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Online Advertising has Strengthened its Position as One of the Primary Advertising Medium in Poland: Ken Research

Posted on 27 November 2017 by KenResearch Media and Entertainment,

Increasing Internet Penetration, Rising Smartphone Usage, New Technology (AI, Virtual Reality, ChatBots) Evolution, Internet Speed, Increasing Prominence of Ecommerce were the key factors driving growth in Poland Online Advertising Market.

Poland digital advertising agencies have realized the importance of real-time marketing, analytics, monitoring and planning to devise a success full internet campaign. In the dynamic digital environment, response time to online advertisement makes the difference in effective and ineffective communication with the customers. Hence, online video ads play a pertinent role in dominating the digital communication between brands and customers.

Digital agencies understand that the evolution in visual storytelling and role that video messages play in increasing brand recognition, influencing user engagement, forming relationship and communicating the brand value. Digital Video ads and Display ads registered the highest growth in online advertising industry in Poland in 2016.

Poland online advertising market ecosystem is currently earmarked by the presence of advertising agency (i.e. the company which creates and buys advertising for its customers to promote it on internet), ad Network (connects advertisers and publishers and creates advertising packages/ campaigns), Aggregators/ Sell Side Platform (SSP) (Entities that aggregate the publisher's advertising space. Allows publishers to manage their surface advertising and maximizing advertising revenue, by selecting ads from different sources), Ad Exchanges (A platform that allows advertisers and publishers to participate in the auction, and therefore the sale and purchase of the area under RTB model), Data suppliers (Entity which has user data and delivers it in unprocessed form to the DMP platform), Data Management Platform (i.e. Platform for management, protection and data collection from different sources, to be processed and made available for purchase and sales platforms), Demand Side Platform (A technology that allows advertisers to participate in the purchase of advertising space on the Internet in the RTB model), Agency Trading Desk (Trading desk which enables advertiser participation in the auction. It is created specifically for needs of the company (agency) and contains functionalities allowing, managing client data and many campaigns), Technology / Tools (Entities that provide software for implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet, to manage emissions and to serve graphic, text, and shipping ads) and finally Publishers (Entities which gets money for showing the ads on its site).

According to Ken Research, several trends have been observed in the Polish online advertising market which include consolidation of horizontal ad networks, evolving ways of bidding and selling via RTB and programmatic models, rising smartphones shipments and Facebook outgoings and automated guarantee (allows publishers to offer premium inventory with a good rate) and header bidding (which lets publishers to compare SSP and adnetworks offers for each impression and choose the best one).

The report titled “Poland Online Advertising Market by Type (Display, Paid Search Ads, Paid Classified/ Directories, Paid Email Ads), By Mobile Ads, By Social Media Ads – Outlook to 2022” by Ken Research suggested an online ad spend growth at a positive double digit CAGR for Poland Market in next 5 years till 2022.



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