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Zambia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

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Zambia approaches half-way point for rural mobile tower project

Zambia is a landlocked country with a focus on developing ICTs to spur growth in the digital economy. Consumers have benefited from access to international submarine fibre optic cables, which has seen a considerable reduction in fixed-line and mobile access pricing. Pricing has also been reduced in recent quarters as network operators battle to gain customers in anticipation of the launch of services by UZI Telecom.

The government's Universal Access Fund has made considerable progress in delivering telecom services to underserved areas, particularly in paying for more than 1,000 base stations to be built. By mid-2018 this project had helped extend mobile coverage to about 95% of the population, and the project is expected to be about half-complete by the end of the year.

Separately, mobile network operators continue to invest in 3G and LTE-based services, while several ISPs have also rolled out WiMAX wireless broadband networks. MTN Zambia in addition has initiated an FttP program, initially in Lusaka. These developments are set to increase overall broadband penetration significantly in coming years.

Key developments:

Vodafone Zambia awarded licence to offer VoLTE services;

Government introduces tax on VoIP calls;

Zamtel commissions additional towers as part of a government-funded rural infrastructure project;

Government calls for Zamtel to be split into three units before being privatised;

MTN Zambia announces FttP rollout plans via its Connected Home' initiative, launches micro lending service Kongola;

Chinese government lends USD 273 million to complete digital broadcast process by end-2017;

Zamtel extends its LTE service;

Government adopts new converged licensing regime;

National Data Center opens as part of the government's Smart Zambia project;

Vodafone Zambia completes LTE-A rollout program;

Western Fibre Route cable connecting Malawi to Zambia;

Airtel commits an additional USD 142 million for network expansion and upgrades;

Report update includes the regulator's market updates to December 2017, operator data to Q2 2018, recent market developments.

Companies mentioned in this report:

Zambia Telecommunications (Zamtel, LAP Green); MTN Zambia; Bharti Airtel; Cell Z (Zamtel); ZamNet; Coppernet Solutions; UUNet Zambia; Microlink Technologies; AfriConnect; Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO); Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC); Comium.


Table Of Content


1. Executive summary

2. Key statistics

3. Country overview

4. Telecommunications market

4.1 Market analysis

5. Regulatory environment

5.1 Telecommunications Act 1994

5.2 ICT Policy 2007

5.3 ICT Act 2009

5.4 Regulatory Framework 2017

5.5 Regulatory authority

5.6 Telecom sector liberalisation

5.6.1 International gateways

5.7 Licensing

5.7.1 New unified licensing regime 2009

5.8 Universal Access Fund

5.9 Infrastructure sharing

5.10 Privatisation

5.11 Quality of Service (QoS)

5.12 Converged licensing

6. Fixed network operators

6.1 Zamtel

6.1.1 CDMA2000 wireless local loop (WLL)

6.1.2 Domestic satellite network


6.3 CEC Liquid Telecom

7. Telecommunications infrastructure

7.1.1 National backbone networks

7.1.2 Data centres

7.1.3 International infrastructure

8. Fixed-line broadband market

8.2 Introduction and statistical overview

8.2.1 Market analysis

8.2.2 Broadband statistics

8.2.3 Public internet access locations

8.2.4 Community telecentres

8.3 Fixed-line broadband technologies

8.3.1 Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) networks

8.3.2 Fibre-to-the-Premises (FttP) networks

8.3.3 Leased lines

8.3.4 Other fixed broadband services

9. Digital economy

9.1 E-health

9.2 E-learning

9.3 E-government

9.4 E-banking

10. Mobile market

10.1 Market analysis

10.2 Mobile statistics

10.3 Mobile data

10.3.1 SMS

10.4 Mobile broadband

10.5 Forecasts mobile subscribers 2018; 2020; 2022

10.6 Regulatory issues

10.6.1 SIM card registration

10.6.2 Spectrum auction

10.6.3 Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs)

10.7 Mobile infrastructure

10.7.1 Other infrastructure developments

10.8 Major mobile operators

10.8.1 Airtel Zambia (formerly Zain/Celtel, Zamcell)

10.8.2 MTN Zambia (formerly Telecel)

10.8.3 Zamtel Mobile (formerly Cell Z)

10.8.4 Vodafone Zambia

10.8.5 UZI Zambia

10.9 Mobile content and applications

10.9.1 M-commerce

10.9.2 M-payment and m-banking

10.10 Mobile handsets

11. Related reports

Exhibit 1 Map of Zambia

Exhibit 2 Vodacom in and out and back in Zambia

List Of Figure

Chart 1 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2005 2018

Chart 2 Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 2002-2018

Chart 3 Mobile market revenue and capex 2011 2017

Chart 4 MTN Zambia financial data 2012 2018

List Of Table

Table 1 Top Level Country Statistics and Telco Authorities-Zambia 2018 (e)

Table 2 Zamtel fixed-line revenue 2014 2017

Table 3 Historic-Fixed lines in service and teledensity 1995-2009

Table 4 Fixed lines in service and teledensity 2010-2018

Table 5 International bandwidth 2000-2016

Table 6 Fixed-line internet subscribers and penetration 2009-2018

Table 7 Fixed-line broadband subscribers 2003-2018

Table 8 Historic-Internet users 2000-2009

Table 9 Internet users 2010-2018

Table 10 Internet connections by data rate 2011-2015

Table 11 DSL subscribers 2010-2018

Table 12 FttB subscribers 2011-2018

Table 13 Annualised mobile ARPU 2012-2017

Table 14 Historic-Mobile subscribers and penetration rate 1995-2009

Table 15 Mobile subscribers (active) and penetration rate 2010-2018

Table 16 Registered mobile SIM cards 2012-2015

Table 17 Mobile market revenue and capex 2011-2017

Table 18 SMS and MMS messages sent 2011-2017

Table 19 Mobile internet subscribers and penetration 2010-2017

Table 20 Active mobile broadband subscribers and penetration 2010-2018

Table 21 Forecast mobile subscribers 2019; 2021; 2023

Table 22 Voice interconnection rates for operators 2013-2017

Table 23 SMS interconnection rates for operators 2013-2017

Table 24 Mobile towers by platform 2016-2017

Table 25 Airtel Zambia subscribers 2014-2017

Table 26 MTN Zambia financial data 2012-2018

Table 27 MTN Zambia subscribers 2012-2018

Table 28 MTN Zambia mobile ARPU 2013-2018

Table 29 Zamtel mobile revenue 2012 2013

Table 30 Zamtel mobile subscribers 2015-2017

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Products and Companies


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Zambia Telecommunications (Zamtel, LAP Green), MTN Zambia, Bharti Airtel, Cell Z (Zamtel), ZamNet, Coppernet Solutions, UUNet Zambia, Microlink Technologies, AfriConnect, Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO), Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC), Comium.