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Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing

Asian region account for almost 60% of the total population of the world and represents a region of rapidly developing economies. Asia is known as epitome centre of business representing abundant business prospects. China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Pakistan, Malaysia and Philippines represents largest economies in Asian region in terms of gross Domestic Product (GDP). In the extremely aggressive era it is vital to keep a check on the market fluctuations where our collection of research reports catering to Asia Market Research Report Analysis help to study complex business environments.

Our collection of Asia Market Research Reports suggest comprehensive business outlook on diverse industry segments considering the expected changes  in the industry followed by Asia Market future outlook.

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  1. Indonesia Automotive Aftermarket Service Market Outlook to 2026: Influx of new players and car variants from abroad are contributing to the growth of automotive aftermarket service industry in Indonesia

    74 Pages| June 2021 |
    USD 5000
    Indonesia automotive aftermarket service industry revenue stood at USD ~ billion in 2021 and recorded a CAGR of 5.4% during 2015-2021. The multi brand workshops dominate the Indonesian automotive aftermarket service industry due to their cheaper serv Learn More
  2. India Construction Chemicals Market Outlook to 2025 ( Second Edition ): Surging Construction Industry in India is leading to the Growth of Construction Chemicals Market

    130 Pages| May 2021 |
    USD 5000
    India Construction Chemicals industry revenue stood at INR ~ Cr in FY’20 and recorded a CAGR of 8.5% during FY’15-FY’20. Growth in Urbanization and Development of Housing Projects, Increase in Smart Cities led to the growth for construction che Learn More
  3. Malaysia Ophthalmology Market Outlook to 2025- Increase in Ophthalmic Surgeries & Consultations driven by Increasing Ageing Population Proportion and Ophthalmology Technological Advancements

    108 Pages| May 2021 |
    USD 5000
    Ophthalmology Market in Malaysia has witnessed a moderate rise over the review period 2015-20. Growth in Number of Ophthalmologists, Proportion of Ageing Population, Number of Patients with Eye Ailments, Technological Advancements in Surgeries, etc. Learn More
  4. India Agritech Market Outlook to FY’2025-By Nature of Services (Input Market Linkage & Farming as a Service, Supply Chain, Post Harvest Management & Output Market Linkage, Precision Farming, Advisory & Analytics and Agri Fintech)

    175 Pages| May 2021 |
    USD 5000
    The India Agritech Market is in early growth stage with increasing awareness among farmers due to growth in internet penetration and mobile connectivity. Many agritech startups have entered the industry, especially in the last 5 years, seeing the po Learn More
  5. Myanmar Agriculture Machinery Market Outlook to 2025: Driven by Growth in Machinery Supply and Government's Focus on Agriculture Mechanization in the Country

    95 Pages| April 2021 |
    USD 5000
    The report concludes with the projections for the future of industry including forecasted sales value and volume; future projections by product type and regional demand by the year ending 2025, COVID-19 impact, and analyst recommendations highlighti Learn More
  6. Australia Logistics Market Outlook to 2025- Led by Growth in Road Freight Services and Rising demand for Cold Storage Space

    167 Pages| April 2021 |
    USD 5000
    The report covers various aspects including revenue, trends & developments, issues & challenges faced by the industry, competition landscape and more. Learn More
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