sugar free beverages market. The foods having added vitamins and minerals are the fortified foods and are standard powder concentrates, juice and hot drinks, targeting children with attractive flavours and essential nutrients. Quala is the major competitor in fortified foods and fortified functional drinks, and Frutiño is the leading brand in fortified powder concentrates.

Reduced caffeine beverages such as coffee are appreciable, however, tea with natural antioxidant and slimming properties is a better option in naturally healthy beverages. There is a rapid development for organic beverages, with coffee the main category and organic hot tea. The organic products are fresh foods, such as fruit, vegetables, poultry products and some processed baby food. The demand for organic products can predict a comfortable economic position in this market. Procafecol  and Juan Valdez Colombian Coffee Organico are the leading player in organic beverages. Buendía Organico Liofilizado is by far the dominant brand for organic instant coffee. The brands depend on socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices while offering high-quality coffee.

Cooperativa Lechera Colanta remained the leading player in packaged food with reduced fat and reduced sugar packaged food and offers multiple product types (milk, yoghurt, cheese and spreads). Organic packaged food and beverages in Colombia will see strong year-on-year growth and organic beverages is expected to expand beyond organic coffee which is now a premium product.

In Colombia domestic and foreign companies continue to widen their products with healthier alternatives. The gluten free pasta was introduced by the GBO, Grupo Nutresa, aloe water was introduced by Quala, Postobón and Levapan, the reduced sugar chocolate-flavoured powder drinks was launched by Casa Luker and GBO and the Coca-Cola Co, introduced Coca-Cola with sugar and stevia. The domestic companies are displaying a rapid growth and health-conscious consumers are attracted to the packaged food and beverages that focus on health and wellness. The health and wellness market in Colombia is expected to remain positive over the coming years with a rapid growth in organic products, fortified foods, package foods and beverages.


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