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The Future Economic Scenario to Influence Thai Luxury Leather Goods Market: Ken Research

Posted on 31 July 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

The luxury leather goods market around the globe is mostly driven by increasing disposable incomes of the people at large which allows them to spend on the luxury items like leather bags, travel goods of leather etc. which are costly and expensive. Fueled by the rise in export of leather around the globe, the whole leather industry is growing. The luxury leather goods market is also growing with the change in the consumers’ preferences and their desire to possess trendy and costly leather bags, travel goods etc. that are expensive but more affordable for certain well-off section of society due to rising incomes.

Innovation in leather goods so as to offer new features and designs to consumers is helping in expanding customer base. Leather goods, primarily known for their durability and being dust-proof, crack-proof and fire-proof, are finding more and more acceptance among people who are desirous of not only possessing something useful but also that which looks trendy and smells of luxury. Increase in domestic and international tourism globally has fueled the demand for luxury travel goods that are not only convenient to carry and but also are durable and can withstand hard handling at airports.

The report titled “Luxury Leather Goods in Thailand” provides key insights into the Luxury Leather Goods market in Thailand by giving the details of the size and shape of the market, retail sales data, data on the leading companies and leading brands, identifying the key factors influencing the market and their effects. The report also helps in identifying those sectors which are driving the growth and prides an analysis of consumers’ shopping pattern. Covering the product categories of luxury bags, luxury small leather goods and luxury travel goods, this report puts forth the trajectory of the luxury leather goods market in the near future as to how the market is set to change and maps out the competitive landscape of the industry.

In Thailand, the luxury goods market is on rise due to the growing materialism among Thai shoppers and an ensuing recovery in the Thai economy. It is also pushed by the Thai government in a bid to make Thailand a luxurious shopping destination for the growing number of tourists in the wake of the expanding tourism industry of Thailand. The Thai government’s push in the form of deductions being allowed for tourists (who are becoming very important and prime customers for luxuries in Thailand) is boosting the whole luxury goods market of Thailand, inevitably boosting the luxury leather goods market as well.

Moreover, the industry is expected to grow further due to a growing demand for organic leather products. Amid the growing concerns of the disastrous health effects brought about by conventional tanning procedures, consumers are demanding organic leather products in a bid to their safety. The ecological imbalance created by conventional leather tanning has also assisted in the growing demand of organic leather, which is safe and environment friendly, day-by-day.

The performance of the luxury leather goods market in Thailand will highly depend upon product innovations and the state of economy. If the recovering Thai economy goes on a path of decline, then the amplifying luxury leather goods market may stop growing.


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