COVID-19: Growth Restrain yet Growth Enabler for the India Industrial Gases Market. How? – Ken Research

In India’s industrial and economic development, industrial gases play a crucial role. They regularly analyze and update their procedures to cut costs and make them more sustainable in light of the growing harm done to the environment and ecosystem. They serve as the building blocks of the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Domestic players are investigating… Read More »

The Global Waste Water Management is poised to become a $500 Mn Market by 2026. Will the projections justify growth? : Ken Research

The market will be growing at the rate of 5% owing to stringent government regulations, rising urbanization & industrialization levels & environmental concerns, says a report by Ken Research 1.“Increasing government regulations:” With rising cases of pollutants being discharged into water, governments have started taking stricter measures to curb the same thus creating massive opportunity… Read More »

Exide industries: Assumed Li-ion Battery Business Shines with Rs1700 Crore Revenue – Ken Research

Exide Industries, a prominent player in the storage battery market, confidently asserts its substantial lead over competitors in the lithium-ion battery business. To solidify its position, the company established a wholly-owned subsidiary called Exide Energy Solutions in 2022, anticipated to commence operations by the end of FY25, the cell manufacturing factory represents a significant investment… Read More »

Future Outlook of Global Waste Water Management Market: Ken Research

What Is The Size Of Global Waste Water Management Industry? Global Waste Water Management market is growing at a CAGR of ~% in 2017-2022 and is expected to reach USD ~ Bn by 2027. The Global Waste Water Management Market is largely driven by rising levels of urbanization & climate change consciousness and government initiatives.… Read More »

Oxygen gas segment is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6% by 2026- Will India’s Industrial Gas market be able to achieve this mark?: Ken Research

Among the various industrial gases in the market, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon dominate the Indian industrial gases market with oxygen taking the lead owing to its use in a wide range of applications, as per a report by Ken Research. 1. Transportation of Gases and Impact of COVID-19 has been two major challenges in India… Read More »

Is India prepared to lead the development of the Diesel Generator rental & leasing market?: Ken Research

Indian Diesel Generator Market is currently at the growth stage and the market is increasing at a double-digit CAGR owing to the demand for cost efficiency, personal attention, and upgradation in technology. But, are these factors strong enough for India to lead the development of India’s Diesel Generator Rental and Leasing Market? Let’s find out.… Read More »

The Global Waste Water Treatment Market Was Valued At USD 280 Bn In 2021. Will The Market Achieve A Decent Size During The Forecasted Period? Ken Research

The global water and wastewater treatment market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 7% owing to rising technological innovation in the market, says a report by Ken Research 1. High cost of treatment alongside a wide number of opportunities provides a balance in the Global waste water management market To Know More about… Read More »

Pasar Industri Pengolahan Air Limbah di Indonesia diperkirakan akan memberikan Pendapatan sebesar USD 1,9 Miliar, dikarenakan adanya peningkatan Pendirian Industri sampai dengan tahun 2027F: Ken Research

Teknologi Pelepasan Likuidasi Nol – Zero Liquidation Discharge (ZLD):  Teknologi ZLD dengan cepat menjadi terkenal di Indonesia dan banyak perusahaan telah memilih teknologi ini untuk mengurangi jejak air buangan mereka serta mengatasi kelangkaan air. Banyak industri telah secara sukarela mengadopsi teknologi ZLD. Air yang diolah akan sangat membantu dalam mempertahankan ketinggian permukaan sumber air serta… Read More »

Ketersediaan Sumber Daya Bahan Baku Nikel, Insentif Pajak, dan Peningkatan Minat terhadap (Kendaraan Listrik (Electrical Vehicle – EV)) akan mendorong pertumbuhan Industri Peralatan Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik di Indonesia pada CAGR sebesar 44% selama 2022-26: Ken Research

Pasar Peralatan Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik Indonesia diperkirakan akan tumbuh pada CAGR sebesar 44% selama periode perkiraan FY’22-FY’26. Skema Harmonisasi Pajak dan Ketersediaan nikel diharapkan dapat mendorong berbagai entitas yang memfasilitasi pembuatan Peralatan Pengisian Kendaraan Listrik di dalam negeri. Lebih dari 70% orang bersedia memiliki Kendaraan Listrik karena banyaknya manfaat yang diberikan Kendaraan Listrik untuk masa… Read More »