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Mongolia - Telecoms, Mobile and Internet

Mongolia - Telecoms, Mobile and Internet

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Executive Summary

Growing 3G penetration transforms Mongolia's broadband market

Mongolia possesses a liberalised and competitive telecoms market served by multiple competing players and an incumbent operator that no longer holds a dominant share of its market.

Operators have focused on expanding network reach and capacity to support the growing popularity of fixed and mobile broadband services, doubling the amount of fibre optic cable in Mongolia within the past five years alone and extending into Mongolia's sparsely populated rural regions.

The growing popularity of mobile broadband has underpinned overall broadband growth and coincided with a contraction in fibre subscriptions, suggesting some end users are migrating from fibre to mobile. Broadband growth in 2016 will continue to be underpinned by mobile, consolidating Mongolia's position as a mobile first telecoms market and shaping the future direction of Mongolia's developing digital economy.

High mobile penetration levels in Mongolia are indicative of healthy competition although the market is undergoing transition. Overall mobile penetration levels as well as mobile voice traffic is contracting while 3G accounts for an increasing proportion of total subscriptions, with the total number of 3G subscriptions expected to overtake 2G subscriptions by 2017.

Market highlights:

Mongolia Telecom no longer holds the largest market share in the fixed line market

Operators are investing in fibre to support future broadband growth

Total mobile voice minutes contracted for the first time in 2015

Mobile represents the dominant share of total broadband subscriptions

Mongolia has emerged as a mobile first country

3G subscriptions expected to overtake 2G by 2017


Mongolia is a small country with predominantly basic telecommunications services. The report covers trends and developments in telecommunications, mobile, internet and broadband. Subjects include:

Market and industry analyses, trends and developments;

Facts, figures and statistics;

Industry and regulatory issues;


Major players, subscribers;


Digital economy

Mobile voice and data markets;

Broadband (FttH, DSL, cable TV).

1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

3.1 Background

3.2 Mongolia's economy

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Overview of Mongolia's telecom market

4.2 Mongolia's telecom market financial statistics

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 Historic overview

5.2 Regulatory authority

5.2.1 Communications Regulatory Commission (CRC)

5.2.2 Information Technology, Post and Telecommunications Authority of Mongolia (ITPTA)

5.3 Government policies

5.3.1 Mongolia Telecom Company privatisation

5.3.2 Structural separation

5.3.3 ICT Vision 2021

5.3.4 ICT development white paper 2013

5.3.5 E-Mongolia 2012

5.3.6 National broadband program of Mongolia

5.4 Interconnect

5.5 Law on unfair competition

6. Fixed network operators

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Mongolia Telecom Company

6.3 Mongolian Railways Communications

6.4 Ulusnet (Mobinet)

6.5 Univision (Unitel)

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

7.1 Overview of the national telecom network

7.1.1 Rural services

7.2 Fixed-line statistics

7.3 International infrastructure (satellite, submarine)

7.3.1 Terrestrial cable

7.3.2 Satellite

7.3.3 Satellite program

7.4 Specific IT developments (data centres, cloud computing)

7.4.1 National data centre

7.4.2 National information technology park

7.4.3 Mongolia internet Exchange (MIX)

8. Fixed Broadband

8.1 Overview

8.1.1 Market analysis

8.1.2 Broadband statistics

8.1.3 Forecasts broadband subscribers 2016; 2018; 2020

9. Digital economy

9.1 Introduction

9.2 National ICT Committee

9.3 CIO Council

9.4 e-commerce

9.5 e-Government

9.5.1 E-government master plan 2005

9.5.2 E-Signatures

9.5.3 Electronic ID card

9.6 e-education

9.7 e-Health

10. Digital media

10.1 Cable, DTH and MMDS television services

10.2 Digital TV

10.3 IPTV

10.4 Mobile Broadcast TV

11. Mobile Market

11.1 Mobile statistics

11.1.1 General statistics

11.1.2 Mobile voice

11.1.3 Mobile data

11.1.4 3G Services

11.2 Major mobile operators

11.2.1 MobiCom

11.2.2 SkyTel

11.2.3 Unitel

11.2.4 G-Mobile

11.3 Mobile content and applications

12. Related reports

Chart 1 Total revenue and investment of ICT sector 2005 2015

Chart 2 ICT sector revenue breakdown June 2015

Chart 3 Mongolia fixed network operator market share June 2015

Chart 4 Fixed lines in service, teledensity and annual growth 2003 2017

Chart 5 Types of access to the internet June 2015

Chart 6 Cable TV subscribers per TV platform 2004 - 2015

Chart 7 Mobile subscribers annual change and penetration 2007 - 2017

Chart 8 Mobile operator market share June 2015

Exhibit 1 Map of Mongolia

Table 1 Country statistics Mongolia 2015

Table 2 Telecom revenue and investment statistics January June 2015

Table 3 Telephone network statistics 2016

Table 4 Internet user statistics 2016

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2016

Table 6 National telecommunications authorities

Table 7 GDP and foreign direct investment: 2003 2018

Table 8 Total revenue and investment of ICT sector and tax contribution 2005 2015

Table 9 ICT sector revenue breakdown June 2015

Table 10 ICT employees 2008 - 2015

Table 11 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1990, 1995 2017

Table 12 Total fixed network traffic 2008 2015

Table 13 Mongolia fibre cable deployed June 2015

Table 14 Internet subscribers 2001 2015

Table 15 Broadband subscribers per platform 2012 - 2015

Table 16 Broadband subscribers by location June 2015

Table 17 Internet users and penetration 1995 2017

Table 18 International internet bandwidth 2000 2015

Table 19 International and domestic Internet bandwidth by ISP June 2015

Table 20 Mongolia - Forecast broadband subscribers and penetration - higher band: 2016, 2018; 2020

Table 21 Mongolia - Forecast broadband subscribers and penetration - lower band: 2016, 2018; 2020

Table 22 Cable, DTH and MMDS TV subscribers 2004 - 2015

Table 23 IPTV, double play and triple play subscribers June 2015

Table 24 Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration 2007 - 2017

Table 25 Historical - Mobile subscribers, total v. prepaid, annual change and penetration 1996 - 2010

Table 26 Prepaid subscribers 2012 - 2017

Table 27 Mobile operators and subscribers June 2015

Table 28 Total outgoing mobile telephone traffic 1999 - 2015

Table 29 SMS traffic 2000 2009; 2012 2015

Table 30 3G subscribers 2009 - 2015

Table 31 MobiCom subscribers and market share 2006 - 2015

Table 32 SkyTel subscribers and market share 2006 - 2015

Table 33 Unitel subscribers and market share 2006 - 2015

Table 34 G-Mobile subscribers and market share 2007 - 2015

Table 35 Operating Systems June 2015

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