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Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market to be Fueled by Economic Recovery and Improvement in Trade Scenarios during 2018-2022: Ken Research

Posted on 19 January 2018 by KenResearch Agriculture and Animal Care ,

The report covers various aspects such as country agriculture overview, market sizes of Brazil agricultural equipment, 2 wheel tractors, 4 wheel tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements, rice transplanters and irrigation systems; segmentation on the basis of products (tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements and rice transplanters), by application (land development, sowing & planting, weed cultivation, harvesting & threshing, post-harvest & agro processing), by planting equipment (row crop planters, air seeders, grain drills and others) and by major regions. The report also covers major segmentations of each product type, SWOT analysis, trends and developments, issues and challenges, regulatory scenario, import & export scenario and business models of the companies operating in Brazil agriculture equipment market. The report further covers the market share of major players in 2 wheel tractors, 4 wheel tractors, combine harvesters, tractor implements, rice transplanters and irrigation system markets; and competitive landscape of the industry and comprehensive profile of leading players (Agrale, AGCO, John Deere, CNH Industrial, Kuhn do Brasil, YANMAR South America Industria De Maquinas Ltda, Kubota Corporation) operating in the market. The report concludes with future outlook and projections of Brazil agricultural equipments market, major macroeconomic indicators and upcoming trends affecting the market have also been highlighted in the report.

2018 | Brazil News

  • Increasing price of commodities backed with increasing awareness about benefits of using advanced technology infrastructure are expected to boost opportunities for future growth in Brazil agricultural equipment market in near future.
  • It is expected that increase in replacement demand and 4 wheeler tractors market will majorly drive the overall agriculture equipment market of the country.

Over the review period, Brazilian economy has gone through rough times but it is showing signs of recovery since 2017, and agribusiness is set to be the first to emerge from the economic slump. The farmers are likely to shift from agriculture to smart agriculture with the growing involvement of technology in the agriculture industry. It is anticipated that technology will be an increasingly important ally, especially in the area of digital farming, which will offer new opportunities to support farmers in decision-making based on data, leading to efficiency and management gains. It is expected that there will be more favorable weather and economic conditions which will boost agriculture sector in the country which will indirectly affect the agricultural equipment demand in the country. The prices of commodities will increase in the near future which will improve profit margins for the farmers and it will aid them in purchasing agricultural equipments for improvement of gains and better productivity.

The growth in sales of two wheel and four wheel tractors is complemented with the growth in tractor implements as majority of farmers purchase tractor implements along with new tractors. The market for tractor and implements is expected to augment in the future as manufacturers will quote prices of implements such as levelers and ploughs along with tractors. Agricultural equipment companies in Brazil have huge expectations for expansion in Asian countries and high demand from African countries.  With a good position in the international market, Brazil faces competition from developed countries, regarding quality and industrial tradition, as well as developing countries, which offer competitive prices due to the low cost of their inputs and labor. With the economic recovery and increase in demand for mechanization the market for agricultural equipments will grow during forecasted period.

Area under Cultivation in Brazil, Crop Production in Brazil, Number of Farms in Brazil, GDP from Agriculture and Spendings on Agriculture are some other key factors that may have positive impact on the market, according to the Analyst at Ken Research.

Ken Research in its latest study, Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market by Major Products (Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Tractor Implements and Rice Transplanters), By Application (Land Development, Sowing & Planting, Weed Cultivation, Harvesting & Threshing, Post-harvest & Agro Processing), By Planting Equipment (Row Crop Planters, Air Seeders, Grain Drills and Others) and By Major Regions – Outlook to 2022, suggests that demand for agriculture equipment in the country will grow at a positive growth rate majorly owing to ease in credit policies and recovery of agriculture sector.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

Agricultural Equipment Market in Brazil

Business Model in Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market

Brazil Agricultural Equipment market size

Brazil Tractor Market Size

Power Tillers Market Sales Brazil

Brazil Tractor Sales and Forecast

Combine Harvesters Demand in Brazil

Rice Transplants Market Size Brazil

Brazil Irrigation System Market

Drip Irrigation Systems Revenue Brazil

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Revenue Brazil

Major Players in Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market

Agricultural Equipment Companies in Brazil

Competition in Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market

Brazil Combine Harvesters Market Revenue

Tractor Implements Market Brazil

Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market Future Growth

Agrale Agricultural Equipments Market Share

AGCO Revenue from Agricultural Equipment

CNH Industrial Revenue from Agricultural Equipment

John Deere competitors

Future of Brazil Agricultural Equipment Market

Upcoming Trends in Agricultural Equipment Market Brazil

Market share leading companies Brazil 4 wheel Agricultural Tractor Market

Area under Cultivation Brazil

Crop Production Brazil

Brazil GDP from Agriculture

Import and Export Scenario Brazil Agriculture Equipment

Smart Agriculture Brazil

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