Global Paints And Coatings Market, Global Paints And Coatings Industry, Market Revenue, Market Major Players: Ken Research

Buy Now The paints & coatings are materials with properties for instance wettability, adhesion, and corrosion resistance that are applied to the surface in order to protect it from rusting, corrosion, and erosion that can lead to surface spoilage. Paints & coatings are used in gamut of industries that include construction, real estate, automotive, and… Read More »

Rise in Demand for Carboxymethyl Cellulose in Oil Drilling Activities Estimated to Drive Global and United States Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA) Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Monochloroacetic acid or MCAA is an intermediate for diverse chemical products. MCAA is a colorless crystalline material produced by chlorinating acetic acid in the presence of catalyst. It is available in three crystal modifications: alpha, beta, and gamma. It is largely used in the manufacture of carboxymethyl cellulose, which is water-soluble cellulose ether… Read More »

India Adhesives Market, India Adhesives Industry, Market Research Report, Market Major Players, Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now How India Adhesives Market Is Positioned? India adhesives market showcased a stagnant growth rate in the last few years. Adhesives industry revenue stood at INR ~ Cr in FY’2020 and recorded a CAGR of 7.5% during FY’15-FY’20. Surging demand for water based adhesives in India is contributing to the growth of the adhesives… Read More »

Indian Consumer Adhesives Industry Dominated today by a Monopolistic competition with Pidilite having more than 70% share, is moving towards Consolidation: Ken Research

Buy Now “Amplified demand for Adhesives from pharma & food packaging industry along with wood working industry has driven the growth of Adhesives Market in India.” Consolidating Indian Adhesives Market: Pidilite is one of the incumbent players and was able to achieve the scale in last 5 years. Pidilite’s premiumization, innovative packaging and focus to… Read More »

India Adhesives Market Outlook to FY’2026: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “India Adhesives Market Outlook to FY’2026: Surging Demand for Water Based Adhesives in the Growing Wood Working Industry to Influence Market Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis of adhesive market in India. The report focuses on the overall market size, by revenue generated by adhesive companies; India adhesive market segmentation by… Read More »

Rise in Demand for High-Performance Coatings Expected to Drive Global Paint and Coating Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Paints and coatings are decorative finishes, which are used to apply the surface of an object to protect the surface from sunlight, oxidation, and enhance the durability of the object life. They are also used for decoration and functional purpose. They are extensively used in construction, wood, and other industries. According to study,… Read More »

Rise in Demand for Polyester Fiber Expected to Drive Global and Japan Mono Ethylene Glycol Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Mono Ethylene glycol or MEG refers as the organic compound which is syrupy liquid, odorless, colorless, with a sweet taste. It is basically produced from the ethylene via ethylene oxide, which is hydrated through the thermal or catalytic process. It is utilized as the antifreeze for different uses like preserving biological tissues &… Read More »

Rise in Demand for Agrochemicals Expected to Drive Global Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA) Market: Ken Research

Monochloroacetic Acid (MCAA) industrially known as Chloroacetic acid. It is a building block in organic synthesis, which is used for the production of various compounds, dyes, drugs, and agrochemicals. Chloroacetic acid is used to make & produce the industrial chemicals and also used as a thickening agent in carboxymethyl starch and carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). These acids… Read More »

Different Growing Trends across Global PTFE CCL Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) has properties like chemical resistance, flexibility, thermal resistance and low friction owing to which it is used in applications across various industries like aerospace, electronics and electrical, consumer goods and building & construction. CCL is a basic material of PCB which is laminated with copper clads and forms a basis of… Read More »