Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Outlook to 2026

growth is driven by ambitious government initiative, influx of multi-national movie theater companies and pent-up demand for feature cinema

Region:Middle East

Author(s):Kshitiz Pratik, Anurag Jha

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July 2022

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About the Report

About the Report

The report titled “Saudi Arabia Movie theater market outlook to 2026: growth is driven by ambitious government initiative, influx of multi-national movie theater companies and pent-up demand for feature cinema” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Saudi Arabia Movie theatre market. The report also covers an overview and genesis, of revenue generated by the industry. Further, the report also includes the competition overview of the cinema market. The report concludes with future market projections of each product segmentation.

Saudi Arabia Movie theater market

Saudi Movie Theater Market Overview and Size:

Saudi movie market to show a steady growth rate over the review period 2021-2026F. The movie theater industry in Saudi Arabia rose after a 35-year hiatus under the leadership of millennial King Salman. The competition is currently concentrated between a few market leaders who contribute a major chunk of the revenue generated by the market.

Detailed Analysis of the Saudi Arabia Theater Market:

The Saudi government, in a bid to increase entertainment opportunities in Saudi Arabia, allowed the screening of movies in 2018. AMC Cinemas was the first international movie theater chain to operate in Saudi Arabia with the KAFD screen that accommodated 490 patrons. As of December 2021, more than 50 movie theaters were operational across Saudi Arabia, with a maximum number of theatres in Riyadh. It is a concentrated market, largely dominated by three major movie theater operators namely AMC, VOX, and MUVI Cinemas, with the latter being a homegrown venture. Saudi Theatre Market is set to grow at a positive growth rate in the period 2021-2026F. With licenses being granted to more and more international movie theater operators, the market stage can be expected to enter late growth during the forecast period. As more players enter the market, the competition is also estimated to become less concentrated.

Theater Market Segmentations:

By Ticket Sale: Ticket sales constitute the majority share of total movie theater revenues. As the cinema industry is still nascent, this segment will continue to dominate.

By F&B revenue: F&B revenues are still growing and are not at par with countries with fully matured theater industries, where their share of revenue dominates movie theater revenue. Theaters have recently started to involve third-party vendors to operate in their locations. On average, Saudi spends between 40-60 SAR on F&B.

By Advertisements and Sponsorships: Advertisement and sponsorship revenues are related to the pricing of the advertisement exhibition and the duration of the exhibition. Moreover, advertisements can be digital, in movies, and traditional in terms of posters and banners as well



Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Base Year: 2021
  • Forecast Period: 2022F–2026F


Key Segments Covered

Theatre Market Market Segmentation

By Source of revenue

  • By Ticket Sale
  • By F&B revenue
  • By Advertisement and Sponsorship

Investment Model

  • By Fixed and capital cost
  • Wages and Salaries
  • Interest cost calculations
  • Operating expenses
  • Revenue Model

Major Players Covered in Saudi Arabia Theater Market

  • Vox Cinema
  • AMC Cinema
  • MUVI Cinema
  • Empire Cinema
  • Cinepolis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary 

1.1 Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market

2. Research methodology 

2.1. Market Definitions 

2.2. Abbreviations 

2.3. Market Sizing and Modeling 

2.3.1 Consolidated Research Approach

2.3.2 Market sizing Approach – KSA Movie Theater Market

2.3.3 Sample Size Inclusion Table

2.3.4 Limitations

2.3.5 Final Conclusion

3. Trends and Developments in Saudi Arabia Theater Market

3.1 Increased Focus on Local Filmmaking

3.2 Heavy Investments to Develop New Destinations and Projects

3.3 Expansion of Leisure Industry Offers Investment Opportunities

4. Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market, 2021-2026F 

4.1. Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Overview, 2021 

4.2. Revenue Streams of Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Industry 

4.3. Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Size, 2021 

4.4. Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Segmentation By Revenue Source (Ticket Sales, F&B and Advertisements and Sponsorships), 2021 

5. Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Competition 

5.1.  Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Market Competition Overview  

5.2.  Customer Preference for Cinema Viewing Experience in Saudi Arabia

6. Investment Model to Setup Movie Theater in Saudi Arabia 

6.1 Assumptions

6.2 Fixed and Capital Costs

6.3 Wages and Salaries

6.4 Interest Cost Calculations

6.5 Operating Expenses

6.6 Revenue Model

6.7 Conclusion

7. Case Study on Successful Movie Theater Ventures 

7.1. AMC Theaters 

7.2. Vox Cinemas, Majid Al Futtaim in Dubai, UAE  

8. Investment and Regulatory Scenario in Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Industry 

8.1. Investment Scenario 

8.2. Retail Real Estate Supply in Saudi Arabia

8.3. Regulatory Scenario 

8.4. Overview of New Cinema Regulatory Regime 

8.5. Movie Operator’s Obligations Towards GCAM   

8.6. Procedure to Obtain License and Set up Operations of a Movie Theater 

9. Future Outlook for Saudi Arabia Movie Theater Industry, 2021-2026F

9.1. By Source of Revenue (Ticket Sales, F&B Revenue, Advertisements, and Sponsorships), 2021 & 2026F 

10. Analyst Recommendations 

10.1. Recommendations for Existing Players 

10.1.1 Ticket Booking Aggregator

10.1.2 Experimenting with Different Pricing Models

10.1.3 Content of Film Exhibition

10.1.4 Competition from Streaming Applications

10.2.5 Recommendations for New Entrants

10.2.6 Sustainable Funding Models

10.2.7 Target Hotspots of Retail Supply

10.2.8 Mode of Entry

11. Disclaimer 

12. Contact Us

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