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Tajikistan-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

Tajikistan-Telecoms, Mobile, Broadband and Digital Media-Statistics and Analyses

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  • November 2016
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Executive Summary

Strong growth continues in Tajikistan's mobile market but the fixed broadband penetration remains very low

Of all the former Soviet republics, Tajikistan's telecommunications infrastructure was arguably the least developed. With a telecom network that was near total collapse, the government has had the daunting task of bringing it up to modern standards. Telecommunications has become one of the most dynamically developing sectors within the Tajikistan economy. Although still inadequate, its contribution to the county's GDP has been growing, as new and diversified technologies quickly become the norm. The state-owned incumbent operator, Tajiktelecom, continues to maintain a major presence in the market, providing local, long-distance and international telephone services throughout the country.

Tajikistan's mobile sector has been on a strong growth path for over a decade. It continues to be the standout feature of the country's telecom industry.

The mobile market grew very strongly a few years ago but growth has subsequently slowed down as the market reached a heightened state of maturity. Market growth had dropped below 5% by 2015. Mobile penetration passed the 100% milestone in 2015. By 2015 there were four major operators in the market: Tcell, Babilon Mobile, MegaFon and Tacom / Beeline. Tcell has the largest overall market share.

Despite the recent launch of 4G/LTE services, the overall the telecom sector has continued to struggle. Tajikistan has one of the lowest fixed-line teledensities in the region and one of the lowest broadband levels of broadband penetration. Most internet users in Tajikistan are young and access the internet through internet cafes close to schools and universities. Many internet cafes act as second-tier ISPs and buy their bandwidth from the first-level ISPs. Although fixed broadband market penetration is predicted to remain low over the next five years to 2021, an expanding internet user population is a positive sign for the country's future. This has been helped by the increasingly widespread presence of mobile internet services.

Note: It is pointed out that there are considerable inconsistencies with the market statistics available for Tajikistan as well as the total absence of statistics for some indicators

Key developments:

Coming into 2016 mobile services in Tajikistan had passed 100% penetration

Fixed-line penetration in Tajikistan is minimal, with growth in this market remaining sluggish;

Fixed broadband internet access was virtually non-existent, although mobile broadband is growing quickly;

By 2016 MegaFon peak download speeds of 60Mbps are available over its 800MHz 4GLTE test network.

In 2015 Babilon-Mobile opened a new branded retail outlet and services centre in the city of Dushanbe.

Takom upgraded its network in 2015. The coverage of the 3G network expanded by 50 percent.

MegaFon has expanded the coverage and capacity of its 3G network in the Penjikent municipality.

During 2015 HD Voice services were launched in the Khatlon region.

1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Overview and Analysis

4.2 Historical overview

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 Historical overview

5.1.1 Law on Electrical Communication

5.1.2 Privatisation of Tajiktelecom

5.1.3 Censorship

5.2 Law on Electrical Communication

5.3 Regulatory authority

5.4 Interconnect

5.5 Access

6. Fixed network operators

6.1 Tajiktelecom

6.2 Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

7.1 Overview of the national telecom network

7.2 Next Generation Networks (NGNs)

7.3 International infrastructure (satellite, submarine)

8. Fixed-line broadband market

8.1 Market Overview and analysis

8.2 Broadband statistics

8.3 Forecasts broadband subscribers 2016; 2018; 2021

8.3.1 Notes on scenario forecasts

8.4 Fixed-line broadband technologies

8.4.1 WiMAX

9. Mobile Market

9.1 Market Overview and Analysis

9.2 Mobile statistics

9.2.1 General statistics

9.3 Forecasts mobile subscribers 2016; 2018; 2021

10. Mobile infrastructure

10.1 Digital networks

10.1.1 3G

10.1.2 4G / Long Term Evolution (LTE) services

11. Major mobile operators

11.1 Operator Statistics

11.2 Babilon Mobile

11.3 Tcell (Indigo-Somoncom)

11.3.1 Indigo Tajikistan

11.3.2 Somoncom

11.4 Tacom / Beeline

11.5 TK Mobile

11.6 MegaFon

11.7 M-Teko

11.8 Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) service

12. Digital economy

12.1 e-Government

12.1.1 Introduction

12.1.2 Local Developments

12.2 e-Education

12.2.1 Introduction

12.2.2 Local Developments

13. Digital media

13.1 Communications: VoIP, messaging, conferencing

13.1.1 VoIP

13.2 Music

13.2.1 Introduction

13.2.2 Local Developments

14. Related reports

Table 1 Country statistics Tajikistan 2016 (e)

Table 2 Telephone network statistics 2016 (e)

Table 3 Internet user statistics 2016 (e)

Table 4 Broadband statistics 2016 (e)

Table 5 Mobile statistics 2016 (e)

Table 6 National telecommunications authorities

Table 7 Tajikistan's GDP real growth rate 2003-2016

Table 8 Fixed lines in service, annual growth and teledensity 1995-2016

Table 9 International internet bandwidth 2005-2016

Table 10 Fixed broadband subscribers and Penetration 2007-2016

Table 11 Internet users and Penetration 2008-2016

Table 12 Households with internet access 2005-2016

Table 13 Forecast broadband subscribers and penetration rates 2016; 2018; 2021

Table 14 Mobile subscribers and annual change 1996-2016

Table 15 Forecast mobile subscribers and penetration rates 2016; 2018; 2021

Table 16 Historical 3G mobile subscribers by operator 2009

Table 17 Mobile operators systems and launch dates

Table 18 Mobile subscribers by operator and market share 2016

Table 19 Historic-Babilon Mobile subscribers 2009; 2011-2012

Table 20 Indigo-Somoncom (Tcell) mobile subscribers 2009; 2011-2016

Table 21 Tacom (Beeline) mobile subscribers 2009; 2011-2016

Table 22 Tacom (Beeline)-mobile ARPU 2011-2015

Table 23 Tacom (Beeline)-mobile broadband subscribers 2011-2015

Chart 1-Fixed lines in service, annual growth and teledensity 2000 2016

Chart 2-Fixed broadband subscribers and annual change 2000-2016

Chart 3-Mobile subscribers, annual change and penetration 2004-2016

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