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Chad Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Statistics and Analyses

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Chad and Cameroon sign fibre optic partnership

In recent years Chad's economy has been supported by revenue from oil exports, though revenue derived has been negatively affected by the falling price of oil since late 2014. This income has enabled the government to propose a number of infrastructural projects, but in overall terms little has gone to improving the country's telecom infrastructure. Chad has one of the least developed telecom markets in the world, with penetration rates in all sectors fixed, mobile and internet well below African averages. Nevertheless, recent regulatory developments and renewed commitments from existing players in the sector have showcased the potential for investors to develop services in a with such a low starting base.

The mobile sector is developing steadily under the auspices of two foreign-owned players Bharti Airtel (formerly Zain), and Millicom (Tigo). Each has considerable experience with operating mobile networks in the region. The national telco and fixed-line operator, Sotel Tchad (ST) operates the country's third mobile network.

ST has also rolled out a CDMA2000 fixed-wireless system that supports broadband internet access using EV-DO technology. The mobile networks offer basic mobile data services using GPRS and EDGE technology. The country's first 3G/4G mobile licence was awarded in April 2014.

Landlocked Chad finally gained access to international fibre bandwidth in 2012, but it still lacks a national backbone infrastructure to support efficient broadband services. All long-distance connections are currently made via satellite. However, the World Bank-funded Central African Backbone (CAB) project has now laid the foundation for the development of a broadband market. The government is seeking partners to expand the national fibre network. To this end it has sought to sell up to 80% of its stake in Sotel Tchad.

Key developments:

O3b Networks trials its Fibre from the Sky' satellite broadband platform;

Bharti Airtel extends 3G services, cancels sale of mobile tower assets in Chad;

Tigo Chad launches LTE, extends 3G to Abeche, Ndjamena and Moundou;

Bharti Airtel leases towers for radio comms to the National Office of Broadcasting and Television;

Continuing expansion of national fibre backbone into 2016;

Sotel and CamTel sign infrastructure expansion agreement;

YooMee secures funding for LTE deployment;

Report update includes operator data to March 2016, recent market developments.

Market penetration rates in Chad's telecoms sector end-2015 (e)

Market | Penetration rate

Fixed-line telephony | 0.3%

Fixed internet users | 2.9%

Mobile SIM (population) | 49%

(Source: BuddeComm based on various sources)

Companies mentioned in this report:

Sotel Tchad (LAP Green); TchadNet; Bharti Airtel (Zain); Millicom (Tigo); Tchad Mobile (Orascom); Sitcom.


Table Of Content


1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Market analysis

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 Telecommunications Act 1998

5.2 Regulatory authority

5.3 Quality of service (QoS)

5.4 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

6. Fixed network operator

6.1 Sotel Tchad

6.1.1 Privatisation

6.1.2 CDMA2000 WLL

6.1.3 National backbone network (Sitcom)

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

8. International infrastructure

8.1 Submarine fibre optic cables

8.2 The Central African Backbone (CAB)

8.3 Other projects

9. Broadband market

9.1 Introduction and statistical overview

9.1.1 Market analysis

9.1.2 Broadband statistics

9.1.3 Fixed wireless (WiMAX, WiBro, Wi-Fi)

9.1.4 Satellite broadband

10. Mobile communications

10.1 Market analysis

10.1.1 Mobile statistics

10.2 Mobile infrastructure

10.2.1 Digital networks

10.3 Other infrastructure developments

10.3.1 Satellite mobile

10.4 Major mobile operators

10.4.1 Airtel Chad (formerly Zain)

10.4.2 Millicom Chad (Tigo)

10.4.3 Salam Mobile

10.4.4 Tchad Mobile (defunct)

10.5 Mobile content and applications

10.5.1 Money transfer, m-banking

11. Related reports

Table 1 Country statistics Chad 2015 (e)

Table 2 Fixed network statistics 2015 (e)

Table 3 Internet provider statistics 2016

Table 4 Internet user statistics 2015 (e)

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2015 (e)

Table 6 National telecommunications authority

Table 7 HistoricFixed lines in service and teledensity in Chad 1999-2009

Table 8 Fixed lines in service and teledensity in Chad 2010-2015

Table 9 International internet bandwidth in Chad 1999-2014

Table 10 HistoricInternet users and penetration rate in Chad 1998-2009

Table 11 Internet users and penetration rate in Chad 2010-2016

Table 12 Internet subscribers in Chad 2009-2016

Table 13HistoricMobile subscribers and penetration rate in Chad2000-2009

Table 14 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Chad 2010-2016

Table 15 Zain Chad subscribers 2005-2010

Table 16 Zain Chad ARPU (historic) 2002-2009

Table 17 Tigo Chad subscribers 2008-2016

Table 12 Tchad Mobile (defunct) subscribers 2001-2004

List Of Figure

Chart 1 Fixed lines in service and teledensity in Chad 2005-2016

Chart 2 Internet users and penetration rate in Chad 2005-2016

Chart 3 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate in Chad 2000-2016

Exhibit 1 Map of Chad

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Products and Companies


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Sotel Tchad (LAP Green), TchadNet, Bharti Airtel (Zain), Millicom (Tigo), Tchad Mobile (Orascom), Sitcom.