SomaLogic, Inc.-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2016 Update

SomaLogic, Inc.-Product Pipeline Analysis, 2016 Update

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Executive Summary

SomaLogic, Inc. (SomaLogic) is a life science tools and clinical diagnostics company that discovers, develops and commercializes life science research tools and clinical diagnostic products. The company's products include SOMAscan assay and SOMAmer reagents. Its SOMAscan reagents are used in clinical diagnosis of EDTA plasma, citrate plasma, serum, CSF, tissue homogenate, cell lysates and conditioned cell media. The company's SOMAscan assay is amenable to proteomic profiling of matrices for discovery of biomarkers which translate all phases of drug discovery and basic research. Its products are used to treat early cancer development, onset of metabolic disease, state of nutrition and future risk of stroke or heart attack. The company serves biological and medical science sectors. SomaLogic is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, the US.

This report is a source for data, analysis, and actionable intelligence on the company's portfolio of pipeline products. The report provides key information about the company, its major products and brands.

The report enhances decision making capabilities and help to create effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage.


The report reviews detailed company profile with information on business description, key company facts, major products and services, key competitors, key employees, locations and subsidiaries and recent developments

The report analyzes all pipeline products in development for the company SomaLogic, Inc.

The report provides pipeline analysis on all pipeline products of the company (by equipment type, by indication, by development stage, and by trial status)

The report covers detailed information on each pipeline product with information on pipeline territory, stage of development, device class, regulatory path, indication(s), application(s) and estimated launch date

The report provides detailed description of products in development, technical specification and functions

The report also covers ongoing clinical trials (wherever applicable) with information on trial name, trial objective, sponsor, trial design , trial status and phase, estimated start and end date.

Reasons to Buy:

Develop business strategies by understanding the trends and developments driving the medical devices pipeline and technology landscape

Design and develop your product development, marketing and sales strategies by understanding the competitor portfolio

To formulate effective Research & Development strategies

Develop market-entry and market expansion strategies

Exploit in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying products, most likely to ensure a robust return

Plan mergers and acquisitions effectively by identifying key players of the most promising pipeline

Identify emerging players with potentially strong product portfolio and create effective counter-strategies to gain competitive advantage

Develop competition strategies by identifying the status and likely launch of the competitors' pipeline products through review of the clinical trials, stage and of development, etc

Identify, understand and capitalize the next high-value products that your competitor would add in its portfolio

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

List of Tables 4

List of Figures 6

SomaLogic, Inc. Company Snapshot 7

SomaLogic, Inc. Company Overview 7

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products and Clinical Trials Overview 7

SomaLogic, Inc.-Pipeline Analysis Overview 10

Key Facts 10

SomaLogic, Inc.-Major Products and Services 11

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products by Development Stage 12

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products Overview 14

SOMAscan Assay-Acute Lung Injury 14

SOMAscan Assay-Acute Lung Injury Product Overview 14

SOMAscan Assay-Alzheimer's Disease 15

SOMAscan Assay-Alzheimer's Disease Product Overview 15

SOMAscan Assay-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 16

SOMAscan Assay-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Product Overview 16

SOMAscan Assay-Cardiovascular Event Prediction 17

SOMAscan Assay-Cardiovascular Event Prediction Product Overview 17

SOMAscan Assay-Childhood Diseases 18

SOMAscan Assay-Childhood Diseases Product Overview 18

SOMAscan Assay-Chronic Renal Failure 19

SOMAscan Assay-Chronic Renal Failure Product Overview 19

SOMAscan Assay-Coronary Artery Disease 20

SOMAscan Assay-Coronary Artery Disease Product Overview 20

SOMAscan Assay-Depression 21

SOMAscan Assay-Depression Product Overview 21

SOMAScan Assay-Diabetic Retinopathy 22

SOMAScan Assay-Diabetic Retinopathy Product Overview 22

SOMAscan Assay-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy 23

SOMAscan Assay-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Product Overview 23

SOMAscan Assay-Liver Fibrosis 24

SOMAscan Assay-Liver Fibrosis Product Overview 24

SOMAscan Assay-Melanoma 25

SOMAscan Assay-Melanoma Product Overview 25

SOMAscan Assay-Mesothelioma Cancer 26

SOMAscan Assay-Mesothelioma Cancer Product Overview 26

SOMAscan Assay-Multiple Sclerosis 27

SOMAscan Assay-Multiple Sclerosis Product Overview 27

SOMAScan Assay-Non-small Cell Lung Cancer 28

SOMAScan Assay-Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Product Overview 28

SOMAscan Assay-Obesity 29

SOMAscan Assay-Obesity Product Overview 29

SOMAscan Assay-Ovarian Cancer 30

SOMAscan Assay-Ovarian Cancer Product Overview 30

SOMAscan Assay-Pancreatic Cancer 31

SOMAscan Assay-Pancreatic Cancer Product Overview 31

SOMAscan Assay-Parkinson's Disease 32

SOMAscan Assay-Parkinson's Disease Product Overview 32

SOMAscan Assay-Preterm Labor 33

SOMAscan Assay-Preterm Labor Product Overview 33

SOMAscan Assay-Renal Cell Carcinoma 34

SOMAscan Assay-Renal Cell Carcinoma Product Overview 34

SOMAscan Assay-Rheumatoid Arthritis 35

SOMAscan Assay-Rheumatoid Arthritis Product Overview 35

SOMAscan Assay-Sepsis 36

SOMAscan Assay-Sepsis Product Overview 36

SOMAscan Assay-Tuberculosis 37

SOMAscan Assay-Tuberculosis Product Overview 37

SomaLogic, Inc.-Key Competitors 38

SomaLogic, Inc.-Key Employees 39

SomaLogic, Inc.-Locations And Subsidiaries 40

Head Office 40

Recent Developments 41

SomaLogic, Inc., Recent Developments 41

Feb 08, 2016: The University of Oxford and SomaLogic Announce Wide Ranging Agreement for Protein Biomarker Discovery and Clinical Applications Development 41

Dec 17, 2015: VU University Medical Center Amsterdam Is First Continental European SOMAscan Assay Site 41

Dec 14, 2015: FDA's National Center for Toxicological Research is latest site of SOMAscan assay 42

Dec 07, 2015: SomaLogic and Otsuka Pharmaceutical Scientists Publish Study Demonstrating Therapeutic Potential of a Novel SOMAmer Reagent for Rheumatoid Arthritis 42

Dec 01, 2015: SomaLogic Announces College of American Pathologists (CAP) Accreditation of Its CLIA Laboratory 43

Jul 08, 2015: SomaLogic Announces Commercial Availability of Individual SOMAmer Reagents for Life Science and Biopharma Researchers 43

May 26, 2015: Large-scale analysis of blood-based protein biomarkers for Duchenne muscular dystrophy published 44

Feb 04, 2015: SomaLogic Announces Agreement to Place SOMAscan Proteomics Assay at Manitoba Centre for Proteomics and Systems Biology 44

Nov 18, 2014: SomaLogic Announces Deployment of SOMAscan Proteomics Assay at University of Colorado Denver 45

Oct 13, 2014: SomaLogic Announces Agreement to Place SOMAscan Proteomics Assay in NIH Center for Human Immunology, Autoimmunity and Inflammation 45

Appendix 47

Methodology 47

About GlobalData 47

Contact Us 47

Disclaimer 48

List of Figures

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 8

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products by Development Stage 12

List of Tables

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products and Clinical Trials Overview 7

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products by Equipment Type 7

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products by Indication 9

SomaLogic, Inc., Key Facts 10

SomaLogic, Inc., Major Products and Services 11

SomaLogic, Inc. Number of Pipeline Products by Development Stage 12

SomaLogic, Inc. Pipeline Products Summary by Development Stage 13

SOMAscan Assay-Acute Lung Injury-Product Status 14

SOMAscan Assay-Acute Lung Injury-Product Description 14

SOMAscan Assay-Alzheimer's Disease-Product Status 15

SOMAscan Assay-Alzheimer's Disease-Product Description 15

SOMAscan Assay-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Product Status 16

SOMAscan Assay-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-Product Description 16

SOMAscan Assay-Cardiovascular Event Prediction-Product Status 17

SOMAscan Assay-Cardiovascular Event Prediction-Product Description 17

SOMAscan Assay-Childhood Diseases-Product Status 18

SOMAscan Assay-Childhood Diseases-Product Description 18

SOMAscan Assay-Chronic Renal Failure-Product Status 19

SOMAscan Assay-Chronic Renal Failure-Product Description 19

SOMAscan Assay-Coronary Artery Disease-Product Status 20

SOMAscan Assay-Coronary Artery Disease-Product Description 20

SOMAscan Assay-Depression-Product Status 21

SOMAscan Assay-Depression-Product Description 21

SOMAScan Assay-Diabetic Retinopathy-Product Status 22

SOMAScan Assay-Diabetic Retinopathy-Product Description 22

SOMAscan Assay-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy-Product Status 23

SOMAscan Assay-Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy-Product Description 23

SOMAscan Assay-Liver Fibrosis-Product Status 24

SOMAscan Assay-Liver Fibrosis-Product Description 24

SOMAscan Assay-Melanoma-Product Status 25

SOMAscan Assay-Melanoma-Product Description 25

SOMAscan Assay-Mesothelioma Cancer-Product Status 26

SOMAscan Assay-Mesothelioma Cancer-Product Description 26

SOMAscan Assay-Multiple Sclerosis-Product Status 27

SOMAscan Assay-Multiple Sclerosis-Product Description 27

SOMAScan Assay-Non-small Cell Lung Cancer-Product Status 28

SOMAScan Assay-Non-small Cell Lung Cancer-Product Description 28

SOMAscan Assay-Obesity-Product Status 29

SOMAscan Assay-Obesity-Product Description 29

SOMAscan Assay-Ovarian Cancer-Product Status 30

SOMAscan Assay-Ovarian Cancer-Product Description 30

SOMAscan Assay-Pancreatic Cancer-Product Status 31

SOMAscan Assay-Pancreatic Cancer-Product Description 31

SOMAscan Assay-Parkinson's Disease-Product Status 32

SOMAscan Assay-Parkinson's Disease-Product Description 32

SOMAscan Assay-Preterm Labor-Product Status 33

SOMAscan Assay-Preterm Labor-Product Description 33

SOMAscan Assay-Renal Cell Carcinoma-Product Status 34

SOMAscan Assay-Renal Cell Carcinoma-Product Description 34

SOMAscan Assay-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Product Status 35

SOMAscan Assay-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Product Description 35

SOMAscan Assay-Sepsis-Product Status 36

SOMAscan Assay-Sepsis-Product Description 36

SOMAscan Assay-Tuberculosis-Product Status 37

SOMAscan Assay-Tuberculosis-Product Description 37

SomaLogic, Inc., Key Employees 39

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